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Timekiller's Base
General Information
Entity Type Planet
Habitability Habitable (uncomfortable)
Alternate Iterations Dischronia
Sapient Species Sentientsapiens (formerly)
Non-Native Species Chronosapiens
Time Breakers
Techadon Degradations

Timekiller's Base is a planet in a far-removed timeline, and an alternate version of Dischronia existing within Earth-1010. As its name suggests, it acts as Timekiller's base of operations for his new Time War.


This planet was once home to the Sentientsapien race in a timeline far-removed from the Prime Timeline, until it was conquered by Timekiller and a small force of Time Breakers. The planet is full of factories and military installations, as well as Time Anchors to strengthen the planets grip on space-time. These anchors are made by Timekiller personally, and were made possible by his previous work on and with The Crucible.


A once free planet, this version of Dischronia has fallen into the hands of Timekiller and MALtruant. However, due to the naturally non-combative nature of the Sentientsapiens, they fled quickly across the multiverse- a cascade acting as an alarm bell across reality informing everyone of the location of Timekiller's Base.

Before long, the Chronosapiens began an invasion from the safety of the Prime Timeline. Their shallow numbers and poor arsenal would've lead to a sure defeat, had Professor Paradox and Ben 10'000 not stepped in to stop them.

Known Inhabitants

Sapient Species



  • This planet was first briefly seen in No Watch, No Problem!
  • Doormensional was sampled from a Sentientsapien in this timeline.
  • This planet's name is a reference to Starkiller Base from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
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