Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 3, Episode 18
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Journey to the Center of Coco
To The Extreme is the 48th episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode begins at the mountain side at night. A modified military truck is seen driving up the road side. The driver is wearing a dark blue baseball cap which is covering his eyes. He's driving the truck with a single hand while the other is resting on the window sill. He approaches the a curve and flicks a small flap on the dashboard open with his thumb and presses the red button that was hidden underneath it. Outside of the truck, the headlines are seen flashing red in a certain pattern. Meanwhile, a hidden sensor reads the pattern and activates a mechanism with a faint beeping noise. A wall built into the mountain side then raises revealing a tunnel. The truck drives into the tunnel and the wall comes back down, concealing the passageway. Inside the passageway, the truck is seen driving down it. The driver is still focused on the road. A little later, the truck finally emerges on the other side into an open room where several Extreme Bikers are seen walking around. One of them directs the truck to a parking space where it does park. The driver then exits the truck. He's wearing a black trench coat and a scarf around his neck.

Extreme Biker, approaching the driver: Did you bring the cargo?

Driver: I wouldn't be here if I didn't.

The driver hits the side of the truck with his fist which makes a banging noise. The back door of the truck then opens from the inside and several people emerge from the truck, standing ready.

Extreme Biker: I thought the king ordered weapons.

Cybernetic Voice: I did.

The Extreme Biker turns around and the driver looks up slightly. The Extreme Biker King approaches them. The Extreme Biker bows his head.

Extreme Biker: My King.

Extreme Biker King: Rise.

The Extreme Biker gets up before him.

Extreme Biker King: Attend to these new recruits. They'll need armor, tools and direction.

Extreme Biker: Yes, my King.

The Extreme Biker walks off. The Extreme Biker King looks at the driver. He then examines the new recruits.

Extreme Biker King: It looks like I have done well with training you over these years. The recruits appear physically fit.

The Extreme Biker King looks stops at one of the recruits. She is slightly shorter than most of the other recruits and she has red hair. He then turns to walk away but then stops and quickly reaches out to strike her in the face. However, the girl catches his arm which stops it from hitting her face.

Extreme Biker King: Hm... They perform impressively as well.

Driver: With all due respect, we should have attacked by now. I believe we are wasting time.

Extreme Biker King: And I believe that patience is the key. This is why we failed before. We weren't patient. Being extreme isn't just about being daring, adventurous and willing to do beyond what must be done. It's about doing what no one else can do because they aren't willing to go past that point. By being an Extreme Biker, we are assigning ourselves to believe in this. That's what I taught you. My first student of the new age. But you have a point, I'm tired of waiting as well. Today, we attack. We will reclaim the city, exterminate the intruders and take over the world, uniting it together under one order; The Order of the Extreme Bikers and we will forever defend the Earth from alien incursion. Get your recruits ready. It's time.

The Extreme Biker King walks off while the driver looks at his recruits.

Driver: You heard our King.

The driver takes his cap and throws it on ground. He then reaches into the back of truck and pulls out an Extreme Biker Helmet that was leaning next to a black chest plate. He puts it on and secures it.

Driver, wearing the helmet: Let's take back the world.

Theme Song

After the titles, the scene is taking place at Coco's Warehouse, daytime. Inside of the Interceptor, Sarah is seen seated at her computer station while Brandon is leaning against the back of her chair, looking over her shoulder at the computer.

Brandon: Find anything, yet?

Sarah: Nothing. I don't know what type of technology these guys are using but it's advanced. They leave no trails, no signs, no anything.

Brandon: We'll just have to keep looking.

Sarah: Brandon, we've been doing this for weeks. In between every single adventure, or whatever you want to call it, that we've been through. Ever since, what happened.

Brandon: I know, Sarah. I just- I need to find them again. I need to stop them.

Sarah: This isn't just on you, Brandon. You need to stop blaming yourself for these things.

Brandon: I can't blame anyone else, Sarah. I promised those people that I would get them to safety and they- they died, Sarah. All of them. Even before that. I try being a hero for people and I end up letting them down. It wasn't like this before. Before, it was easier. Now, every decision I make has its consequences. Things got real and real fast too.

Sarah: It's always been like that, Brandon. You're just getting older. Seeing the world for what it is. And if you want to blame someone, blame the ones who caused it, not yourself.

Brandon: I didn't forget about them. We will find them and we'll make them pay for what they did.

Sarah: As soon as we have something go off on.

Brandon: Right... (sighs) I guess we'll just do this some other time.

Sarah: Don't worry, Brandon. We'll find them.

Coco walks into the cockpit.

Coco: Hey.

Brandon: Hey.

Coco: You two talking about the Extreme Bikers again?

Brandon: How'd you-

Coco: It's my ship, I know everything.

Brandon: Wait. You're not recording us or something, right? Because I used the bathroom here and-

Coco: What? No. I just know what's going on, dude. You think I can't figure out that this has been going on right after what happened that day.

Brandon: I didn't want to worry anyone.

Coco: I'm not worried. I just want to smash some heads together. You shouldn't have to keep things from me, Tennyson.

Brandon: Sorry. We probably would have been somewhere if I included the whole team. I just- didn't want this to be our whole focus. Spending our free time hunting down bad guys.

Coco: We're supposed to be heroes, right? These are the types of choices we gotta make.

Sarah, correcting him: Heroine, please.

Brandon chuckles. He then looks around the cockpit.

Brandon: Hey, where's Jenny? Is she on board?

Coco: She's been in her room for the past 30 minutes.

The scene then cuts to the Interceptor corridor. Brandon is seen walking down it until he reaches a door. He then knocks on the door.

Brandon: Jenny? (waits for response) Hello?

Brandon opens the door and sees Jenny on her bed with her legs crossed and her arms on her knees. Her eyes are open but bright blue. Brandon looks at her until Jenny, seemingly, senses Brandon as indicated by her head turning slightly towards Brandon's direction. She closes her eyes and relaxes. When she opens them, they appear like normal Human eyes. She looks up at Brandon who's still standing in the doorway.

