Official AOV Toepick
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
Body Ogre
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Toxic gas

Nightmare power

First Appearance The Rhyneheart-Ampalon Effect

Toepick is the Simplicitrix's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet.


Toepick's appearance is a yellow-skinned, ogre-like alien with a green-brown metal cage around his head. The metal cage has two horns protruding from the sides of it. The cage's door has five bars, three of which are in the center of the door. It opens in two halves, the lock in the very center of the door staying on the right half. Connected to this cage is his armor, which wraps around his shoulders and goes halfway down his chest. The armor is connected to his pants by chains. His pants are a simple pair of black underpants, with a metal waistline matching the color of his armor. Toepick's Simplicitrix symbol is on the helmet's extension covering his chest, two red circuit-looking designs accompanying the Simplicitrix symbol on both sides. His arms are long and misshapen, and his fingertips are pointy. He also has a visible belly button. 


None of his powers are known, but apparently his face is so ugly that a Dwarf star-powered Psyphon was so scared out of his wits from Ben Tennyson as Toepick in Special Delivery, he turned white (including his armor) and screamed at Toepick to get away and leave him alone., and enough to cause Visser Three to retreat to his lair from Tobias and Ax's woods.

When the cage on his head opens, sounds of terrified screams, shrieks, and deep laughter can be heard until the cage is once again closed or Richard changes back to human.




  • Toepick's first appearance in a flashback, also showing the first time Richard transformed into him, was in If At First You Don't Succeed... to fight Ammunition and his Nosdee-Chips.


Present Alpha-Omegaverse

Flashback Alpha-Omegaverse

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