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Timebomb is a Zeimbean from the planet Xplodere.

General Information
Species Zeimbean
Home World Xplodere
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Self-explosion

Telepathic communication

First Appearance Orelis


Timebomb is a green alien (his eyes were yellow on the original design) with violet spots on his face and legs with his chest resembling human muscle tissue.


Timebomb can create an explosion from his chest from a radius of 19.3 centimeters up to 5.12 meters. Timebomb has no mouth and so speaks telepathically. If the radius of his explosion is small, he can make it again and again in short bursts. The violet "indicators" around his face and legs change from violet to blue to green to yellow and then lastly to red (where Timebomb makes the explosion).


The longer the radius he needs to explode himself into, the more time he has to be able to produce his explosion from his body. Timebomb's weakness is that the more powerful the explosion he creates, the more time it will take before he could produce another. The indicators in his body change in reverse. Once they are all violet again, only then Timebomb can explode again.