General Information
Species Ectoastnurite
Home World Anur Phaetoast
Body Toasty
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Invisibility
Firing butter
Bread Possession
Equipment Toast Skin
Users Len Lennyson
Ben Tennyson (BTSF)
Series Len 10
Ben 10: Stupidity Force
Ben 10: Stupidity Force: End Of Omnivangelion: Future
First Appearance Devin 11

Toastfreak is an Ectoastnurite from Anur Phaetoast in Len 10, Ben 10: Stupidity Force, and Ben 10: Stupidity Force: End Of Omnivangelion: Future.


Toastfreak is a phantom/toast-like alien with a gaseous appearance and claw like hands. He has brown skin with black lines running all over him. His crust is removable and he has toastacles underneath it.

Powers and Abilities

Toastfreak can go invisible, intangible, and toastangible, shifting him into an aroma-like form that smells pretty good and can pass through non-solid objects. His toastangibility allows him to pass through hypertangible objects that will usually block intangible species from passing through.

Toastfreak possesses toasty tentacles under his skin which can be used to grab objects or turn off a toaster.

Toastfreak can fire butter from his arms or toastacles, in either a stream form or just blobs. This can be used as a distraction versus fat enemies, as seen in Reblarted.

Toastfreak can also possess bread.


Certain materials can disable Toastfreak's intangibility or toastangibility.

Removing his crust will make him vulnerable to sunlight, which will make him moldy and gross.

Additionally, his aroma form cannot pass through solid matter, unlike his non-toasty form.


Len 10

Ben 10: Stupidity Force

Ben 10: Stupidity Force: End Of Omnivangelion: Future

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