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Tiger Rage is a follow up on the BTFF Cinematic Universe . It is a sequel, or a similar movie to it's brother and sister movies: The Black KnightThe Hunter, and Energy Revolt. The movie was created by Cartoon44, and the opening of the movie was written by him as well, with the rest of the movie being written by Paperluigi ttyd and Sci100, both of whom co-produced the film and the later of whom co-directed it with Cartoon44. The film was released on July 14, 2013. As of August 6th, 2013 - Tiger Rage was voted the Best Fanon Movie on the Wiki in the Omniverse Awards!



Ryan Reckno sat at his main office. He had head phones on, with a speaker attatched to his laptop on his desk. He had dark black hair, a jet black jacket, blue jeans and white shoes.

"Yes. The shipment will arrive to Counterkelly lane, south mainstreet of Undertown. Got it." Ryan said.

"Yes, yes. I know. It's being manufactured and-alright, i'll put you on the line with Dr. Langstrum. Hold for one second."

Ryan pressed a switch on his headphones, and spoke into his speaker.

"Hello, a customer is on the line. I'm putting you right to him." Ryan stated.

Later, Ryan sat in a large blue room with his shoes off, and jacket revealing a light blue jersey. A sensei held up a pile of brick boards. He kicked a hole through them.

"AGAIN!" The sensei yelled. He held up more brick boards.

Ryan kicked a hole through them with his right foot.

"AGAIN!" The sensei yelled. Ryan kicked once more.

An hour sooner, he was sitting in the living room of a psychatrist's home, Dr. Oscar Maer. Ryan mediated on the carpet, as Dr. Maer was asking him mental questions with a checkboard to write on.

"You have learned to control your emotions. How do you work to release your stress?" Dr. Maer asked.

Ryan, with his legs crossed breathed in and breathed out. He looked to the psychiatrist expert, and simply stated, "I merely don't. I'm always thinking of something to avoid that."

"You don't release stress, Reckno? What would happen if a moment of confusion and unsettlement rolled into your life?" Maer wondered.

"I block all thoughts of anger out of my head. I simply try to get to the happiest stage I can."

"You do realize all humans go through stress, Mr. Reckno. There will be a time when you release your anger."

"And when I do, the S.W.A.T team will have found me by then. For now, I'm trying my hardest to prevent situations like that." Ryan replied.

Oscar bit his lip, and tapped his foot on the soft yellow floor.

"Has Aprion and his team found any trace of your location?"

Ryan's eyes lit up orange. He breathed in and out, and they slowly formed back to it's normal color of blue.

"No. They haven't. I'm hoping to keep it that way." Ryan told the psychatrist, holding in his anger at the thought of the self concerned army leader Daniel Aprion.

"Mr. Reckno, your life seems to be fitting into a subject of hiding. I hope you learn one day, that no one gets away with hiding, Ryan. Everyone at a time gets caught. A snail must move out of it's shell. A snake must move out of it's skin. Do you get my point, Ryan?"

"Perfectly, doctor."

"Good. At a time, you will transform into the mortal beast that hides within. And at that time, you will learn it is part of your human nature. You must learn to control it, in a way learning to use it to your advantage." Doctor Maer suggested.

Ryan, laying flat on his yoga board stretched out his legs. He cocked his head to the left, and closed his eyes.

"I don't want to learn to control it. I want to learn how to get rid of it." Ryan mentioned.

"What if there is no way to get rid of it?" The doctor asked.

Ryan closed his eyes, and clenched his fists together.

"There's always a way to get rid of me," Ryan spoke in pain.

Dr. Maer wrote down some notes on his checkboard.

"Suicidal, as you must know, comes at a very dangerous cost. If you think of dying, you will have to think of the people who relate to you first."

Ryan did not respond this time. He instead did a hand stand, breathed in and out, and released his left hand.

"Holding stress can come at a cost, Ryan."

"And so can releasing it. Atleast for me." Ryan said.

He leaped up in the air, and sat back down on his legs.

"How's your social life?" Dr. Maer asked.

To think of it, Ryan did not have much of a social life. He lived on his own, in a house right in the middle of Cairo, Africa. He rarely spoke to his parents, his best friend lived in America, and the love of his life moved away as soon as Ryan told her to because of the danger of him becoming the beast inside of him that he hoped he would never become again.

"Just fine, thank you. Yours?" Ryan asked, turning the tables to the psychologist.

"Not important.." Dr. Maer said, scratching his head.

Dr. Maer's watch started beeping.

"The time session has ended, Dr. Reckno. You best be off."

"Very well." Ryan said. He stood up, and grabbed his buisness duffle bag.

"Thank you, Dr. Maer. Pleasure."

"As same to you, Dr. Reckno. Do not forget what I told you, Ryan. You may be able to hold the stress in at this sort of time-"

Ryan zipped up his bag.

"I'll release it later, yeah, yeah. Got it."

Dr. Reckno grunted. "Out you go."

The night was quiet. Not a single noise. Ryan Reckno opened the door to his house quietly, and entered his kitchen, where not a single light was lit. He put his bag on the counter, and took off his blue baseball cap. He walked up the cotton white stairs, into his room where he layed down on his bed. He took out a flashdrive, took the laptop sitting on the desk next to his king sized bed, and plugged it in to his PC. It turned on. He clicked on Skype, and called his girlfriend, Heather Codiler.

"Hey Heather." Ryan whispered, trying not to disturb the neighbors across the street with all his windows open.

Heather appeared on Ryan's computer screen, in a night gown.

"Hey. How'd it go with Dr. Maer?" Heather asked, brushing her long streak of black hair to the side.

"As usual." Ryan said.

"Did you work anything out?" Heather asked.

Ryan took off his hoodie to reveal a long black T-shirt.

"All I understood was him blabbering on about keeping calm," Ryan stated.

Heather yawned, "This is no joke, Ryan. This is serious."

Ryan took off his shoes and threw them in his closet.

"I know it is. It's been serious for more than 2 months." Ryan replied.

"But you seem to be misunderstanding the concept."

"I've got everything under control."

"If it was, I wouldn't have had to move to America, Ryan."

Ryan sighed, "I meant i've got everything under control in my life not mentioning the gamma ray part."

Heather yawned again.

"Was there anything else you discussed?" Heather asked.

"Not really. The guy never changes topic!" Ryan told Heather.

"Good old Dr. Maer."

Ryan scrolled down to the website page, but still had an eye on Heather's video cam on the top of the page.

"Crap, i've got 5 % of battery left on my PC." Ryan said.

"Be right back, okay?" Ryan asked.

Ryan went into the bathroom to brush. He grabbed the toothpaste, and splattered it all over the mirror. Ryan wiped it off, and put some more toothpaste on the toothbrush. He brushed his teeth, gargled, and spat the toothpaste out. Ryan went back inside his room and shut the door.


"Oh...while you were away....I forgot to tell you something." Heather said, with a deep voice.

"What? What is it?"

"They're looking for you...the-"

The computer turned static.

"They've restarted their search-

The static started again.


"Heather?! Heather? I'm on low battery! Heather!"

The computer shut off. Ryan closed it, and put it on his desk. He climbed under his blankets.

Who is looking for me?'

'What was she talking about?' Ryan thought inside his head.

Ryan fell asleep. He slowly drifted off into sleeping.

Ryan rolled into his morning slippers. He got up and leaped down the stairs. Though of his bad night, he felt more alive then ever. He put on his bathrobe, and got himself some breakfast. He had eggs and bacon, with a side of home fries. He picked up the fork, and began eating. He took the newspaper that he put to the side, and started reading. He looked at the first column.


By Stew Jones

Latest resources say that Ryan Reckno, a mysterious theif from the dark parts of Russia has been identified as in stealing various technologies that belong to the government for unknown projects. There is no legitament reason of why this man had had a sudden intrest in technologies such as gamma radiation bombs, or Exanium Methane tubes. There has been an award for this man, starting at $ 5,000. As the weeks progress, the price will increase as they deepen their search.

