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Sludge Ogre

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Toepick is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Gravidiosum from the planet Acutus.


To some extent, Toepick resembles his original self. His body shape and skin color are the same, though his body is now comprised of a sludge-like material. He wears a belt and briefs similar to his original self. Rather than wearing a helmet, his head and face are completely exposed, having a shape similar to Ghostfreak's. He has two round, green eyes that are partially covered by his sludge, and a mouth filled with uneven, brown teeth, the same color is shared by his fingernails and toenails.

Toepick's Omnitrix resides on his left shoulder, partially covered by his sludge.


  • Toepick's primary power is his disgusting aura, caused by his embodiment of disgust. This aura causes anyone nearby to automatically be grossed out just by his presence.
  • Toepick's sludgy body allows him to regenerate, and lets him create sludge projectiles.
  • Toepick's breath is considered air pollution.
  • Toepick's touch can infect the person or thing he touches with an ungodly disease.


  • Toepick's disgusting aura affects his enemies and allies alike, as it is generated involuntarily.






  • Toepick's species name is a play on the Latin words "gravi derelinquere caeno," meaning sludge, and "fastidiosum," meaning disgust.
  • Toepick's planet name is the Latin word "acutus," meaning pungent.


  • Toepick is the last alien from Ben 10: Omniverse to get an Earth-2018 design.
    • He is also the last alien from the original Ben 10 canon to get a redesign overall.
  • Toepick is the only alien whose power set has completely changed from his original self, scrapping the nightmarish face concept entirely.
  • Toepick's head shape is similar to that of Oogie Boogie's from Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas.
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