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Titin is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Methionylthreonyl'Threonylglutaminyl'Arginyltyrosyl'Glutamylserylle'Cylphenylalanylalanyl'Glutaminylleucyllysyl'Glutamylarginyllysyl'Glutamylglycylalanyl'Phenylalanylvalyl'Prolylphenylalanylvalyl'Threonylleucylglycylaspartyl'Prolylglycylisoleucylglutamyl'Glutaminylserylleucyllysy'Lisoleucylaspartylthreonyl'Leucylisoleucylglutamylalany'Lglycylalanylaspartylalanylleucylgian, or simply shortened to Glu'taminyl'serxiso'leucinian, from the planet Musculus CLXXXIX. He is a free-to-use alien, and exists within the Earth-216 universe, the main universe of Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


Titin's appearance is represented as a humanoid of below-average height, standing just shy of approximately 5 feet tall, with bright-red, fleshy skin patterned in such a way that it almost resembles epimysium, the layer of fibrous tissue that surrounds skeletal muscle. Titin's face is slightly pointed, giving a slight animalistic quality, while it contains large, bright-green eyes and a small, lipless mouth, while Titin has four, large, bony, bright-pink-colored growths emerging from the back of his head, in the form of horns, two large ones on the top and two small ones on the bottom, a semi-vestigial reminder of their more animalistic ancestors. Titin additionally possesses eerily-human-like, five-fingered-and-toed extremities, pale-pink, webbing-like patterns on the back of Titin's hands, atop his feet, and across his brow, resembling the patterns of nerves, and a short tail with a slight, spring-like curl near the end.

Titin's outfit is that of a sleeveless jumpsuit, bizarrely designed with functioning, metallic zippers horizontally across spanning around his chest and abdomen, with a pair of shorts reaching down to the middle of his thighs, designed with similar, although vertical zippers. The Omnitrix symbol is located on the center of Titin's abdomen.

Powers and Abilities

Titin's primary ability is an incredibly powerful power in the form of myokinesis, or manipulation over one's muscular structure. Specifically, Titin can internally generate accelerated, rapidly-growing stem cells that can transform into fleshy, tensile muscular fiber, and the speed of Titin's stem cell production is fast enough to alow Titin to generate enough muscle fiber the average human body contains in the span in around a dozen seconds.

Through microscopic, highly-elastic pores all over Titin's fleshy exterior, Titin can extend outwards muscular constructs of durable flesh that has several usages, either offensively, as Titin can create powerful, constricting tentacles with his own flesh, or defensively, Titin could coat his body in a dense layer of muscle, protecting him from oncoming bullet-fire and razor-sharp objects in a limited form of damage repulsion, lethal temperatures, and low-tier explosions. Stated above, Titin's incredibly-quick stem cell production speed can essentially allow him to quickly regenerate and reform new muscle constructs in near-instants.

TItin's more-diverse means of muscle manipulation comes in the form of Titin instead adding onto his own existing muscle mass, allowing him to massively boost his own strength and durability. The zippers on Titin's outfit forcefully unzip and disconnect from one another when too much stress is applied, preventing his outfit from ripping when his body becomes too big.

Although having no manipulative qualities over his skeleton, each of Titin's bones are composed of dozens and dozens of interlocking plates, held together by connective tissue, that can stretched outwards by Titin's muscular structure, allowing Titin to alter his size when bulking up, and even alternatively only extend parts of his body at a time, such as his limbs, enhancing his punching range and jumping strength.

Additionally, by unlocking and pushing downwards on the plates in his bones, Titin can rapidly build kinetic energy within the specific areas, and release it at once, creating an extremely powerful release of build that Titin typically does to his arms, allowing him to create punches powerful enough to create shockwaves in mid-air and send those struck flying back great distances. He could redirect internally-generated kinetic energy into his lungs and use it to release an extremely powerful roar that could shatter almost every window on a skyscraper, and could even channel the kinetic energy through his horns, kinetically shooting the energy out the tips of his horns in the form of blasts.


Titin's base form's abilities are very unimpressive, its strength slightly lesser than that of the average adult.

Although incredibly powerful, Titin's production of muscle fiber are still organic flesh, and thus, are prone to elemental attacks, such as fire and electricity, acidic substances, and extreme radiation.

Although lacking blood, instead receiving nutrients from Titin's own body, and having minimal nerve receptors, Titin can still feel pain if his muscular constructs are injured, destroyed, or severed.

Titin's regenerative factor only applies to his muscles, whenever it may be his pre-existing muscular structure of the stem cells he can create, meaning he can not heal torn skin or broken bones. In addition, unless manipulated by an outside force to do otherwise, Titin's generated stem cells only produce muscle fiber.

While manipulating his own muscle mass, Titin is incredibly vulnerable to physical strain. If Titin has bulked up too much, his body's nutrients and overall energy will begin to be drained faster and faster, depleting Titin's stamina more and more, and his muscles may begin to constrict blood flow, furthering a potential loss of consciousness.




Titin is a free-to-use alien, so feel free to use him in your own series.

  • Titin is set to appear sometime in Multiverse vs. Tennyson.


  • Titin is named after a largely-abundant protein of striated muscle, and the largest known protein, its primary functions to stabilize thick filament and center it between thin filaments, and to prevent overstretching of the sacromere, recoiling it like a spring after it was stretched. It is similarly pronounced as "titan", which itself means "powerful and influential", terms that are used to describe the powerful myokinetic capabilities of Titin.
  • Titin's name was specifically selected due to its scientific name being the longest word in the entire English language, totaling at 189,819 letters.
    • Titin's full-length species name references this, as it is the first 360 letters of the word, randomly separated with apostrophes, with an added 3 letters, in the form of the species-based "-ian" suffix at the end. The number of 363 is the exact number of how many exons are in a Titin protein.
    • Titin's shortened species name of "Glu'taminyl'serxiso'leucinian" is the final 34 letters of the word, albeit similarly separated by apostrophes and with the final letter also replaced by the "-ian" suffix.
    • Titin's planet name of "Musculus CLXXXIX" is both the Latin word for "muscle" and the Roman numeral for 189, the amount of hundred thousand letters of the word.
  • Ben 23's nickname for Titin would alternatively be "Strong Guy", a reference to Four Arms' pre-production incarnation of the original 2005 series.
  • Titin's myokinetic ability was inspired by the "Muscle Augmentation" quirk from My Hero Academia.
  • The idea of Titin's outfit containing zippers that would automatically open to not interfere with Titin's muscle mass and size alteration abilities was added last-second.
  • Titin's Omnitrix symbol was formerly on one of his pecs, but the location was changed to his abdomen, as to not interfere with Titin's muscle mass and size alteration.
  • The idea of Titin's muscle mass and size alteration abilities were created to make up for the lack of Humungousaur's size alteration ability in both Ben 10: Omniverse and the 2016 reboot.