Ryan lets out a deep breathe, trying to remain calm just as the doctor ordered.

Then there was a knock on the door.

"We know you're in there."

Ryan's eyes widen. His heart rate begins to increase. An FBI agent kicks down the door.

"Your under arrest Mr. Reckno."

Two agents burst into the room and aim machine guns at Ryan.

"Please don't. You'll only cause a scene," said Ryan.

He didn't want another scene. Not after the last time.

"Put your hands in the air."

Ryan follows their orders. One agent puts handcuffs on Ryan and then forcefully begins to push him out of the house. He tries to slow down but the agent pushes the butt of his gun against Ryan's back.

"Please. Don't anger me," worried Ryan. "You'll only cause a scene."

"Then get moving!"

The soldier bashes his gun into Ryan's back. Ryan stumbles forward and then trips and falls on the ground. He closes his eyes, and when he reopens them, they have turned orange. He suddenly grows into his beast form and then stands up. He roars at the agents, who begin to fire their machine guns at him. More agents in helicopters overhead begin to fire at Ryan as he knocks the two original agents over.

He roars and then looks at a chopper, but an electric net comes down at him and electrocutes him, knocking him to the ground. From his point of view, his eyes slowly close and reopen, until they finally close permanently...


[The camera cuts to Ryan Reckno and Mikhail Brovost standing next to each other at their lab in Northern Russia.]

[Ryan]: Your lucky, Brovost. I was supposed to be on vacation by now, back home with Heather in Cairo... Instead I decided to come here and work on our projects...

[Brovost]: Yeah, boy am I lucky as you say... Our research was about to be put back several weeks...

[Ryan]: Oh, I doubt it... You could have handled on your own...

[Brovost]: You think so?

[Ryan]: Of course... Have I ever told you that you're the reason I got into the alien research field...

[Brovost]: Countless times... Just as many times as I've warned you about the dangers of the field... Both the risk of death on job, and the risk of the government finding our secret lab out here in the Siberian tundra.

[Ryan]: Hah, those are some of the best days... It's usually when we accidentally blow ourselves up...

[Brovost]: Ha, nonetheless you've advanced my research tenfold... Without you, I wouldn't have been able to do half the stuff we've done together... Appoplexians... A truly amazing race to study... They're so similar to tigers... If only we ever found a living one...

[Ryan]: Yeah, that'd be the day...

[Brovost]: Now, you should really be on your way home...

[Ryan]: No, I can stay a bit more...

[Brovost]: Don't push yourself friend...You were supposed to fly back to Cairo last night... I can't have you here any longer away from your home...

[Ryan]: Right, see you Dr. Brovost.

[Brovost]: Same to you, Ryan...

[Ryan grabs his jacket and then heads out of the job. He presses a button on his car remote and unlocks his car. He gets in and then drives off. The Siberian tundra can be seen for the first time: a practically all white wasteland with dark clouds overhead and snow literally everywhere. The car drives down a lone road and into the distance.]






Part One: Unleashed

13 days left

[The camera cuts to Cairo the next morning. The car pulls up to Ryan's house. He gets out and clicks the lock using his remote. He walks towards his house and then opens the door. He is greeted by Heather Codiler.]

[Heather]: Well you're surely late...

[Ryan]: I know, but we needed one more day to finish analyzing the latest samples... The illegal trades we've had to make to get that stuff...

[Heather]: Ah, remember what you're not supposed to talk about when you're here...

[Ryan]: My job, I know...

[He sets his things down on the counter and then walks backwards into the living room as Heather follows him.]

[Heather]: I'm just glad to have you back...

[Ryan]: Yeah... 10 days... Just you and me... No lab... No Brovost... And no Appoplexians...

[Heather]: So... Where do we start?

[The next scene is a montage of different activities that they do in the next few days, set to the song Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head . The scene shows Ryan and Heather playing golf at a golf course, swimming at a pool, watching a baseball game, dancing at a club, and then finally driving back home after leaving the club. The camera cuts stay with the car as it drives down the road.]

10 days left

[Ryan]: Oh, that was great!

[Heather]: We should do that more often...

[Ryan]: Well maybe we can go back tomorrow... I still have 6 days of vacation left...

[Heather]: Yeah, maybe we could...

[The car pulls up to a stoplight. Ryan smiles at Heather and she smiles back. They lean in to kiss each other, but the light turns green and the car behind them beeps. They break away and Ryan continues to drive. Heather laughs it off.]

[Heather]: Why do you have to work in Russia?

[Ryan]: It's convenient there... Russia is far away, especially Siberia, from any real civilization... No one will discover us out there...

[Heather]: It's just... We spend weeks at a time without seeing each other...

[Ryan]: We skype every night...

[Heather]: But we don't see each other in person... I wish we could do that more often...

[Ryan]: You know that I love you, but I love my work, too... I can't give either of them up...

[Heather]: Well, I'll try and enjoy the next few days as best as I can then, won't I?

[Ryan]: Yeah, I'll enjoy them, too...

[He pulls the car into the driveway of his house. Now that they are alone, they lean in and kiss each other on the lips briefly. They get out of the car and then walk into the house. They sit down next to each other on the house and notice that they left the television on. It is covering the national news.]

[Reporter]: And now to our top story... The FSB are reporting tonight that a scientist was killed en route back to his house in Northern Russia. Police say that Dr. Mikhail Brovost was heading home after work when--

[Ryan, furious]: NO!

[Heather]: LISTEN!

[Reporter]: --flipping his car and killing him instantly, an autopsy revealed. Police say whatever attacked him may or may not have left tracks in the snow, and if it did they were covered by fallen snow. Police say they have already begun an investigation into the incident and will report more information when they have it.

[Heather mutes the television.]

[Ryan]: NO!

[Heather]: Ryan, you're lucky, that could have been you...

[Ryan]: I have to go...

[Heather]: You can't... They'll catch you...

[Ryan]: And they'll find the lab if I don't... And then what? I'd rather go down fighting then go down having been beaten before I started playing...

[Heather hugs him.]

[Heather]: I guess I can't stop you... But be careful...

[She sheds a single tear as Ryan walks off towards his car. He drives off as the camera cuts to his arriving at his lab the next morning. It is surreal; everything is quiet and nothing is moving. The snow has even stopped.]

9 days left

[Ryan]: For once it's... quiet...

[He opens the door to the lab and looks inside before walking all the way inside and closing the door behind him.]

[Ryan]: Brovost must have, I don't know... Knew this was going to happen... It's never this quiet around here... He always forgets to turn something off...

[He walks past a counter and then stops in place and turns back towards the computer. The computer has been left on with a movie file open.]

[Ryan]: Huh, he did leave something on...

[Ryan sits down at the counter and then plays the movie file. It is a recording of Brovost.]

[Brovost]: Dear Ryan. I know you are the only one who will ever find this, so it is safe to say that I can address it to you. I am recording this the day after you left on your latest vacation, and I have a confession to make. In the past few weeks, the DNA samples I have given you to analyze were merely to distract you from the larger project I was working on... In the time between we discovered the dead Appoplexian in the wilderness and about two weeks ago, I successfully brought the creature back to life; however, a few days ago, it broke out into the Siberian tundra... I'm afraid I have created a monster, and I am truly sorry for what I am putting you through... If I am standing by you when you watch this, then please do not kill me, but if I am not, then it will already be too late. Thank you.

[The video ends. Ryan is left shocked at the counter. He drops off the chair and to his knees.]

[Ryan, angry]: Why Brovost... Why didn't you tell me?

[There is a loud pounding sound at the door.]

[Ryan]: Oh no, the beast... It's here...