Jenny: Brandon, I didn't know you were coming over here.

Brandon: No, it's my fault. I probably shouldn't have came in.

Jenny: Why are you worried about me?

Brandon: What?

Jenny: I read your mind. I'm sorry. I was reading a lot of minds actually. I have been expanding my range.

Brandon: What did you find?

Jenny: Plenty of interesting things. I never focus on anything specifically though. I just- see everything, it sorts itself. I suppose you wouldn't understand.

Brandon: I guess not.

Jenny: You still didn't answer me. You're avoiding the question.

Brandon: Read my mind again?

Jenny: It doesn't take a psychic to know you're concerned.

Brandon: I'm not sure. I just don't know. You're a good friend, Jenny. I guess ever since I found you in that escape pod, I've felt responsible for you. That I have to take care of you.

Jenny: I... want to be taken care of, Brandon.

Brandon looks at Jenny. Jenny gives a small smile. Brandon is about to say something when the Interceptor rocks causing Brandon to fall on the floor.

Jenny, getting up from the bed: What was that?

Brandon, getting up from the floor: I don't know. Come on.

Brandon and Jenny leave her room. They then see Coco and Sarah heading towards the cargo bay.

Brandon: Guys? What's going on?

Coco, still heading towards the cargo bay: We're under attack.

Jenny: Here? By who?

Coco, stopping and turning to face them: The Extreme Bikers.

Brandon looks a little surprised by this. The scene then shows the outside of the Interceptor, still in Coco's Warehouse, which is being fired upon by a small group of Extreme Bikers. The cargo bay door then opens and the team runs out of the Interceptor.

Coco, shouting: Hey! Quit shooting at my ship!

The Extreme Bikers then turn and fire at Coco. Sarah forms an energy shield around them which stops the blasts from hitting them.

Brandon: What the heck are these guys doing here?

Sarah: That's the question.

Coco, kneeling on the ground: At least we won't have to wait to find out.

Coco then places his hands on the ground and absorbs the material, gaining his concrete form.

Jenny: I'll try to stun them momentarily. It will give you time to lower the shield properly.

Jenny extends her hands out but it has no effect on the Bikers. Jenny then looks at her hands.

Jenny: Something's wrong. My telepathy isn't working on them.

Brandon: Then we try Plan B.

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate. He transforms into Shock Speed.

Shock Speed: SHOCK SPEED!

Shock Speed then runs really fast around the energy shield and knocks over a few Extreme Bikers. One of them pulls out an electric baton and trips Shock Speed as he runs towards him. Shock Speed falls over on the ground and the Extreme Biker raises the baton over his shoulder, ready to beat him, when Sarah throws her energy disc at the Extreme Biker who breaks it using the baton. Sarah continues firing discs at him and he continues breaking it. He then turns his head and sees Coco charging towards him. The Extreme Biker turns to face Coco but Coco already jumped up in the air and throws himself at the Extreme Biker, knocking him over. Shock Speed looks up from the ground and sees Coco.

Shock Speed, talking quickly: Really? Throwing yourself at them was your special move?

Coco: What? It works. I've seen it on TV.

Shock Speed quickly gets up from the ground. He turns and sees an Extreme Biker charging for him with an energy blade. Shock Speed runs around him and hits him in the back then runs back in front of him and hits him in the chest then circles around him several times, hitting them continously until he runs in front of him and the Extreme Biker looks at Shock Speed, stunned. Shock Speed looks at him with his arms crossed and the Extreme Biker falls over. Shock Speed is then shot by a blaster from behind, causing him to fall over on ground. He looks behind him and sees another Extreme Biker, armed with an advanced blaster, coming for him. She fires at him but Shock Speed turns over quickly, dodging the blast. She fires again, still coming towards Shock Speed, but Shock Speed dodges quickly again, still on the floor. She stops and actually aims for Shock Speed but Coco grabs the end of her blaster and squeezes it, causing the blaster to jam. Coco then looks at the Extreme Biker who looks at him.

Coco: Looks like you're in a bit of a jam.

Coco then stashes the blaster from her hands and knocks her onto the floor. The Extreme Biker attemps to pull out a secondary blaster from her side compartment but Sarah uses her energy abilities to grab the blaster and throws it on the other side of the warehouse. Sarah then holds down the Extreme Biker with her energy who struggles to escape. Shock Speed, Coco and Jenny circle around the holded down Extreme Biker.

Coco: You've got her?

Sarah, holding her: Yeah. Yeah, sure. I've got her.

Shock Speed, talking quickly: I actually can't believe his right now.

Coco: You need somebody to punch you?

Shock Speed, talking quickly: It's pinch, Coco.

Coco: Punch has more of a punch to it.

Sarah, to the Extreme Biker: Why did you attack us?

Extreme Biker: Talk all you want, you miserable brats, but I won't say a word.

Coco, looking up at Jenny: Jenny?

Jenny nods and attempts to use her telepathy on the Extreme Biker but it still doesn't work.

Jenny: My powers still aren't working.

Extreme Biker: No duh, you outer space freak. We've got you figured out.

Shock Speed, talking quickly: Oh so it's like a suit modification thing, right?

Extreme Biker: Wha-What?

Shock Speed runs over to the Extreme Biker quickly and returns back to his spot, holding her helmet.

Shock Speed, talking quickly: Like I said- (showing inside of helmet, revealing glowing emitter at the side) Suit modification.

Coco: That looks like a mental relay. I haven't seen one of these in a long while. It feeds a connection to the person's mind, images and stuff, and blocks out any other attempts to hack into their mind. They're extremely rare to come by.

Extreme Biker: It's our tech now, you alien freaks.

Shock Speed, talking quickly: Not all of us are from outer space, lady. Besides, they're not all bad people.

Shock Speed transforms back into Brandon.

Brandon, throwing and catching helmet: Anyways, now that the helmet's off, we should be able to have a little peek into your mind, right Jenny?

