Todd Elias Howkins is a former advisor and comrade of Julius Tennyson, who had secretly been working behind his friend's back in collaboration with Vilgax, having a key role in the tyrant's swift conquest of Earth in the 22nd century.


Todd, like many in Bellwood in the late 21st and early 22nd century, grew up attending the Tennyson Institute of Learning, being taught by many surviving Plumbers, as well as the Tennyson family, and it was here that he formed a strong bond with the latest member of the family, Julius. The two grew up to be close friends, although Todd initially harbored a bit of jealousy towards his friend for his immense popularity and high status simply for being born into the right family. Eventually, these feelings would subside, and the pair would remain close throughout their youth, and into adulthood.

When Todd was 19, he was involved in an experiment involving a highly unstable metallic alloy, and despite wearing proper protective gear, the substance proved to be more than what they initially thought it would be, and upon touch, it set his right arm ablaze. He would then have to be hospitalized for several weeks while his arm recovered, though it never truly did, constantly causing him pain to the point of amputation, and eventually acquiring a cybernetic replacement made of nanofiber - fully paid for by Julius.

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Powers, Abilities, and Equipment

Despite his cybernetic arm, Todd possesses no special abilities, and besides the fact that one of his arms is cybernetic, he is essentially an ordinary human. However, he does possess a plasma-based shortsword, which he does use on occasion.


  • Todd's name and status as the traitor to the Tennyson family were inspired by the real-life antics of Bethesda's Todd Howard, who is often known to exaggerate facts about their games, or simply lie.
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