Time Monsters
General Information
Species Human (originally)
Temporal Anomalies
Status Deceased (Timeline Overwritten)
Age Infinite
Home World Earth
Residence Los Soledad
Affiliations Project Paradox
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Time Acceleration
Enhanced Speed
Alias Professor Troughton (Originally)

Professor Hartnell (Originally)

Alternate Counterparts Professor Paradox
First Appearance The Paradox Problem
The Time Monsters are villains in Age of the Unitrix. They first appeared in The Paradox Problem. They were Temporal Anomalies from the planet Earth.


The Time Monsters appear like distorted evolved human skeletons surrounded by a blue glow, shifting and switching as time melts around them.


The Time Monsters seemed to be attracted by human activity, as well as by Professor Paradox's time travel.

Powers and Abilities

The Time Monsters possessed the unconscious ability to age whatever they touched by several hundred times real time. This, combined with their immortality, meant they would eventually age everything into dust.



The Time Monsters were created some 83 years prior to The Paradox Problem when the Paradox Project went wrong, causing Professor Hartnell and Professor Troughton to fall into the temporal event horizon of their machine.

Age of the Unitrix

The Time Monsters reappeared in present day in The Paradox Problem, where one of them attacked Ann and Kenny. It aged Frenzyplant's arms when she tried to hold it, before XLR8 managed to save her. However it was revealed there was actually two of them later when Professor Paradox confronted the Time Monsters. By going to the exact point the Time Monsters were created and preventing Professor Troughton from falling into the time machine alongside Hartnell, Ann and Kenny were able to prevent the Time Monsters from being created.


Age of the Unitrix


  • The Time Monsters were created only when BOTH Professor Hartnell and Professor Troughton fell into the time machine. However, when only one of them fell into the time machine Professor Paradox was created. This technically makes Professor Paradox a paradox of his own design.
Age of the Unitrix
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