Tigris is an Apploplexian from Spheron's Atmos-Pelarota.

Prior to the Events of Ben 10: Ultimate Omnitrix 2

Before that, Tigris was an assasin like ninja but his popularity decreased when, he helped the righteous and good which made the task-givers very angry. Later, he wandered about in space stealing food and money. Later, he stumbled into Spheron's ship. He stole food but caught red-handed by Sagesse who asked him what was going on. Tigris apologized and asked what ship it is. Sagesse told him that it is the ship which is saving worlds. Tigris wanted to join them. Spheron didin't trust him but later he finally trusted him.

Ultimate Omnitrix 2

Tigris appeared in "It's elementally controlled My Dear Gwen" but he made no dialogue just roars and grunts.Tigris may appear in Revenge of Zs'Skayr.

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