Jenny: Yeah, I should be able to.

Jenny gets on her knees and places her hands on the Extreme Biker's head. She closes her eyes and uses her telepathy. She then opens her eyes, revealing her alien blue eyes.

Jenny: I have gathered information.

Jenny releases her grip on the Extreme Biker's mind and the woman falls asleep.

Coco: Is she-

Jenny: She's just unconscious. I reached deep into her mind to gather this information. She's loyal to her beliefs. That loyalty makes it more difficult to read people. But not impossible.

Brandon: So where are the other Extreme Bikers hiding out?

Jenny: She didn't know where they are now but she did know where they were and where their operations are being held.

Sarah: Where?

Jenny: At the side of a mountain, outside of Bellwood.

Brandon: They probably sent these guys to distract us while they prepare to attack the town but if we go to their hideout, they won't expect us coming and we'll get the drop on them, finally ending this once and for all.

Sarah: Sounds like a plan. Coco: We can't use the Interceptor, they'll see us coming. Even with cloaking, we don't know how advanced their sensors are. And our cars on the news.

Brandon: Then we'll do it the old fashioned way.

The scene cuts to later on, close to the mountain side outside of town. A commercial truck is seen passing by on the slope with a sign on its side reading "Wright's MFX Squad Bike! Only at A-Mart". The truck continues driving along the slope, coming close to the sensor. The sensor discretely scans the truck as it passes by the sensor. The back of the truck is seen as the door lifts upwards, showing the team in position.

Coco, holding the door up: Ready?

Brandon: Yeah, sure. Trucks, spaceships. What's the difference?

Brandon then jumps out of the truck and lands at the side of the road.

Brandon, on the ground: Ow.

Sarah makes an energy platform underneath her, Coco and Jenny and lifts them from the back of the truck and onto the side of the road, next to Brandon who gets up and sees them landing close to him.

Brandon, dusting himself off: Seriously?

Coco: Nobody told you to jump out of the truck, dude.

Brandon sighs and turns around, seeing the wall of rock behind him.

Brandon: You know how to get in?

Jenny: The sensor is hidden there (points) It opens the rock wall into the base.

Brandon: Got it.

Brandon pulls down his sleeve and activates the Ultimatrix. He scrolls through the available transformations and slaps down the face plate. He then transforms into BrandonBot.


BrandonBot goes up to the sensor and grabs onto it from behind. He hacks into it using his claws, allowing the wall door to unlock and remain open for them.

BrandonBot, releasing the sensor and turning to the team: See? Easy Peasy.

The team then enter the tunnel and continue walking down it.

Coco: So what's the plan for taking down the Extreme Bikers?

BrandonBot: Just like we talked about. We've got the element of surprise, they'll never see us coming.

The team then make it on the other side and enter the Extreme Biker base, only to be surrounded by Extreme Bikers armed with advanced blasters.

Jenny: I didn't-

Cybernetic Voice: What?

Metallic footsteps are heard approaching the team. They look up and see the Extreme Biker King approaching them.

Extreme Biker King, stopping before them: Didn't sense us here?

Brandon, looking down, under his breath: The helmets...

Extreme Biker King: Yes, Tennyson. The helmets... You didn't expect me to keep a limited supply, did you?

Coco: But the relays are rare.

Extreme Biker King: So I've gathered but I've got an army of Bikers, waiting around for something to do. I've even got the resources from my unmentioned supporter. We've had plenty of time to recreate it and adapt it into our armor. They even had time to set up fake mental images within their minds, tricking any mind readers they get caught by into thinking they can take our base without walking into a trap.

Jenny looks down in disappointment.

Extreme Biker King: This was almost too easy. Without anyone to get in our way, the Extreme Bikers will sweep the Earth and finally rid her of these alien intruders.

Brandon: And how are you going to do that, Biker King? We destroyed your last data scanner and you won't be able to hack into the Ultimatrix again.

Extreme Biker King: As much as I would love to test that, Brandon, I don't need you to find them.

The Extreme Biker King turns to one of the Extreme Bikers and nods. That Extreme Biker then changes his weapon settings and fires at Jenny, causing her to yell out and collapse on the floor.

Brandon: Jenny!

Extreme Biker King: Before you do anything more... stupid than what you usually do, she's still alive. I mean- she needs to be, in order for the machine to work properly.

Brandon: You put a single hand on her and I'll-

Extreme Biker King: You'll what? Let her die? You're surrounded by hundreds of men, with more waiting in the rest of the base. This is our base of operations. You think you can just walk in here and take us on? Or are you so desperate to stop me... that you're willing to risk your team... and everything you've worked for?

Brandon looks at the Extreme Biker King with an angry expression, not responding to his question.

Extreme Biker King, still looking at Brandon: Bring her to me. And take them to the holding cells.

Two Extreme Bikers emerge from the surrounding group of Bikers and take hold of Jenny, carrying her over to the Extreme Biker King. A small group of Extreme Bikers then emerge from the surrounding group and escort the team away from the tunnel and further into the base. The Extreme Biker who shot Jenny comes over to the Extreme Biker King. He stands out from the rest of the bikers as he has a black chest plate. 

Extreme Biker: My King, shouldn't we have killed them. They have been a torn in your side for years and set the Bikers back far too many times.

Extreme Biker King: No. At least, not the boy. I'm not finished with him yet.

Extreme Biker: What about the alien?

Extreme Biker King: Take her to the machine. Once she's installed, we'll start the cleansing.

The Extreme Biker nods and rounds up the two Bikers to follow him, carrying Jenny along with them. The Extreme Biker King continues staring off. The scene then cuts to the team in the holding cell. Brandon has a metal cuff around the Ultimatrix and a chain on his leg, Coco is cuffed against the wall with his arms fixed in a position so that they're stuck facing the air and Sarah has a metallic collar around her neck along with a chain on her leg. The Extreme Bikers are seen leaving the cell alone.

Coco: No guard?