[He gets off of his feet and then grabs his jacket from the counter across from the one he was sitting at. He turns off the computer and then runs towards the back section of the base.]

[Ryan]: Hopefully I can sneak out the back...

[He runs towards the back of the lab, but the creature crashes through a hallway and then knocks into the other wall. He turns in the opposite direction as Ryan tries to back up, but the creature then turns towards Ryan and growls.]

[Ryan]: Just my luck...

[He turns around and begins to run away from the creature. It knocks through vials and test tubes and computers on the counters of the lab room. Ryan jumps a counter and then runs down another hallway.]

[Ryan]: Weapons room here I come...

[He continues to run down the hallway as the creature, which is the Appoplexian, continues to chase after him. Ryan turns a corner and then rushes into a room just as the Appoplexian turns the corner. It slowly begins to walk down the hallway as the camera cuts inside to Ryan.]

[Ryan]: Brovost was already worried about an attack, but I said, no, that would never happen... Luckily he got a weapons room anyway...

[He grabs a specialized weapon with a dial on it and then bursts out into the hallway.]

[Ryan]: Alright big ugly, where'd you--

[The creature is not in front of him. Suddenly, it roars from behind him. Ryan grabs the dial and switches it to "electric" and then sends an electricity blast at the Appoplexian, knocking him back into the wall. He blasts more electricity at the alien until he thinks he has defeated it.]

[Ryan]: That was easy...

[The alien rushes up and then punches Ryan and knocks him back onto the floor. The gun is knocked out of his hand. The dial is shown switching; it lands on "gamma." The alien runs at Ryan and kicks him in the back, making him slide off the floor. He slowly gets up and then avoids a punch from the creature. The creature doubles back with his other hand and knocks Ryan through the wall into the next room. He moans, but the creature is relentless. He punches through the wall and and then begins to approach Ryan, but he grabs up and is able to dive out of the way of being tackled by the alien.]

[Ryan]: Wha- Where'd my g-gun go?

[He stumbles into the hallway and then sees the alien run into the hallway just behind him. He sees the gun at the end of the hallway and then runs after it. The alien charges behind him, but Ryan dives from the gun and then quickly turns around and blast a green wave of energy at the beast out of the gun. The energy wave hits the beast and knocks it onto the ground as it disperses around the area. Ryan stands up in victory as the alien lies on the ground dying.]

[Ryan, short of breath]: I did it... I won...

[He looks at a large scratch on his arm.]

[Ryan]: Just a scratch...

[Suddenly, the scratch begins to puff up orange.]

[Ryan, worried]: That's not a scratch...

[Suddenly he begins to feel woozy. He drops to his knees and then gun slides away from him.]

[Ryan]: That should happen from just a scratch... Why--

[His eyes widen.]

[Ryan]: No...

[He weakly crawls towards the gun as he fades to unconsciousness. He gets to the gun and notices that it is on the "gamma" setting.]

[Ryan]: No...

[The camera cuts to Ryan's point of view. The camera goes in and out until he finally fades to unconsciousness. The camera cuts to Ryan waking up, the camera still in his point of view. He slowly gets up and then looks forward.]

[Ryan]: What happened?

[He pauses.]

[Ryan]: My voice? It's different...

[He looks down at his chest, which has been turned into that of an Appoplexian. His clothes have been ripped off except for the black shorts that he is still wearing. He looks at his arms then his legs.]

[Ryan]: No!

[He punches a wall.]

[Ryan]: How did this happen?

[He cringes over in anger.]

[Ryan, angry]: HOW?

[He turns around and roars. He crashes through the wall and then runs through the base until he breaks out of it and arrives in the tundra. He continues to run until he eventually changes to running on hours, which allows him to go at speeds of several miles an hour. The camera cuts a couple hours later. Ryan has arrived at a large town in Southern Russia. He is still far enough away from the town that no one has noticed him. He lets out a roar and then charges towards the village.]

[Man #1]: LOOK!

[Ryan comes charging down the street. He flips a car and then runs over to a lightpost and picks it up. He spins it around and then throws it into a building. He smiles and roars as he continues his rampage.]

[Man #2]: CALL THE KGB!

[The camera cuts to a FSB headquarters. A phone rings and the director answers it.]

[Director]: Yes? Alien tiger? Related to the killing of--

[Suddenly the line goes to static.]

[FSB officer]: Sir, the line was hacked...

[Director]: WELL GET IT BACK!

[The camera cuts to an FBI headquarters in the United States. Director Daniel Aprion is holding a phone connected to a mysterious device.]

[Daniel, to another agent]: Thanks...

[He puts the phone up to his hear.]

[Daniel]: Listen here... This is the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States of America... We're on our way...

[He hangs up the phone.]

[Daniel]: You know you don't have to be so secretive?

[Agent]: I know Mr. Aprion, but I'm not part of your division anymore...

[The agent steps into the light and is revealed to be Chris Phillips.]

[Daniel]: Oh that's right... The FLA...

[Chris]: Yes, and Shane doesn't appreciate the FBI's latest up-taking into this alien situation... We've already handled two alien situations why not us handle a third...?

[Daniel]: Please do, I appreciate all the help I can get...

[Chris]: I'll relay that to Shane...

[Daniel]: Thank you Chris, now I must be off to Southern Russia.

[Chris nods his head and turns around. He walks down the hallway and then stops in at a science lab briefly.]

[Scientist]: You may not want to be here right now... We just discovered that the specimen is alive... It could wake at any moment... I'd suggest sending it to M16

[Chris]: I'll relay that to Shane...

[He continues to walk down the hallway until he reaches a hanger. He approaches Shane Leon, the director of the FLA.]

[Chris]: Sir?

[Shane]: Yes, Chris?

[Chris]: Sir, we've found that Project V is still alive like Drake. We're sending him over to our international base in the UK.

[Shane]: You're sending him over to M16?

[Chris]: Yes sir.

[Shane]: Keep him safe. If that east is really what it is... then we may all be at risk.

[Chris]: I have another report sir. There’s been ... a giant humanoid tiger sighting near Southern Russia. They say... its an alien.

[Shane turns around and nods.]

[Shane]: Let's get ready.

[The camera cuts back to Ryan on his rampage. He charges into a building and then knocks the wall down of it. Two local police men fire their guns at him, but the bullets don't even pierce his skin; they simply stop once they hit it and then fall to the ground as he moves towards them. He knocks one over and then picks the other one up and throws him into the wall. The camera cuts to two helicopters flying into the town. Two people in each helicopter fire their machine guns at Ryan. While their bullets don't hurt him, they prevent him from continuing his rampage. One soldier tosses an electric device from a helicopter that attaches to Ryan and electrocutes him, making him fall over. He slowly loses consciousness from his point of view as Daniel Aprion steps over him. The camera cuts to Daniel sitting next to Ryan as he recovers in a hospital bed the next morning. He is unconscious. Shane can be seen watching from outside the room as the camera cuts back inside and Ryan suddenly wakes.]

Part Two: Contained

8 days left


[His breathing begins to slow as he looks as Daniel Aprion sitting next to him.]

[Ryan, annoyed]: You...

[Daniel]: Hello Ryan... Long time no see...

[Ryan]: Actually, that's true...

[Daniel]: Hmm?

[Ryan]: Nevermind that... Why are you here?

[Daniel]: I'm here because I was assigned to this mission... But I'd much rather like to talk about why you're here...

[Ryan]: I'm here because I was somehow turned into a mutated tiger rage monster...

[Daniel]: Tiger is right... Rage is right... Mutated I'm not so sure... You see, I've suspected you of studying aliens with Dr. Brovost for years... After he was killed, it would only make sense that you would go to investigate, which I why I put myself on the mission...

[He slams his fist on the table next to the bed.]

[Daniel]: How'd you turn into a tiger rage monster?

[Ryan]: The truth is I don't know, but I'd really like to...

