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Ben 10: The Nanite Infection
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date 04/02/12
Written by Ronald McDonald
Directed by B1K3
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Ultimatrix E.V.O.
I Lurve You

To'kustE.V.O. is a special of Ben 10: The Nanite Infection, it is for the Way Big Fest.


Ben transforms into Way Big while trying to fight a giant E.V.O., but then, he becomes... Way Pig! And is very giant, with lazer farts, and toxic breath, and... you get the point... but he cannot control himself, can Kevin help Ben revert back?


Prank War[]

"Now, you will die because of my awesome roar." Benwolf thought, looking at Kevin, who was sleeping on the couch. He put his mouth close to his ear and roared.

"ARGH! STUPID !#^$@(%&!!!!" Kevin jolted up and punched the air. "You just started a war!"

"HAHA!" Ben said. "YOU ARE STUPID!" And ran away.

"Gee, how'd Ben get so immature?" Kevin asked Ben's mom, who was sitting on the table with a frog on her head.

"We dropped him on the head as a baby, the doctor said he would becomes crazy in sixteen years, and that's what happened." Ben's mom said. "Or he could have inherited it from someone else."

. . .

Ben walked in his room and sat on his chair, he started going on and laughed at it.

"What so funny?" Kevin asked as his head popped up sideways from the doorway.

"Ah no, just some funny story about me getting infected by Clancy and turning me crazy, and some idiots that live in this place called Omni-World." Ben grinned.

"WELL IS THIS FUNNY?" Kevin said as he threw a water balloon at Ben's face, it splashed all over him, making Kevin laugh.

"NUUUUUUUUUU" Yelled Ben, he tried to get up but realized he was stuck to his seat.

"Hahaha! Sucker." Kevin laughed.

. . .

The following days, Ben got Kevin dressed up as a chicken in public, Kevin replaced all of Ben's food with metal shaped-foods, Ben pushed Kevin into a well and he didn't get out until three days later, but then after a few weeks... Ben and Kevin were at Ben's home watching the T.V., suddenly the lottery went on, Ben grabbed his lottery ticket and looked at the screen.

"Today's numbers are..." The lottery man said. "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, aaaand....."

Ben's eyes spread wide open, he moved closer to the screen and... the lottery man said:


"YES!" Ben yelled, he did a dance on the floor. "I WON!"

Suddenly, Kevin started to laugh. "IDIOT! IDIOT! THE LOTTERY TICKET'S FAKE!"

"Wait what?"

"I replaced your lottery ticket with a fake one!"

"I don't get it."

"It. Is. Fake."

"I still don't get it."

"Nevermind..." Kevin said, taking out his Plumbers badge. "Hey, we got an E.V.O. downtown, you coming?"

"Yeah, sure, let's go.

Way Pig[]

"Whoa..." Ben looked amazed, he was looking up at some kind "That... E.V.O. is GIANT!"

The E.V.O. roared and fell on a building, it broke and the E.V.O. ate half of it.

"SEEDFIRE" Ben yelled, he was a tiny seed with hands and legs. "Is this some kind of joke?"

"No Ben." Kevin said. "Look at the top of your head."

The Seed began to grow and grow until it was a tree.

"Oh great!" Seedfire shouted angrily. "My feet and legs have disappeared! How am I going to transform again? I can't move."

They waited until the Ultimatrix timed out for half an hour, but had to wait another hour for it to charge.

"YAY!" Ben squeaked. "It charged!"

"Now..." Ben said. "Maybe this guys too big to be infected... Way... Oink!"

"Oink Oink Oink!" Way Pig said.

"Ben... Wait, what are you doing with that lamp post... Ewwwww!" Kevin said.

Then some giant brown stuff went on about... fifty passers by.

"Blu- Blu blu- Yuck" Kevin managed to utter. Then Way Pig ran off. Kevin ran forward, but Way Pig farted a laser and it hit Kevin, knocking him out.

. . .

"Fudge" Kevin said as he sat up, Way Pig was nowhere to be seen. "Just fudge."

Suddenly, Way Pig fell from the sky and squashed Kevin, which knocked him out again. When Kevin woke up again, Way Pig was sniffing him, Kevin quickly absorbed the cement and grabbed hold of Way Pig, who jumped up and started to run, it ran through several building till Kevin managed to get up and pull Way Pig's ear, which stopped the alien and it fell asleep.

"Okay, phew." Kevin said, resting his arms on his lap. "Now, you must listen to me, you are not wild, you are Ben, a hero, not a juvenile... uh... pig." But Way Pig roll over Kevin while sleeping, which knocked him out again.

Kevin woke up for the third time, Way Pig was in front of him, but started to run and kicked Kevin into a building on the next two blocks, yup, you guessed it, he passed out. Kevin got up and scanned the area, it had been an hour since he got up, he looked up in the sky, and there Way Pig was, falling on him. This kind of repeated until it was the next day... so... I'll just skip to the part where Way Pig was eating in a farm, actually, I mean was eating a farm, Kevin was trying to calm the farmer and gathering all of the cattle, and by the time he got back, Way Pig was running off back to the city, and had made three hundred people faint with his breath, so Kevin had to take... desperate... giant measures.


Way Pig was eating mud, Kevin crept up behind a wall and spied on him.

"Hey stupid pig!" Kevin shouted. "I got a bacon snack right here!"

Way Pig turned around and looked at him, and started to run. Way Pig crashed into Kevin, lucky it did not do much effect.

"All right Way Pig!" Kevin said. "EAT BURRITOS!"

Way Pig ate them, and suddenly, his eyes started to close, then he fell asleep, on Kevin.

. . .

"So Doc, when will these scars go off?" Kevin asked.

"They're scars..." The doctor replied.

"Then what about Ben?" Kevin asked again.

"He's incurable, I'm sorry, I'll leave you two alone." The doctor left the room, and a few minutes later, there was a green flash, and Ben was back to normal.


"ARGH! DANGIT!" Kevin cried.

"By the way, how did you know Way Pig's weakness was burritos?"

"You destroyed all the shops, except the burrito one, anyways, nice one!" Kevin laughed and then high-fived in mid-air, and froze


"By the way, you destroyed all those houses and buildings just to win?" Kevin asked.

"Yeah, but I won the lottery remember?" Ben reminded.

"Ugh, you still don't get it..."


Aliens Used[]

  • Way Pig