Extreme Biker, still walking away: You won't need one. It's not like you'll get out of there, anyways. This place is reinforced.

Extreme Biker 2, walking away: We'll deal with you when we get back from wiping out the rest of the freaks out there.

The Extreme Bikers then walk out of view.

Sarah, leaning forwards: So... what's the plan for getting out of here?

Brandon, leaning against the wall: No plan, just- nothing.

Sarah: Don't tell me you're still blaming yourself for this.

Brandon: Sarah-

Sarah: You are. I knew it.

Coco: What are you talking about?

Brandon: He was right! Okay? The Extreme Biker King was right. I was desperate. I wanted to stop him before he could pull another stunt like he did when he returned. Now we're locked up and he's running around out there, using Jenny to find every alien on the planet and now a lot of innocent people are going to get hurt and that's my fault- again.

Coco: That's just what he wants you to think. He set you up this whole time, Tennyson, and you can't blame yourself for that. It would have happened to anyone else. You might have messed up before, you might have made some mistakes but at least he got back up after that and made up for it.

Brandon: Not this time. I mean look around, Coco. We're locked in here. We barely made it out last time if it wasn't for Jenny and now they have her. No one's coming to break us out anymore.

Coco: Who says we need someone else? I've got the mental relay from that Biker's helmet in my pocket.

Sarah: You brought it with you?

Coco: Yeah. I figured I could do some stuff with it and it might come in handy later.

Sarah: If I could get my hands on it, I might be able to activate some type of electromagnetic pulse.

Brandon: An EMP.

Sarah: Exactly.

Coco: I'll try and shake it out or something. Might take a while.

Sarah: Coco, please. I didn't take gymnastics for nothing.

Sarah gets up from the floor, looks at her chain then looks at the floor. She reaches down, placing her hands on the floor and flips her legs upwards, balancing herself onto her hands, her chain reaches its limit. She then rotates herself, using her hands, and stretches her freed leg out towards Coco. She bends it downwards and gently kicks at Coco's pocket.

Sarah, struggling slightly: Alright, you might want to shake a bit now.

Coco shakes at his pocket, causing the relay to stick out slightly. Sarah manages to grab it with her toe and flicks it out of Coco's pocket. It then hits the wall and lands on the floor, next to her. She then flips back slowly into her normal position and reaches for the device.

Brandon: Got it?

Sarah, getting the relay: Yeah. (adjusting relay) Alright, this should do the trick.

The relay starts sparking up. Sarah throws it in the center of the room and it releases an EMP which short circuits their cuffs, collars and chains, causing them to unlock. The team then get out of their cuffs and such.

Coco: Can't believe that actually worked.

Sarah: It was your idea.

Brandon: Point is, we're out. Now we have to catch up with the Extreme Biker King before he does any damage.

Sarah: We don't know where he's going though.

Brandon: Yes, we do. He's using Jenny to locate nearby aliens. Coco, do you know any alien hideouts close to here?

Coco: We're outside of town. My guess is that they'll make their way back into town and attack a hideaway close to the bridge.

Sarah: We still need a way of getting there.

Brandon: Leave that to me.

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate. He transforms into Portal.

Portal: PORTAL!

Portal opens a portal underneath the three of them.

Coco: Aw man, I hate traveling through these thi-

Before Coco can finish, Portal lifts his portal upwards, teleporting them out of the holding cell. The scene then cuts over to the bridge where a portal opens and the team emerges from it.

Portal: Here's the bridge.

Portal puts his hand on the Ultimatrix symbol and transforms back into Brandon.

Coco: The hideaway should be close by.

The scene then shows the inside of the hideaway where alien citizens are seen gathering supplies and such. The team enter the hideaway, alarming the aliens that noticed.

Brandon: Relax, everyone. I'm here to help. Brandon 10. You might have heard of me, we're with the Mechanics.

Blue Alien Man: So what if you're a Mechanic? They're not going to be helping us. We need to start fighting for ourselves.

A red alien woman goes up to him, putting her hands on his chest.

Alien Woman: Lover, you need to stop this. You'll get yourself hurt out there.

Blue Alien Man: We'll be the ones hurting them. (calling to the rest of the aliens there) Isn't that right?

The aliens cheer with weapons in hand. Brandon looks down and sees a small alien child cowering next to another alien woman. The scene shows Brandon's face, looking at the child, then flashes to a scene with an alien woman and her child from an alien facility in the city before the accident occurred. The scene then flashes back to Brandon's face who turns and to the blue alien. He steps forward.

Brandon: Sir, she's right. These guys have gathered technology that's more advanced that whatever you can salvage here.

Blue Alien Man: Are you trying to say that they're better than us?

Brandon: No. They're not. But they're powerful and they will take out anyone who crosses their path. You might take down a few of them but not all of them. We should focus on protecting everyone here, getting you somewhere safe.

Blue Alien Man: There is nowhere safe. I heard what you did. You tried helping the other group. Right? Well, those were our friends. Our family. You let them down.

Brandon: I did the best I could. I might not have been able to save them but, please, let me save you and your people here.

Blue Alien Man: I don't think so, Brandon 10. If we don't stand up to them, they'll never let us go. We need to rise against them. And we're doing it now and you're not stopping us. You want to help? Move out of the way.

Brandon: And if I don't?

Blue Alien Man: Then you'll have to fight us.

Brandon thinks about this for a moment then steps aside, letting the aliens leave the hideaway.

Coco: We can't just let them run out there.

Brandon: I'm not going to fight them, Coco. We'll just have to stop the Extreme Bikers before they get here.

The team then leave the hideaway and see the Extreme Biker bikes and tanks driving into the area underneath the bridge and the alien citizens heading into the same area.

Sarah: If those two sides meet each other, it'll be a massacre.

Coco: A war will break out.

Brandon looks and sees the Extreme Biker King's tank with the locator machine attached to it with Jenny inside.

Brandon: First thing first, we get Jenny out of there. I feel like they have the upper hand using her telepathy against us.

