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Time Breaker Vilgax
Time Breaker Vilgax.png
General Information
Species Corrupted Chimera Sui Generis
Home World Vilgaxia
Dimension Delta Dimension
Timeline Unknown
Affiliations Timekiller
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Climbing
Shapeshifting Arms
Laser Vision
Sharp Claws
Alias Vilgax (former name)
Vilgax the Conqueror (former title)
Chronal Point (Time Breaker Model)
Relatives Timekiller (creator)
Alternate Counterparts Vilgax
First Appearance The Last Days of Bivalvan

Time Breaker Vilgax is a villain in Earth-1010. He used to be a Chimera Sui Generis from the planet Vilgaxia. He is now one of Timekiller's Time Breakers.


Time Breaker Vilgax is a larger-than-average Chimeran with huge muscles. He has ribbed upper arms, which are actually his tentacles stacked together to form muscles. He wears purple chest armour and shoulder pads, and his cheek sacs have been converted to carry pink fluid to his respirator mask that now covers his face. He has pink eyes.

Time Breaker Vilgax was evidently crafted with more care than Tetrax.

Powers and Abilities

As a Delta Dimension Chimeran, Time Breaker Vilgax retains all the powers of his kind. This includes his laser vision and his ability to turn his arms into many tentacles.

Vilgax's Time Breaker ability, Chronal Point, gives him immunity to any chronokinetic attacks. This is demonstrated in The Last Days of Bivalvan, when he is still able to move after Timekiller froze time.


Time Breaker Vilgax's weaknesses are currently unknown.


At one point in the past, Vilgax lead his people to conquer ten planets.

He was defeated and converted into a Time Breaker against his will by Timekiller.

In The Last Days of Bivalvan he helped Timekiller capture Bivalvan for conversion.

Ben 10: Road Trip

He appeared along with Timekiller and Time Breaker Albedo to help restore MALtruant. He killed Eon by snapping his neck, and was then killed by Albedo as Overbite as soon as Timekiller left.


Ben 10: Road Trip