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Fasttrack's re-appearence

Ben 10: Superverse season 1, episode 7

Air Date[]

March 12, 2012


This epsiode starts out with a red and big Galvanic Mechamorph grabbing two small sqaure objects and walking out a building. He sees Gwen and Kevin laughing about something and throws the sqaures at their necks. Their eyes glow yellow and they look around and see Rook and Ben. They walk over to them and throw Ben down and knock out Rook and drag him away. Ben turns into Humungousaur but is very quickly smacked down by Gwen and Kevin. Ben lays on the ground and sees the Galvanic Mechamorph run away. Meanwhile, Gwen and Kevin take Rook to a warehouse and starp him up to a metal bar and starp him up to drain his energy. Just then they trun on the drainer and walk out of the warehouse. Ben sees them behind a bush and turns into Fasttrack. He runs into the warehouse and looks around and sees Rook. Fasttrack turns into Lodestar and he breaks Rook free. Just then Gwen and Kevin walk towards Ben and punch him down. Ben then sees them carry Rook away again and he runs towards them. Just the warehouse begins breaking apart. ben turns into Fasttrack again and runs out of the warehouse just in time. Meanwhile, Gwen and Kevin are still carrying around Rook and walk into the Galvanic Mechamorph's (Control Freak) building and throw Rook down. Just then Humungousaur breaks the building wall down and turns back into Ben. He marchs towards Control Freak and turns into Cannonbolt and rolls Control Freak over numerous times. Control Freak gives up and turns into a spaceship and flies away. The sqaures fall off Gwen and Kevin's necks and they aren't controlled anymore and are confused. Ben just takes them to Mr. Smoothy's along with recovered Rook.



Aliens Used[]


  • Fasttrack makes his first re-appearence since Ultimate Alien.
  • Cannonbolt makes his frist re-appearence since Ultimate Alien.
  • Lodestar is used in this episode but had no lines.
  • It is revealed that Control Freak will return some other time in Ben 10: Superverse.

Next Episode[]

Omega Megawatt

Previous Episode[]

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