[Daniel]: So would I, now TELL ME!

[Ryan]: I don't know!

[Daniel]: I don't believe you...

[Ryan, angry]: I DON'T KNOW!

[He leans up in his bed when he says this, which seams to anger Shane. He opens the door and both men turn and look at him.]

[Daniel, acknowledging his presence]: Shane...

[Shane, pointing to Daniel]: You, out...

[Daniel]: But--

[Shane]: Out...

[He turns to Ryan.]

[Shane]: As for you...

[Daniel exits the room. Chris walks past him as Daniel walks towards the lobby of the hospital.]

[Chris]: Where are you going?

[Daniel, suspiciously]: North...

[The camera cuts to Ryan's hospital room.]

[Shane]: Just calm down, Ryan. Please explain everything from the start if you could...

[Ryan]: I told Daniel and I'll tell you... I just plain don't know...

[Shane leans in close to him.]

[Shane, sincerely]: Okay look, this is confidential information, but you may have heard about recent alien events... The crashing of an alien probe in the Ural Mountains... An alien drug trafficker in Everson City... We're the guys who clean this stuff up, and we'd like to help clean you up, too...

[Ryan]: How? Daniel won't agree...

[Shane]: We've got Daniel under control...

[Ryan]: He still won't...

[Shane]: Don't worry about it... Listen, the man who crashed in that probe is named Drake... He's joined a team we've been forming... We haven't reached out to Tyler yet but in time we will...

[Ryan]: You want me to join your team? No, I don't think I'd be a good fit...

[Shane]: We'l like to push towards that idea... First we'd like you to start a new life... We'll figure out what happened...

[Ryan]: Look, I know the truth... I was holding out until I knew more about who you were...

[Shane manages to crack a smile.]

[Ryan]: The creature that killed Dr. Brovost was actually an Appoplexian that he had brought back to life... It attacked me when I went to the base, but I think I killed it using a weapon that was accidentally set to its gamma setting... It had scratched me, and the radiation somehow mutated me into that beast... I think it's released when I'm angry...

[Shane]: Then head home... Control you anger Mr Williams...

[Ryan]: What?

[Shane]: Just to be safe, your new name is Mr. Blake Williams.

[Ryan]: Eh, I'll get to used to it...

[Shane]: Nice to meet you Mr. Williams... Leon, Shane Leon...

[They shake hands as the camera cuts to Aprion arriving at the base in Northern Russia a few hours later. He steps out of the car and then begins to walk towards the base. Another agent is walking next to him.]

[Agent]: Are you sure it's safe here?

[Daniel]: It's safe enough... This is Brovost and Reckno's lab we're talking about...

[Agent]: But sir...

[Daniel]: Quiet...

[They enter the base through a ripped out portion of the wall.]

[Daniel]: Find the main lab and take everything...

[The agent nods his head and walks off as Daniel walks forward towards the dead Appoplexian. Suddenly, his phone rings.]

[Daniel]: I'm working...

[Voice]: I just received my shipment...

[Daniel grins.]

[Daniel]: Excellent... When I get home from this mission I'll check over it...

[Voice]: Okay, I'll keep it safe until then...

[He hangs up as Daniel walks forward and sees the dead Appoplexian. He bends down next to it and places his hand over a large scar on the beast's chest.]

[Daniel]: Interesting...

[Suddenly, orange lines begin to grow up his hands. His moves his hand away as the orange lines disappear into his body.]

[Daniel, worried]: It was nothing...

[He rolls his sleeve down his arm and puts his arm into his pocket. He rounds the corner as another agent walks up to him.]

[Agent]: Sir...

[Daniel]: Yes...

[Agent]: Sir, the KGB is on the line...

[Daniel]: I'm not available...

[The agent nods his head. As Daniel continues to walk, he checks his arm. It is now swollen orange to the point where it cannot fit in his sleeve anymore. He grunts.]

[Daniel]: It's nothing...

[He starts to breathe heavily and then he begins to slow down.]

[Daniel]: It's... nu-nuth-nothin'

[He spins for a moment and then collapses on the ground. The camera zooms out and then cuts to Ryan, aka Blake, arriving back in Cairo the next morning.]

7 days left

[Heather hugs him.]

[Heather]: I'm so glad your okay... There were reports of a giant tiger rampage south of the lab...

[Ryan]: There was... The FSB took care of it though...

[He smiles and looks into her eyes. She smiles back and then holds his hand in hers.]

[Heather]: So now what? Was your lab okay?

[Ryan]: It was fine, but I'm taking a leave of absence... After what happened to Brovost I need some time to think...

[He sits down on the couch. She sits down next to him.]

[Heather]: And some more time to spend with me?

[Ryan]: I'm tired, Heather...

[Heather]: Ryan, look at me...

[Ryan looks Heather into the eyes, this time with a frown on his face.]

[Heather]: Is something wrong...

[Ryan]: I have to tell you, don't I?

[Heather, worried]: Tell me what?

[Ryan looks into her face.]

[Ryan]: When I said that my lab was okay... I was lying... When I was there I was attacked by an Appoplexian... I somehow mutated and turned into the tiger that went on a rampage... I don't remember the rest, but I have to hide... I have a new identity... Blake Williams... I'm a completely new person... And whatever I do I have to try and remain calm for the rest of my live...

[Heather looks devastated.]

[Heather]: Ryan, to me, you're still you, and I love you... I love you for who you are, and as cliche as that sounds, it's true... You'll never be another person to me...

[Ryan seems to calm down. He looks at Heather and they both smile. He leans in a kisses her briefly.]

[Heather]: But I have to know... What do you plan on doing...

[Ryan]: I don't know what I'll do for a living, but you can count on me to find a cure...

[Heather]: I was worried you would say that...

[Ryan]: Why?

[Heather]: Because I doubt that there is one... You have to learn to control it...

[Ryan]: I'll learn... Don't you worry...

[The camera cuts to that night. Ryan is sitting at the edge of his bed. Heather is sitting next to him. Ryan is drenched in sweat and he looks very weak. He leans back on the bed and Heather lays next to him. She holds his hand in hers again. Ryan can be heard breathing heavily.]

[Heather]: Are you sure you're okay?

[Ryan]: I... AH!

[He drops to his knees. Heather leans forward and looks at his face. It has begun to turn orange. Heather grabs his hand.]

[Heather]: Ryan, calm down...

[Ryan, mid-transformation]: Agh, get away...

[Heather]: Remain calm... We'll get through this...

[Ryan, angry]: NO, GO AWAY...

[He pushes her back and sees her fall onto her back. He is almost finished with the transformation when he suddenly stops and shrinks back to human size as he notices Heather on the floor. He lies near her and looks at her face.]

[Ryan]: Sorry...

[Now Heather is breathing heavily and sweating heavily, too.]

[Ryan]: Heather? Are you okay?

[Heather]: I'm fine...

[Ryan sees that Heather is not really fine.]

[Ryan]: I'm sorry about this Heather... But I think I should leave...

[Heather]: No, I'll leave...

[Ryan]: What?

[Heather]: I can go to America and stay with my brother... You don't have any family... Besides, you're more likely to be seen by someone in a country that has freedom of the press...

[Ryan]: Right... I'll miss you though...

[Heather]: And I'll miss you...

[Ryan]: How much longer will you be here...?

[Heather]: I bet I can get on a flight in the morning...

[Ryan]: Well then you better start packing...

[Heather]: I can pack in the morning...

[She stands up and helps Ryan up, only to push him onto the bed. She lies down on top of him and looks at him in the face.]

[Heather]: I really will miss you...

[Ryan]: So let's enjoy the last few hours?

[Heather]: Yeah, let's...

[She kisses him on the lips for an extended moment, and she is still doing so as the camera cuts to the airport the next morning.]

