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Time Breaker
Time Breaker Crop.png
Organisation Type Minions
Leader Timekiller
First Appearance Ten Over Ten Thousand

Time Breakers are artificial villains in Earth-1010. They are made by converting living people. If they refuse the conversion, the subject's mind can be removed or suppressed in the process (effectively killing them).


Every Time Breaker has a unique appearance, with their armour designed to suit their physical form. Their natural bodies are physically corrupted, with darker skin.

Every Time Breaker so far wears a large purple metal chest piece of armour. It has dark black etchings in, with a blue diamond shape in the centre on the front. In the middle of the blue diamond is a smaller violet metal diamond.


The original Time Breaker technology dates back to the Heaven Wars over 12'000 years ago. They were weapons created by the Chronosapiens, however they only saw limited use in the field prior to the end of the Chronosapiens' involvement in the wars. The Time Breaker technology was forbidden and locked away in the vaults deep inside the Crucible.

Recently, the Time Breaker Technology was stolen by Timekiller - who seeks to use Time Breakers to wage his own Time War.

Known Time Breakers


Ben 10: Reboot Revolution

Ben 10: Road Trip




  • The name 'Time Breaker' is taken directly from the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series. These Time Breakers are also mind-controlled, but share little other resemblance.
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