Coco: Only way there is through them (points at the alien citizens and Extreme Bikers)

Brandon: We're going to have to.

The Extreme Bikers approach the aliens closer.

Extreme Biker Leader: Get ready, Bikers!

The alien approach the Extreme Bikers closer.

Extreme Biker Leader: On your command, my King.

The Extreme Biker King stands from his tank and points at the aliens.

Extreme Biker King: Attack.

Extreme Biker Leader, repeating: Attack!

Extreme Bikers: ATTACK!

The Extreme Bikers charge at the aliens, attacking them with their weapons, as the alien citizens attack back with their strength and weapons. The team goes through the battle, avoiding hits from both sides, as they approach the Extreme Biker King's tank.

Brandon: We're almost there.

Suddenly, two Extreme Bikers stand in their way. One of them is a woman, with sleeve-less armor, armed with a device that resembles a chainsaw nun chunk combination and another one more layered armor with purple shoulder pads and a double sided energy blade. They approach the team but Sarah puts up an energy shield, blocking their attacks. The two Extreme Bikers continuing pressing towards her with their weapons until Sarah pushes the shield back, tossing the two Bikers into the battle, being knocked by the crowd of aliens. The team then continue towards the tank when the Extreme Biker Leader spots them.

Extreme Biker Leader: My King, my boy is here.

The Extreme Biker King turns his head and sees the team approaching them.

Extreme Biker King: I'll handle them myself.

The Extreme Biker King leaps from the railing of the tank and lands on the group. His suit then adjusts as if he's standing up from bending his knees. He then looks up and the team who stops before the tank.

Extreme Biker King: That's far enough, Brandon.

Brandon: Move, Biker King.

Extreme Biker King: You won't stop us this time. (draws energy blade)

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and slaps down the face plate. He transforms into Rocks.

Rocks: ROCKS!

The Extreme Biker King slashes his sword at Rocks who blocks his face with his arms. The blade slices through Rocks' arms, causing his hands to fall onto the ground.

Rocks: GAH! (looks at hands)

The Extreme Biker King raises his energy blade but Rocks hit the ground with his hand-less arms, causing a large rock hand to emerge from the ground, underneath the Extreme Biker King, grabbing them and throwing him away from the battle. The Extreme Biker Leader grabs a blaster and fires at Rocks who uses his other hand to create a rock shield blocking off the attacks. Coco places his hands on the rock shield, that is currently breaking apart from the blasts, and absorbs its material, gaining his rock form. He then forms a shield with his arm and goes behind Rocks' shield. He then climbs up the tank, blocking the Extreme Biker Leader's attacks. The Extreme Biker Leader looks at the machine in the back of the tank and presses a button at the controls before getting knocked off of the tank by Coco's rock shield. Rocks then grabs the Extreme Biker Leader with his large rock hand and throws him away from the battle as well. Rocks then removes his arms from the ground, revealing his already repaired hands. The large rock hand then breaks apart onto the ground. Rocks transforms back into Brandon and the team climb up on the tank, viewing the machine in the back which Jenny is plugged into.

Brandon, putting his hands on the machine: Jenny...

Coco: Looks like she's plugged into the machine somehow. Not sure if removing her is gonna be easy.

Sarah, checking the monitor: That's the worst of it, guys.

Coco: What's up?

Brandon and Coco get up from the machine and look at the monitor with Sarah. It shows a countdown from three minutes.

Sarah: The Extreme Biker Leader already started the machine. It's going to activate in less than three minutes.

Brandon: What's the machine going to do?

Sarah, typing at the controls: Based on this coding, it looks like the Extreme Biker King programmed this machine to use Jenny's abilities to send out a telepathic wave to attack any beings with non-Human DNA. Aliens, Mutants, Hybrids. Anyone within her range. And it's lethal, she has no control over this.

Brandon: And she's been expanding her range this morning. If she could read minds from the Warehouse, then this wave could wipe out any alien threat in most of Bellwood.

Coco: That's a lot of alien citizens right there.

Brandon: Sarah, is there some way that you can stop the code?

Sarah, typing at the controls: No. The coding is fixed to run no matter what. But... I can change the coding.

Coco: Nothing to worry about then.

As she's typing, Sarah looks at the monitor. Her typing slows as her eyes look as if she's reconsidering. She then back types and retypes some commands, revealing a new finished code.

Sarah: There...

Brandon: What'd you do? It doesn't look so different from before.

Sarah: That's because it's not. It's still lethal.

Brandon: But it's going to kill-

Sarah: -every Extreme Biker connected to the mental relay. Just a last second thought.

Brandon: ...Why?

Sarah: Why not? These guys have been nothing but a threat to alien life on Earth. Isn't that what we're working towards? Helping people, no matter who they are?

Coco: But to kill that many people? Just to save them.

Sarah: It's about the same amount. I did the math. Besides, do they really deserve to live? They killed those people, Brandon. The people you tried to protect. That gives us the right to do this.

The countdown continues counting down, now at one minute and thirty seconds. Brandon looks at the monitor.

Coco: Don't tell me you're actually thinking about this.

Brandon: She has a point though. If I'm not supposed to blame myself, somebody has to pay the price.

Coco: Yeah. Okay. You're right. They have to pay the price but not like this. Never like this. I've known you for a long time, Tennyson, and everytime we've taken down the Extreme Bikers or any other bad guy, we do it the right way. Think about it. Is this really the right way to do this? How are we supposed to stop the bad guys, if we start thinking like them?

Brandon continues looking at the monitor. The countdown is now at a minute and ten seconds. Sarah looks at Brandon. Coco looks at Brandon. Brandon continues looking at the monitor.

Brandon: You're wrong, Coco. We can't stop them the usual way. Not this time.

Coco looks at Brandon who continues looking at the monitor.

Brandon, inhaling: But not like this either.

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and scrolls through the available transformations. He stops at a certain hologram.

Sarah: What are you doing?

Brandon: Improvising.