6 days left

[Ryan is standing near the back of the building at an airport. Heather boards an airplane in the distance. Meanwhile, Chris Phillips appears next to Ryan.]

[Chris]: Mr. Williams...

[Ryan turns and sees Chris.]

[Ryan]: Ah, don't sneak up on me...

[Chris]: Mr. Williams we're here to ask you some questions...

[Ryan]: Oh, of course...

[Chris]: We believe Aprion may have gone to your lab...

[Ryan]: Isn't that the point of hiding me...

[Chris]: Yes, but we thought we'd inform you on our investigation... We've been keeping Aprion on watch for months... We were wondering what your history was with him...

[Ryan]: Childhood friends, rivals actually... We hate each other... It can't be anything simpler than that...

[Chris]: Thank you Mr. Williams... We'll be sending one of our agents to your house shortly to meet with you...

[Ryan turns around and sees Heather's plane take off.]

[Ryan]: Another agent?

[He turns around but Chris is gone.]

[Ryan, annoyed]: I don't like that guy very much...

[The camera cuts to an FBI base in the United States. An agent walks up to an important looking figure.]

[Agent]: General Case, Director Aprion... He went looking for the lab and it cost him his life...

[Case]: I've already been informed of the President's decision to appoint me to director... We're not going after any base, but we are going after Dr. Reckno...

[He tosses a file on the desk.]

[Case]: I'll find him, and then I'll expose the FLA for treason if it's the last thing I do...

[Agent]: But Sir, you do realize who is in charge of the FLA?

[Case]: Yes, and if you ever question me like that again, you'll be driving trucks in Queens trying to make the little money you can. 

[Agent]: Sorry sir. What is your next move?

[Case]: Reckno. Let the Hunt for the Beast begin. 

5 Days Left

[Ryan is on his PC looking at files about mutations, cures, and other infomation.]

[Ryan]: Changes in DNA caused by mutation can cause errors in protein sequence, creating partially or completely non-functional proteins. Each cell, in order to function correctly, depends on thousands of proteins to function in the right places at the right times. When a mutation alters a protein that plays a critical role in the body, a medical condition can result. A condition caused by mutations in one or more genes is called a genetic disorder...

[It cuts to Ryan walking into an office and meets with a Manager wearing headphones. ] 

[Ryan]: I'd like a job.

[Manager]: You speak English. Can you use a computer?

[Ryan]: Yes. 

[Manager]: Hired. Start working tommorow. Now get out. I want to listen to my soap opera. 

[It then cuts to Ryan walking up to a Sensei.]

[Sensei]: Yōkoso, tafuna 1. Welcome, tough one. My name is Sensei. Why have you seeked me out?

[Ryan]: I need to get some energy out. I ne``ed to get stronger. But without getting me... angry. 

[Sensei]: I will not be easy on you. I am tough with my students. 

[Ryan]: Fine, whatever. 

[Sensei]: Let me see what you have... 

[Sensei lifts up a brick board and Ryan kicks a hole in them. ] 

[Sensei]: Now, again. 

[Sensei and Ryan repeat the same motions.]

[Sensei]: AGAIN!

4 Days Left

[It returns to Ryan on his PC with him starting to grow a beard. ] 

[Ryan]: 2 Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2*3H2O... no no no. Ugh. Why can't I figu-

[Ryan starts to transform, his face becoming orange. He starts bashing around his room till he looks at a photo near his bed. The photo is of Heather. He stares at it, in mid-transformation for what seems like an hour, before calming down and going back to normal. ] 

[Ryan, breathing hard]: I... I need a cure... I need help. 

3 Days Left

[In an FLA base, Shane and Chris walk up to each other.] 

[Chris]: Sir, we have a message. 

[Shane]: Not now. There are other things to attend to. 

[Chris]: Sir, its from the President of the United States. He's ordered you on Air Force One at Las Vegas on the trip towards Washington D.C.

[Shane relents, and gets off of the chair, and towards the door. It cuts to him at the airport walking towards Air Force One with a suitcase in one hand. It takes off into the air before cutting towards Shane walking towards General Case. ] 

[Shane]: Case. 

[Case]: Leon. 

[Shane sits down next to him before viewing the President, sitting down facing towards them. ] 

[President]: Now. General Case believes you have commited treason againest our great nation and the world. 

[Case]: HE'S GUILTIY I TELL YOU! Guilty!

[President]: Now calm Case. 

[Shane]: And how have I commited treason?

[Case]: You know how. Covering up spy missions. Making people disappear. You're all mad!

[President]: Case believes the FLA is more cared about its own agendas concerning thy uh... extraterrestrial matters. 

[Shane]: I fought we settled this when the FLA was formed, Case. The FLA deals with matters that the governments of Earth can't handle, for example extraterrestrial matters. 

[Case]: You rampaged into the Oval Office seeking permission to enter Russia in an undercover mission to get that humanoid thing that hit Russia in Februrary. You met with the MI6 Agent that fought againest the alien terrorist group CHAOS, and you did what? NOTHING! Nothing about the Everson City Incident. You've been monitoring whoever the Hunter is for months now, and yet you haven't brought him in. He is a criminal! He should be arrested for his crimes. Just like Reckno. 

[Shane]: First of all, I went into the Oval Office getting permission, and then went to the Sect. General. Drake Daniels is of no concern for the Federal Bureau. In fact, the FBI should not be even on Reckno's case. It should be the FLA, after all he does transform into an alien beast. 

[President]: Now, Now. I've read about Ryan. He has broken Russia's laws regarding that type of research... but I still don't understand why Aprion and you, Case, feel the urge to bring the FBI into a matter that should be handled by Russia. 

[Case]: He. Is. A. Threat! A danger to us all. If he don't stop him, find him, and get him then he may kill inoccent lives. Unlike the alien known as " Drake Daniels " or the so-called hero Energy Revolt, Ryan is a dan-

[Shane]: Wait a second. How do you know about all of this? This is all classifed. 

[Case]: The FLA is still under the watch of the Federal Bureau of Investagation, the United States Government, and the United Nations. Don't think we don't know your dirty secrets, Shane. What about Dracula? Where is he? Oh wait.. MI6. Ryan needs to be stopped. He is a threat and will kill us all!

[Shane]: Wait a second Case, go back before Ryan. THAT above all other things was only to be known by the FLA, the President, MI6, and the United Nations. There is no reason the FBI should know about the Vladat. 

[Case]: Then you should also be happy to know I know about that one agent of yours. Oh and a little thing you like to call Project: End-

[Shane]: If you want to go there, Case, I'm happy to fight. 

[Case]: Bring it on, Leon. I've been waiting for twenty years! 

[President]: Enough! Shane, I have to agree. This matter has spiralled out of control. The FLA is now dealing with not only this nation, but the United Kingdom, Russia, and who knows what other country!

[Shane]: Mr. President, with all due respect... 

[President]: However until I get more evidence that the FLA is guility, you are free to go Shane Leon. But you are not to be involved with Ryan Reckno anymore. General Case, you may proceed with your investigation. I'll have a group of S.W.A.T. teams ready for you if you find him. 

[Case]: Thank you, Mr. President. 

[Shane, angry takes his suitcase and storms away to another seat on the plane while Case smiles. Shane sits down, and opens up his suitcase. Inside is a computer with 3 files on it. One of them is Project: Heroes. ]

[Shane]: Unlike you Case, I still have my faith in Project: Heroes. You think it'll be our damnation, but I believe it'll be our salvation.

[It cuts back to Ryan with Dr. Maer. ] 

2 Days Left

[Dr. Maer]: You must remember, Ryan. Fear of what will become will lead you to darkness. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. Suffering leads to... 

[Ryan, somewhat annoyed]: Is this a meeting, or are we watching Yoda speak quotes?

[Dr. Maer]: Sorry. Now, Ryan. You must control your anger. Your temper. 

