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Tobias Clay is the Captain of the Explorer Division of the World Army in Attack on To'kustar on Earth-404.

Physical appearance

Tobias is a Caucasian male, 1.854 meters (6 feet, 1 inch) tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. Despite his slim appearance, he is quite muscular, having been in the army for nearly 20 years. He has only ever been seen wearing the standard military uniform with the Regional Squad Corps jacket.


Tobias is very particular about his name. He does not like to be called Toby, preferring his full name.

Important history

Early life

Less than three years prior to the start of the series, Tobias became the Captain of the Explorer Division.

Return of the To'kustars

Battle of Teviv


Not much is known about Tobias' relationships with her friends or enemies.



  • According to the creator, his character is based on Erwin Smith from Attack on Titan.
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