Sarah: You won't be able to rewrite the code in time.

Brandon: Not unless I use one of my tech guys.

Brandon slaps down the face plate and transforms into Hackoid.

Hackoid: HACKOID!

Hackoid grabs the machines and starts using his technokinesis to rewrite the coding. The countdown is still going off, now at 38 seconds. The code is almost rewritten. The team looks at Hackoid, who is staring down the monitor. The countdown is now at 19 seconds.

Hackoid: Come on... Come on...

Countdown is at 7 seconds.

Hackoid: And...

Countdown is at 3 seconds.

Hackoid: Done!

Hackoid backs away from the machine as the countdown finally reaches 0 seconds. The machine activates, causing Jenny to yell out in pain as an energy travels through the tubes that she is wired to and into the machine. The machine then releases a telepathic wave from its satellite over the battle. The Extreme Biker King makes his way back to the tank and sees that the machine is already activated.

Extreme Biker King: Yes... Yes!

The Extreme Bikers and the aliens then stop battling and hold their heads. The Extreme Biker King looks around and sees what's happening.

Extreme Biker King: NO! What... did they do?! (grabs head) ARGH!

The scene then shows Hackoid, hacking the machine open and releasing Jenny from the tubes.

Jenny, holding her head: What- Those people, did I-?

Hackoid: No. I rewrote the code behind the machine to a different outcome.

Jenny: What did you do?

Coco: Yeah, I'd like to know that too.

Hackoid: I sent out the force to attack both the Bikers and the Alien Citizens but it wasn't lethal. It was actually a telepathic network to exchange thoughts, feelings; everything that makes us who we are.

Hackoid places his hand on the Ultimatrix symbol and transforms back into Brandon.

Sarah, looking over the stalemate: Why?

Brandon, looking at Sarah: To hopefully, end this war, once and for all. The right way.

After a short moment, everyone starts releasing their grip on their heads and starts looking at each other. They're not engaging in anything, just standing there. The Extreme Biker King looks around, seeing this.

Extreme Biker King: Well? What are you standing around for? Finish this. Finish them!

The Extreme Bikers look at each other. One of them grips their blaster in hand. The alien citizens look at the Extreme Bikers. The team, minus Brandon who isn't with them now, looks over all of them.

Brandon, unseen: Wait a minute!

The team turn to the right and see Brandon, standing on a platform of the tank. The Extreme Bikers and the Alien Citizens look up at him as well as The Extreme Biker King and Leader.

Brandon: Right now, you're all probably feeling a bit confused. So I want to just take this time to actually talk to you guys. All of you. I know we're meant to be enemies. I know you probably don't trust me or even like me and that's okay. This isn't about me. And this isn't about them (points to alien citizens). This is about you guys. You've dedicated yourself to this... (looking for the word) belief that aliens are evil. That they should be stopped. You've spent so much time thinking about how you're scared of what they could do to you that you never stopped and actually thought about how they're scared of what you do to them. Look at them. Actually, look at the people that you plan to murder today, from here on out. They're terrified. And they should be. I know you're scared, I know you want to defend yourself. Believe me. I'm scared. I know you see me as this great big threat to your plans and whatever but the truth is I'm just a guy, just like you. We're all Humans here. We both have alien technology, we both have a crew of people we trust supporting us and we're both fighting aliens. The only thing that sets me apart from you all is that I try to see their side before anything else. All of you have gone too far this time and somebody has to tell you to stop before this gets even more out of hand. Let me put it like this: When you're done killing all of these people, destroying all of these lives that they've worked so hard to manage here on a world that they're not even familiar with, When you're done with all that, and you finally get what you want, a world under your control without any aliens on Earth, what's next? You get to do whatever you want? What about all of the people who aren't Extreme Bikers? What happens then? Just- ...Just think about it. Please. From one person to another, I'm asking you, all of you, just... think about it.

Brandon puts his arms down and looks at all of them. The Extreme Biker King makes his way to the tank. He looks at Brandon who looks down from the platform and looks down at them. The Extreme Biker King scoffs and turns to face the Extreme Bikers.

Extreme Biker King: Bikers, do what must be done.

The Extreme Bikers are still a bit shaken up to do anything. The Extreme Biker King notices this and sees one of the Extreme Bikers in front of him. He walks over to him, grabs him by the shoulder and puts him in front of the crowd, facing the alien citizens.

Extreme Biker King: Aim your blaster.

Extreme Biker: My King, I-

Extreme Biker King: Just aim your blaster...

The Extreme Biker aims his blaster at the alien citizens who back up slowly.

Extreme Biker King: Now just pull the trigger, Biker.

The Extreme Biker's hand is steady on the trigger as the Extreme Biker King guides him to do it. Brandon looks out on the platform as this happens. The Extreme Biker King backs up and the Extreme Biker continues aiming at the alien citizens.

Extreme Biker King: Biker. Pull the trigger.

The Extreme Biker continues aiming.

Extreme Biker King: Biker! Pull the trigger! Do it! Pull the trigger!

The Extreme Biker continues aiming.

Extreme Biker, aiming: Matt.

Extreme Biker King: What?

The Extreme Biker drops his blaster on the ground. He turns around, facing the other Extreme Bikers who are gasping and murmuring among each other. The Extreme Biker removes his helmet and holds it in his hands, revealing the face of a young adult man with dark brown hair and a short beard.

Extreme Biker: My name is Matt. I've only recently joined the Extreme Bikers. Maybe like two months ago when we were still in our old system. I hated aliens. I thought they were a disease to this planet. That they invaded my privacy and attacked our home so I joined. I joined to fight and to do the right thing. And the tasks seemed normal then they started escalated as things started changing. I started training more. Working more. Nothing I couldn't accomplish. Then the difficult part came. Taking a life. At least, it should have been difficult but it wasn't. It was easy. It was satisfying. It felt like I was recovering apart of me by removing them from this world one by one. But then I thought about it. (thinking about what he just said) "It"... Her. I thought about her. The person I killed. The first one I ever killed, was a little girl and she was scared and I smiled afterwards. When this is over, how am I supposed to go home to my wife and act like something good happened? How am I supposed to look at my daughter without seeing that face again? No. I won't kill anyone else. Not anymore. (throws helmet on the ground)

Extreme Biker King: You will pick up that blaster, Biker.