[Ryan]: I know. But ... I'm trying to look for a cure... a way out of this. 

[Dr. Maer]: Prehaps love is the cure. Do you love someone? 

[Ryan]: Heather is her name. 

[Dr. Maer]: And does she love you? 

[Ryan]: More then anything. 

[Dr. Maer]: You told me you become a beast when you are angry. But yet... both times you almost transformed, you saw Heather. She calms you. 

[Ryan]: But she's gone... it won't always work. 

[Dr. Maer]: Have you talked with her?

[Ryan]: Not yet... though she does have a Skype. 

[Dr. Maer]: Doctor's orders says... talk to her. On Skype. 

[A few hours later, Ryan sits down and turns on his PC. He looks on a website, and a while later opens up a skype. He sees Heather, responding. ]

[Heather]: Oh my god! Ryan! I thought you said you'd never get one of these. 

[Ryan]: People change. 

[Heather]: Well, I'm really happy. Is everything alri-

[Ryan]: Fine, Heather. Haven't gone beast yet. 

[Heather]: That's... that's really good Ryan. 

[Ryan]: I also got a Psychologist. Dr. Maer. He's going to help. At least I think he is. I can't help but remember that he used Yoda quotes today. Hopefully he doesn't use THE FORCE tommorow. 

[Heather]: Ryan, guess what? Maer... is your father. Join him and you can rule the galaxy as father and son!

[The two laugh for a second, before looking at each other. ] 

[Heather]: I miss you. 

[Ryan]: I miss you the most. 

[Heather]: Talk to me every night now on, okay? 

[Ryan]: Okay. 

1 Day Left

[In Washington D.C., federal agents are meeting up with General Case. Case has 5 photos up. One is of Heather Collider, a second of Ryan Reckno, a third of Shane Leon, and two maps detailing a base .] 

[Case]: Tommorow... we begin a new age for America. We will capture Reckno, question his girlfriend, and prove once and for all... that the FLA has commited treason. 

[Agent]: Sir, where is Reckno?

[Case]: We've seen sightings of him near Cairo, Egypt. We'll be heading there. One of our agents has spotted him, and we think we know where he is living. 

[Agent]: Good enough for me. 

[Case]: I've never seen you before. You must be the new agent. What's your name?

[Agent]: Sir, my name is Noirpa Leinad. I lived in the Middle East for a while before I moved here. 

[Case]: Well, agent Leinad welcome to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  As I was saying... we're going to get Reckno once and for all. Now, let's get ready!

[Case and the agents exit the room, except for Leinad. He cracks a smile before getting another call. ] 

[Voice]: Another shipment. 

[Leinad]: Thank you. Keep Radio Silence for now, my friend. I have bigger fish to fry at the moment. 

[Leinad walks away, following the rest of them. It cuts to Ryan. Ryan walks into his office, and checks in. He then sits into his main office, putting headphones on with a speaker connected to his laptop. He flips a switch and starts talking. ] 

[Ryan]: Hello, welcome to the MurrTech Egyptian HQ Customer Service. How can I help you? 

[A few hours later, Ryan is still talking to the speaker. ] 

[Ryan]: Yes. The shipment will arrive to Counterkelly lane, south mainstreet of Undertown. Got it. It will be there in 1-3 Business Days. Can I help you with anything else? No sir, I do not know where the nearest McDonald's is. Thank you for calling. 

[Even later, Ryan is eating a sandwhich before he starts talking to the speaker. ] 

[Ryan]: Yes, yes. I know. It's being manufactured and-alright, i'll put you on the line with Dr. Langstrum. Hold for one second.

[Ryan pressed a switch on his headphones, and spoke into his speaker.]

[Ryan]: Hello, a customer is on the line. I'm putting you right to him. 

[Finally, near the end of his painful shift, Ryan is now typing on his laptop. The Manager walks up behind him and shouts. ] 

[Manager]: You have 5 more minutes on your break, Ryan. Then its back on the job. 

[The Manager leaves, as Ryan resumes what he was doing. He looks at the documents on Dr. Brovost, as well as the latest attempts to cure diseases, mutations, and any papers he can find on the study of tigers. ] 

[Ryan]: There has to be a cure! There HAS TO BE A CURE!

[Ryan puts his fists on the table, when he looks at a newspaper next to him. The headline saying " 35 Year Found Dead. Confrimed to be Sucidide via Overdose." ] 

[Ryan]: Maybe... but... I need to go back to work. I can't be thinking about this right now. 

[Ryan exits everyone on his laptop and starts working again before the screen goes black. ] 

0 Days Left. 

[It cuts to military planes and helicopters entering Cairo, before cutting to a man making a newspaper about Ryan, then the FBI breaking into Ryan's home, arresting Ryan before he transforms into Tiger Rage, and an electric net is put on Tiger Rage. He falls to the ground, before in his point of view, everything becomes dark. There's a moment of silence before a man's voice is heard. ] 

[Voice]: Wake up, Reckno. 

[Ryan wakes up, no longer in his Tiger Rage form chained to two steel poles inside a stain glass cage. ]

[Ryan]: Where... am I?

[A person exits from the shadows. Its Agent Leinad. ] 

[Leinad]: You were captured by General Case's forces. The FLA will not help you now. 

[Ryan]: What.... General Case?

[Leinad]: Indeed. You know, I'm shocked you were able to hide this whole time. But it just gave me more time to go underground. Which is just what I needed. 

[Ryan]: Who... who are you? And why does General Case want to know about... a mutated... tiger rage beast thing?

[Leinad]: You don't recognize me? Of course you don't. Like I said eariler, Tiger is right... Rage is right... Mutated I'm not so sure... 

[Ryan widens his eyes in shock as he realizes the truth. ] 

[Ryan]: Daniel. You're alive. 

[Leinad grabs his face, and slowly takes off the vinyl mask, revealing his true face. Leinad becomes Daniel Aprion.]

[Daniel]: Now... what were we talking about? 

[It then cuts to Doxin city. Heather exits an apartment building, and walks toward a cab. Suddenly, two black cars drive next to the cab, and three agents walk to the cab driver. In a matter of seconds, the cab drives away without Heather. ] 

[Heather]: What the Hell!

[Two agents stand by their cars while another walks up to Heather. ] 

[Agent]: Heather Collider, my name is Agent Gerry Jerray. I work with the FLA. We're here concerning your safety, and the fate of Ryan Reckno. 

[Heather]: Ryan? What have you done to him?

[Jerray]: Nothing, but I fear the FBI already has, or will do something to him. They also want you, Heather. You know him, they think you'll know something. And if you don't, they'll use you to get what they want from Ryan. 

[Heather]: Oh my god. I told him last night that the FBI was after him. I heard it on the news. I just didn't know they also wanted me...

[Jerray]: There's a Helipad at the top of this apartment, the one you just exited. We need to go up there now. 

[Jerray and Heather run back into the building while a few miles away, two military helicopters fly towards the city. A colonel talks into a speaker. ] 

[Colonel]: Sir, do we proceed?

[Case, via speaker]: You will proceed as planned. 

[The Helicopters head towards the apartment as Heather and Jerray reach the Helipad, where the FLA helicopter is. Heather and Jerray get on the Helicopter which lifts up and flies towards Downtown Doxin City. The Military copters see the FLA copter, and the Colonel presses a button. ] 

[Colonel]: Oh no. You aren't taking her away also. 

[The Colonel shoots a small missile at the FLA copter, hitting the rear of the aircraft. Heather screams in terror as the Helicopter hits part of a skyscraper, making Jerray and Heather fall out of the aircraft onto the roof of another building, before the FLA copter hits a gas station, causing an explosion. Heather and Jerray hurry down the stairs to the street, where they see the two military helicopters. A group of Men in Black come towards them as Heather looks, scared. Jerray takes out his pistol, and aims it at them. ] 

[FBI Agent]: Agent Jerray, put the pistol down and the hands up. We only want Heather. 

