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Ben 10: Ultimate Heroes
Season 1, Episode 5
Potis Altiare 1
Air date 8-26-12
Written by Brywarrior
Directed by Brywarrior
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On Galvan MKII.

(Bryce) Alright, I'll bet he's after an Omnitrix core.

(Ben) What makes you say that.

(Bryce) The fact that I'm looking at his ship about half a mile from Azmuth's tower.

(Ben) Oh.


(Vilgax fighting the Galvanic Mechamorph Guard) Prepare to be annihilated, Vermon!

(guard) Same to you.

The guard started shooting at Vilgax. Vilgax returned fire and defeated the guard.

(Vilgax) Ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha.

Elsewhere, Behind Vilgax

(Bryce, whispering) Ok I'll go XLR8 and spin a twister around him.

(Ben, whispering) Then I'll shock him as Shocksquatch.

(Bryce, whispering) Well if you're gonna shock him then maybe I should use someone else?

(Ben, whispering) No just, move when I show up.

(Bryce, transforming) Alright, Oh man.(Upgrade) This sucks. Wait I have an idea.(Transform) Ultimate Upgrade. Ok now lets go.

Ben(Shocksquatch) and Bryce ran up to Vilgax, they shot at the same time and their beams crossed.

(Vilgax) HA do..

He was hit by the cross beam and was thrown into the tower behind him.

(Vilgax, recovering) You.. You won't.. sto..stop me...AHHHH!!

He was hit again, knocking him out

(Ben) How did you know that would work?

(Bryce) Practice.

Both detransformed

(Bryce, transforming) I'll get rid of him. Yes Fourarms.(Transform) Ultimate Fourarms. Time to say good bye.

He tossed Vilgax into his ship, then threw it into space.

(Ben, baffled) Ho.. How do you have Ultimates of Ugrade and Fourarms!?!?

(Bryce, detransforming) Comes with the watch.



  • Upgrade's first appearance
  • Ultimate Upgrade's first appearance
  • Ultimate Fourarms' first appearance
  • ShockSquatch's first appearance


  • Bryce says that Vilgax is half a mile away from Azmuth's tower, but he is fighting the Guard Mechamorph.