Extreme Biker 2: He's right. I've got my whole life ahead of me and I'm just wasting it here. (takes of helmet and throws it on the ground) I'm done too.

More and more Extreme Bikers then start removing their helmets and throwing them on the ground. They all then start walking away from the fight. Brandon then sighs in relief.

Extreme Biker King: No. Stop. I command you! I am your king, you will stop!

The Extreme Bikers continue to leave, with only a few remaining. The Extreme Biker King turns quickly to face Brandon who is still standing on the platform.

Extreme Biker King, sounding intense: You! You did this! I'll destroy you!

Brandon: It's not too late to walk away, Biker King.

Extreme Biker King: I've worked towards this for far too long for it to miss up now.

Brandon: What's the point? Your Bikers are leaving. They're people too, not just mindless goons.

Extreme Biker King: You tricked them. But they'll see. They'll see not to turn their back on me! I'll show them how false your words are by crushing your throat under my boot.

The Extreme Biker King starts climbing the tank. Sarah prepares her energy discs and Coco grabs and absorbs the railing of the tank, gaining a metallic form. They prepare to defend Brandon against the Extreme Biker King, who is approaching, until lasers are shot at them from the side. Sarah shields them from the side as the remaining Extreme Bikers, the new recruits, are seen approaching the tank.

Sarah: I won't be able to hold this up for long.

Coco: We can deal with these guys.

Brandon: Alright. I'll deal with the Extreme Biker King.

Coco and Sarah then jump over the railing and onto the ground, facing off against the New Recruit Extreme Bikers. Jenny attempts to use her telepathic powers but holds her head in pain. She leans against the railing and falls onto the floor of the tank, leaning in a corner. Brandon looks up from Jenny and looks at the Extreme Biker King, who is on the other side of the tank, looking at Brandon.

Brandon: Well... Here I am.

Extreme Biker King, approaching him: Every single time. It's always you!

The Extreme Biker King, now a couple of steps away, strikes at Brandon who slaps down the Ultimatrix symbol, transforming into Drillbit who blocks the attack.

Drillbit: DRILLBIT!

Drillbit attacks at the Extreme Biker King's suit with his drill hands which only dent it slightly. The Extreme Biker King returns the attack with a blow to the face and a gab at the side. Drillbit attempts to strike again but the Extreme Biker King grabs his arm and uses it to hit Drillbit in the face again.

Extreme Biker King: I'm trying to do the right thing and you always get in my way!

Drillbit transforms into Crusher.

Crusher: CRUSHER!

Crusher slams his fist into the Extreme Biker King's armor, pushing him back a few feet. Crusher then starts striking at his head but the Extreme Biker King blocks the attacks and uppercuts Crusher in the head, knocking him into the controls of the deactivated machine. Crusher looks up from the controls as the Extreme Biker King grabs his head and bashes it into his knee. Crusher's body lifts into the air from the impact and in that moment, the Extreme Biker King strikes Crusher's face into the machine, destroying it with the force of Crusher's body. The Extreme Biker King makes his way for Crusher who attempts to get up from the wreckage.

Extreme Biker King, making his way over there: You've been a pain to me for too long, Brandon 10. It's about time we ended this.

Crusher gets up from the machine. The Ultimatrix starts beeping slightly.

Ultimatrix, in cybernetic female voice: Warning. Power depleting from excessive transformation use.

Crusher smacks the Ultimatrix face plate and transforms Ro-Warasaur.

Ro-Warasaur: RO-WARSAUR!

Ro-Warasaur fires canons from his shoulders at the Extreme Biker King, causing his helmet to pop off onto the ground. Ro-Warasaur attempts to strike the Extreme Biker King but the Extreme Biker King fires lasers from his gauntlets at Ro-Warasaur and continues increasing its intensity until his armor can no longer fire the lasers. At that point, Ro-Warasaur falls on his knees, bringing the entire tank down. Ro-Warasaur then transforms back into Brandon who falls onto the floor of the tank. The Extreme Biker King then stands over Brandon with his pale, gray face exposed.

Extreme Biker King: Can't you see? I'm trying to save the world. You should be thanking me.

He looks up and sees human citizens looking from the distance.

Extreme Biker King: You see those people? Those... Human people? They're the scared ones. They need to be... protected from these disgusting looking monsters who... have the power to destroy anything in their path, no matter who it is.

Brandon, weakly: I see the same thing but you're only talking about... yourself.

Extreme Biker King: No.

Brandon, struggling to get up: They're scared of you, Biker King... You're attacking their city just to get what you want.

Extreme Biker King: Be quiet.

Brandon: And you're right. They need to be protected... from you.

Extreme Biker King: I said shut up!

Brandon, standing before the Extreme Biker King: I won't stop fighting for them. No matter what.

The Extreme Biker King is about to strike Brandon down but he is attacked by various rocks. He turns and sees the former Extreme Bikers and the alien citizens throwing rocks at him, together.

Extreme Biker King: Traitors! All of you!

Brandon, seeing that the Extreme Biker King is distracted, turns to Jenny and helps her up from the floor of the tank. Jenny then stands on her own. Brandon turns and gets grabbed by the throat by the Extreme Biker King.

Extreme Biker King, ignoring the rocks: Don't think I forgot about you, Tennyson!

The Extreme Biker King is about to strike Brandon again only to yell out at the last second. The Extreme Biker King then falls onto the floor of the tank, paralyzed, with Jenny standing next to him.

Extreme Biker King: I... can't move. What did you do to me?!

Jenny: I stopped your nervous system by blocking it off from your mind. You won't be able to move until I let it go.