[Jerray]: This is America, not Nazi Germany. The FLA has all right to keep Heather away from General Case, who the country knows has failed more then once. 

[FBI Agent]: Drop the pistol, or I shoot your hand.  [Jerray smiles when the FBI agent says this. ]

[Jerray]: If you wish. 

[Jerray drops the gun the same way he's holding it, and when it hits the ground, the gun fires and shoots the agent in the leg, knocking him ground. The other agents start running towards him, as he takes out his tazer and zaps two of them. Jerray takes his gun, and shoots two other agents in the legs, knocking them down as he runs towards one, and takes his badge. He also takes 5 machine guns from the agents. He goes over to Heather, and grabs her by the arm. ] 

[Jerray]: Let's go!

[Heather follows with him to a civilian's car, as he shows the FBI badge to the person in the car. ] 

[Jerray]: I need this car now. 

[The civiilian exits the car as Heather and Agent Jerray enter the car. The car speeds away as the FBI cars follow. Heather drives as Jerray opens the backdoor and aims a machine gun at the cars following them. ] 

[Heather]: Uh... Jerray? What are you doing?

[Jerray]: Just keep your eyes on the road. 

[He shoots at them, hitting the windshield of the first car, and hitting the tires of the second car, flipping it over and having it crash into a store on the side. ]

[Jerray]: Well that store is out of business. 

[The third car opens its sunroof and a FBI agent with a pistol appears, aiming at Jerray.]

[Jerray]: I might need more then just a gun. 

[The FBI agent starts shooting at the Heather/Jerray car, while Jerray throws away the second machine gun. He then takes out a grendade and prepares to throw it. Heather looks at her rearview mirror and sees it. ] 

[Heather]: Why the heck do you have that?

[Jerray]: Just in case. 

[He pulls the pin and throws it, only for the grendade to hit another car, parked with no one inside. ] 

[Jerray]: Dammit!

[Jerray takes the third gun and starts shooting at the third car, with 2 more FBI cars following. A military helicopter shoots at the Heather/Jerray car. Heather screams as she makes a sharp turn. Jerray misfires as the gun shoots at a cafe and other buildings, shattering the windows. Everyone inside duck down, screaming in terror as the glass flies everywhere. The car chase continues as one of the FBI agents throws his gun away and shouts. ] 

[FBI Agent]: Traitor!

[Jerray]: You FBI agents just need to shut up. 

[Jerray just throws his gun at the FBI car, while multiple bullets are being fired. A bullet from that gun hits the driver of the car in the right arm, stopping them from moving while the FBI on the sunroof shoots a bullet at the rear left tire of the Heather/Jerray car. The Car flips over, and crashes into a building. The third car keeps on driving as the guy on the sunroof falls off. As the driver looks from his wound to where he's driving, he sees a train is in front of him. He screams as he hits the train, both the train and the the car exploding, setting the nearby area on fire. The smoke reaches into the air. Agent Jerray and Heather get out of the car to see an FBI agent looking at them.]  [FBI Agent]: You FLA agents. You don't understand the term of loyalty, patriotism, and treason. I'm going to enjoy when every single FLA agent is locked up. 

[Voice]: Hey. 

[The FBI agent turns around to see Chris Phillips. ] 

[Chris]: Get your freaking ash away from them. 

[Chris takes out his tazer and shocks the FBI agent for a bit before he falls down. Chris throws the tazer away, and helps Heather up, then Agent Jerray. ] 

[Jerray]: Thanks. 

[Chris]: We should get going. We're heading to one of our bases. 

[A car appears and the three of them get in it, driving away from the scene. On the military helicopter, the Colonel talks to the speaker. ] 

[Colonel]: Sir, they got away. We have all men down. One confrimed dead. Shall we pursue?

[Case, via Speaker]: No, let them go for now. I have bigger fish to fry. A very big fish to fry. 

[The Helicopters fly away from Doxin City as General Case heads to an FLA base, Heather seeks safety, and Ryan confronts his worst enemy. Things are very dark, indeed.]

Part Three: Controlled

[There is an empty house, somewhere in America. No furnitature, no people living in it, just a tv. Only the tv is on. A news reporter speaks. ] 

[News Reporter]: Eariler today, Ryan Reckno - a mysterious theif from the dark parts of Russia was captured. He had been identified as in stealing various technologies that belong to the government for unknown projects. There is no legitament reason of why this man had had a sudden intrest in technologies such as gamma radiation bombs, or Exanium Methane tubes. However, he was now captured by the F.B.I; who got involved instead of the FSB because of Ryan's mysterious activites with Heather Collider, who was also suspected to be in possession of illegial drugs, items, and was planning a possible attack at Doxin City. She is still being investigated. Meanwhile in the news, London is still recovering from the attack by the terrorist group, CHAOS....

[The TV volume fades to nothing as the screen goes to black. ] 

[Voice]: Does it depress you? 

[It cuts to Washington D.C. A helicopter is flying above the National Mall. ] 

[Voice]: To know... how much you've failed, Leon. 

[It then shows Shane Leon in a cell with a prisioner. ] 

[Prisioner]: You know... you've tried to hide everything, but the truth is that your people... your plan. It's all a big joke. CHAOS will rule again.... oh it will. It will. You will fall. Peace will fall. Control will fall. But CHAOS, CHAOS will rise again. One day, Shane Leon. You will understand real power. 

[Shane Leon smiles, gets up, and presses the buzzer button. ] 

[Shane]: Well let me know if real power wants a magazine or something. Cause my big old mother has too many. 

[The door opens, and Shane exits the room. Shane continues to walk across the hall, before entering another. Its a kitchen. He walks up to the counter, and grabs a coffee mug with a nice hot drink in it. ] 

[Shane]: I really need to take a nap...

[Shane begins to dooze off before an explosion rocks the base. Shane gets up as an agent runs in the hall. Shane walks over to him and shouts. ] 

[Shane]: What the heck is going on?

[FLA Agent]: Sir, we don't know. It might be General Case. 

[Shane gives a scorn face, and then leaves heading towards the Arsenal. ] 

[Shane]: So help me if its him, I'm going to give that son of a beach a piece of my big ugly mind.

[Shane hurries across the hallway, making a sharp left turn to see FBI agents. ] 

[FBI Agent]: Shane Leon, freeze. Put your hands up and don't move an inch. 

[Shane quickly takes something from his pocket without them noticing, then puts it in his sleeve and raises his arms up. ] 

[Shane]: Can I give you gentlement a drink?

[They remain silent as one of them slowly goes over to arrest him. ] 

[Shane]: No? Good. 

[Shane then throws up his arm as high as he can, as a small grenade appears. He takes out the pin and throws it at the wall. The wall explodes as Shane ducks down, facing the back. His gun falls away, sliding on the floor.  The explosion hits the FBI agents, the one shooting towards Shane. Shane gets up, grabs his gun, and shoots down the rest of them standing. He then walks over them, holding his gun low as he listens for other people. He hears a scream, " FBI! " before ten gun shots are heard. ]

[Shane]: Case... I am so going to give you a piece of my sheet mind. 

[Shane continues down the hall, before looking to the right. There he sees a couple of FLA agents. ] 

[Shane]: Agent Garth. Where is Agent Jerray? He should be with you right now. 

[Garth]: Agent Phillips took him with him to get Heather Colider in Doxin City. 

[Shane]: Dammit. 

[Shane motions for them to follow him. They continue to the right before turning the corner, and shooting down 4 FBI agents. ] 

[Shane]: Remember. Shoot to disarm, not to kill. 

[Garth]: Alright. 

[Shane and the group continue down the hall, till they reach a door that says ARSENAL.  Shane takes out a card and swipes it, opening the door. He enters the room, full of TNT, grendades, guns, bullets, etc. ] 

[Garth]: That's a lot of weapons...

