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General Information
Species Gallade
Age 41
Powers and Equipment
Powers Super Strength
Mace Generation
Equipment Mace
Pokémon Info
Ability Justified
Alias Mace Of Heroism
Hero of Men, Women, and Non-binary People
Voice Actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Tony is a hero in Pokémon Sky. He is a Gallade from the Off-the-ground.


Tony has blue hair with a silver stripe down the middle. He is buff and covered in armor.


Tony is incredibly prideful and heroic.

Powers and Abilities

He is incredibly strong.

He can generate a mace and store it somewhere unknown.

He can cover his body in hardened scales.

His Ability is Justified, which boosts his strength when hit by a Dark attack.


At 14 years old, Tony defended Violet from hooligans and they fell in love. At some point Tony and Violet came out as transgender at the same time. Now, at 41 years old, he and Violet are happily married, with two children.




Tony cares very much for his wife and tries to steer her to healthy choices.


Tony sees Derwin as a helpless small child who needs to be protected.


Otto Maton

Tony is usually the one who calls Otto out.


  • He is transgender.
  • His rugged muscles and immense strength is to make up for the natural weakness of Gallade.
  • His art is based on Simon’s from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
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