Extreme Biker King, looking at Brandon: You think this is over? This... isn't over. You might have won this time but face it. I've broken you. This... is what I've really been working towards. Beating you at long... last. You couldn't save those freaks, you couldn't stop my forces... You couldn't even save your own girlfriend. And then I'll return, one way or another and this will just happen again. I still have my resources.

Brandon: What resources?

Extreme Biker King laughs weakly. Brandon, getting upset, then hits the Extreme Biker King in the face then again then once more.

Brandon: Tell me who you're working with!

Brandon grabs the Extreme Biker King's head, making it hard for him to breath.

Brandon: Tell me!

Jenny: Brandon!

Extreme Biker King, gasping for air: His name is... C.

Brandon then lets go after a short moment. He breaths deeply while the Extreme Biker King gasps for air, breathing in as much as he could.

Extreme Biker King: It's all I know... Either way, he probably won't contact me again after what happened today so you might as well do it. You might as well... end me.

Brandon looks to his side slightly, still breathing deeply and sees the Extreme Biker King's energy blade. He grabs the energy blade and examines it. Jenny looks at him cautiously.

Jenny: Brandon...

Brandon: I know what I'm doing, Jenny.

Jenny: What are you doing?

Brandon: ...Something that should have been done a long time ago.

Brandon lifts the blade up.

Extreme Biker King: Yes... do it...

Brandon then stabs the blade down. The Extreme Biker King opens his eyes and sees the energy blade next to his head, stabbed into the floor of the tank.

Brandon: I won't become you, Extreme Biker King. I won't become obsessed with revenge and cross the line. You might have broken me but that doesn't mean I won't stop doing what I do.

Extreme Biker King: This isn't going to end like this, Tennyson.

Brandon: Yes it is. Because if you even think about doing this again, if you even think about ending more lives, I will find you, wherever you are hiding out, no matter what cave or base or castle you whip up out of nowhere, I will find you and I will make sure you wished I ended you here and now.

Brandon then walks away from the Extreme Biker King. Coco and Sarah are seen making their way back to the tank but Brandon walks past them, away from the bridge, back into the city. The scene then transitions to later on, at the Juice Shack, now evening. Brandon is seen sitting on his own at a table. Suddenly a figure approaches the table and stands before him. Brandon looks up and sees Coco carrying a tray with milkshakes in them next to Sarah and Jenny.

Coco: Thirsty?

Brandon: How did you-?

Sarah: Know where you were? Jenny told us.

Brandon: You read my mind?

Jenny: No, I just- I had a feeling you would be here.

Coco: Yeah I had the same feeling but nobody listened to me. (slurps on milkshake still in tray)

Brandon chuckles and takes one of the milkshakes as the team sits at the table with him.

Brandon: So what happened with- well, everything?

Sarah: Well, the Mechanics ended up showing up earlier after they returned from Disputis. They managed to sort out the alien citizen situation by finding them new housing conditions and securing their identity as a secret from the public.

Coco: The Extreme Bikers completely disbanded. My guess is they're gonna start going by normal names again, living normal lives. The loyal ones that remained got their butts kicked and have nowhere to go.

Jenny: And I released the Extreme Biker King after Coco managed to disable his armor's weaponry. We don't know where he went but I don't think he will start causing trouble anytime soon.

Brandon: I was just sitting here, thinking if I made the right choices today.

Jenny: I think you did what you thought was right and I think that's what really matters.

Brandon smiles.

Brandon: Yeah... I guess you're right.

Brandon drinks his milkshake as the scene shows the Juice Shack in the distance, as the sun starts to set.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • The Biker/Alien War breaks out.
  • The Extreme Bikers are disbanded.

Minor Events

  • The Extreme Biker King uses Jenny's powers against her will.
  • Sarah suggests genocide.



Aliens Used


  • This episode starts the beginning of the Season 3 finale, with this episode mainly being an ending of the Extreme Biker arc.
  • Originally, Brandon was meant to transform into Shock Speed, after changing his mind, to recover all of the Extreme Biker Helmets and ditch them before they released the lethal telepathic wave, saving them. However, it seemed to make more sense to rewrite the coding to something better as Hackoid.
  • Ultimate Swampfire was meant to make his debut in this episode but it was rewritten. Four Arms was also reconsidered to replace Ultimate Swampfire in the fight against the Extreme Biker King but that was also rewritten in order to keep a consecutive run of the lack of canon aliens in the season.
  • There was a deleted scene where the driver, at the beginning of the episode, who is the first Biker of the Extreme Biker King's new age, was to told by the Extreme Biker King that he was destined to take his place as Extreme Biker King as a sudden plot twist would show that the Extreme Biker King is dying and his armor is only keeping him alive instead of healing him. In the battle between the Bikers and the aliens, later rewritten to the scene where Coco and Sarah fight the New Recruit Bikers, the driver, who would be known as Andy, would fight against the aliens but as he starts struggling to keep his loyalty to the cause, another Extreme Biker who is revealed to be his twin sister, Maddie, ends up killing him on the battlefield in order to become the Extreme Biker King. It is also revealed that she was also the first Biker of the new age as the two of them showed up to the Extreme Biker King at the same time and the the Extreme Biker King secretly preferred her over Andy.
    • This was mainly removed because it took up screen time for underdeveloped characters and wouldn't have the same emotional attachment as any other characters involved in this episode.
    • Another twist which was technically still added to the episode was that the Extreme Biker King may have told Andy and Maddie about passing on his title to them but his true plan was to manipulate Brandon's life into a darker one, gradually making him into the new Extreme Biker King however, like the episode follows, Brandon wouldn't follow up with it.
  • Ultimate Crusher was considered to be added in the fight against the Extreme Biker King but he was replaced by Ro-Warasaur.
  • The original setting for the final battle between the aliens and the Bikers along with the battle between Brandon and the Extreme Biker King was set on a bridge or at some type of landslide. It was also meant to rain, which would have been hinted at earlier as a joke or minor comment but would have ultimately set the stage for the final battle later on.
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