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Tongue Twister
General Information
Species Lucertolan
Home World Selva
Body Lizardlike
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Invisibility

Strong stretchy tongue

Enhanced Agility

First Appearance The Hybrid

Tongue Twister is a Lucertolan from the planet Selva in Simien 10: Polyverse. This is a redone version of the original alien Tongue Twister.


Tongue Twister is a large green chameleon-like alien, and is slightly larger than Ultimate Wildmutt. He has a long red tongue which always sticks out of his mouth. He has blue/yellow eyes which can turn to any direction, and he has small claws on his arms.

Tongue Twister talks with a lisp due to his tongue sticking out of his mouth. Also, while he is standing still his eyes constantly look around randomly.


Tongue Twister can change the color of his skin to blend in with his environment and become invisible. He can also change the color of his skin to any color or generate fake images on his body through his color changing. This invisibility is similar to ChamAlien's ability and can still be seen with shadows, mana and footsteps.

Tongue Twister has enhanced agility which makes him quite fast and allows him to jump long distances. He can also stick to walls which can allow him to run on vertical surfaces. Along with that, he has small claws on his feet which can be used in fighting.

Tongue Twister has a long stretchy tongue which can extend to great distances. It is very sticky and can be used to catch objects and pull them towards Tongue Twister or as a sort of a grappling hook to long distances. The tongue can bend and can be used to wrap a person up. The tongue has internal muscles which allow it to move freely.

His size makes him relatively strong and his tail can be quite powerful.

His eyes can look around 360 degrees which gives him enhanced senses.


Tongue Twister's tongue, hence his name, can have his tongue tied up. This is a major problem for him, as untying it is very problematic.

His invisibility can be negated by paint or any other liquid. His shadow can still be seen, and his smell/mana can still be sensed.



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