[Shane]: Oh I forgot. You're Level 2 Agents. You don't have access to the Aresenal. Congrats, you've been promoted to Level 3. Now get your ash inside and help me. 

[Garth, smiling]: Yes sir. 

[Everyone puts on different belts, putting their guns inside, tazers, two grendades, along other weapons. Shane lock and loads his gun. ] 

[Shane]: We are going to get Case out of here now, and I am going STRAIGHT to the Oval Office. Oh, I can't wait for when I give that piece of sheet a court martial. 

[Shane and the group exit the Arsenal, only to come under immediate fire. Shane pushes them back, shooting at their attackers. Garth jumps forward and shoots a pipe, sending a cloud of smoke at the shooters. Shane uses this to his advantage as he shoots at them, knocking them down. ] 

[Shane]: Great job, Agent Garth. 

[The group continue down the hall till they see General Case. ] 

[Case]: Leon, you saw this coming. I'm not gonna let any team of your " Heroes " exist! 

[Case starts shooting at them as they head for cover behind  walls. ] 

[Shane]: At least... I still believe in Heroes. 

[Case still is shooting as Shane throws a grenade. Case shoots at it as Shane pushes everyone to the side, away. The Grenade explodes in midair, damaging part of the base. Nearby... a door opens and an inmate exits. ] 

[CHAOS member]: I am free. Now.... to cause even more Chaos... let's find the self-destruct sequence... 

[It returns to Case, who has stopped shooting. Agent Garth gets up, and shouts. ] 

[Garth]: Don't shoot!

[Garth slides his gun to the side and raises his arms up, looking at Case. ] 

[Case]: Don't try anything, boy. You're too young to die.

[Garth]: You don't want to do this Case. 

[Case]: You know... you are very young to be killed for treason. Why don't you join the FBI? You'll get a better life, kid. 

[Garth]: ... I can't... 

[Case]: You can kid. Put your arms down, and give me a nice handshake, and then I'll give you the best life yet in Washington D.C.

[Garth puts his arms down, and grabs a grenade from his belt without Case noticing. ] 

[Garth]: Only if you do one thing... 

[Case]: What would that be?

[Garth]: Go to Hell. 

[Garth throws the grenade, as Case jumps down. The grenade explosions behind them, as Case fires his gun. ] 

[Shane]: Garth!

[Shane comes into view of Garth and Case, as Agent Garth turns around, and looks down. There's a bullet wound on his chest. He looks at Shane, smiles and falls to the ground. ] 

[Shane, screaming]: NOO!

[Case looks at the gun in his hand before he drops it. Shane, angry runs up to him and punches him in the face. General Case is pushed back as Shane continues to punch him. Shane keeps knocking Case over till Case pushes him over. ] 

[Shane]: I might not have said this before, but honestly, I agree with Garth. You need to go to hell. Big time. 

[Case]: Shut up, Leon. 

[Suddenly a voice comes on the speaker system. ] 

[Voice]: Base Countdown to Destruction beginning. T-Minus 300... 299... 298... 297...

[Case]: Better get going, Leon. I'll see you in New York tommorow. 

[Shane]: What? 

[Case]: United Nations, man. United Nations. 

[Shane looks at him before grabbing Agent Garth's body and heading down the hall. ] 

[Shane]: Follow me!

[The FLA agents hurry down the hall as an FBI agent arrives and helps General Case up. ] 

[FBI agent]: Shall we per-

[Case]: No. We must leave. 

[The FBI Agent and Case go the other way as it cuts to Shane and his group. They are rushing down the halls, turning and shooting any FBI agents in the arms they see. ] 

[Voice]: 199...198...197...

[Shane carries Garth's body forward as they start climbing up stairs. It cuts to Case and the FBI agent as they continue down a smoky hall. Case is limping from the injuries as the FBI agent drags him to a door. He kicks open the door, looking at a stair case. ] 

[Case]: There's our exit. 

[Voice]: 100.... 99...98...97....96....

[Shane and the agents get on a monorial connecting the base to an exit miles away. Shane mashes the button, and the Monorail zooms on the track towards the exit as the voice continues. The Monorial continues till it reaches a floor, and a series of stairs. ] 

[Shane]: Everyone up the stairs to Penatagon Enterance. GO GO GO! 

[Everyone hurries upwards with Shane and the dead Garth go up the stairs. ] 

[Voice]: 30... 29... 28... 27... 26...

[It cuts to the CHAOS member, in a room looking at files. ] 

[CHAOS member]: Well this is interesting...

[He attaches two files,  named Project: Heroes and Project: V to an email. ] 

[CHAOS member]: Thus, the grand plan continues. CHAOS... will rise again. With the help of a friend. Thank you, St-

[Voice]: Base Destruction in 5... 4... 3.. 2... 1... goodbye. 

[The CHAOS member sends the email, and then starts walking out of the room. The computer explodes, as explosions rock different areas of the base. Up on the main land, there's a fake tree with a door open. Multiple agents including Shane and the team that followed him, along with the dead body of Garth feel the beginning of the explosions. It then cuts back to the CHAOS member walking down the hall as doors fly out of the wall. As he continues down the hall, the hall explodes piece by piece. At one point, he turns around to see the destruction and laughs as the hall comes crashing down. A huge explosion fills the rest of the base, destroying the underground monorail. The Tree door explodes, set on fire as Shane looks around the Pentagon, before seeing a disaster going on across the river.]

[Shane]: Oh my god...

[Near the Lincoln Memorial, huge cracks form on the ground, causing a tiny earthquake. Civilians and tourists a panic as these cracks reach the Lincoln Memorial, damaging parts of it. Case and the FBI agent look at the chaos, with an angry face before the FBI agent goes up to Case's ear. ] 

[FBI agent]: Sir, I just got a call. Ryan Reckno has been captured. 

[Case]: Tell Leinad that I'll be there in 24 hours. I need a break...

[Case and the FBI agent flee the scene as Shane Leon looks at the damage before looking down on Agent Garth, one of many victims of the feud between the FLA and the F.B.I. It then cuts back to Ryan and Daniel. ] 

[Daniel]: So how are you doing Ryan? How's life going for you?

[Ryan]: Daniel.... I'm not in a playing games mood. 

[Daniel]: Oh. Really? Well... You shouldnt be in any mood at the moment. Not now. 

[Ryan]: I'll say it again. Why does General Case want to know about... this thing that comes out of me?

[Daniel]: Because you're a threat. You caused all that chaos in Russia. 

[Ryan]: Not my fau-


[Ryan]: Daniel... 

[Daniel Aprion recomposses himself, and looks around at his old enemy. ] 

[Daniel]: You know... we really hated each other back then, didn't we?

[Ryan remains silent, knowing that this will only make him mad. Daniel grins at this. ] 

[Daniel]: Well, we did. Childhood friends... quickly rivals, of course. And through the years of Junior High... where I was the one on the team while you sat playin Dungeons and Dragons and into High School. We hated each other. Though I think I came out better then you. Except...

[Ryan]: Except the fact that I got a really hot girlfriend who actually loves me. 

[Daniel]: Yes. That. 

[Ryan]: Looks like the nerd got the girl after all. 

[Daniel]: Apparently so...

[Ryan]: Just so you know, I did hate you. I still do. The fact that you became OBBESSED after finding out I was involved is a little... disturbing. 

[Daniel]: Trust me, this is not a matter of a bromance. This is more a matter concerning your.... powers. 

[Ryan]: Why do you want to know about my pow-

[Daniel, becoming a little crazy]: Because, Ryan... they are EVERYTHING! I realize you are a threat to the world but imagine if we could control that beast and allow our soliders to go overseas, and destroy the enemy.

[Ryan]: How would you do that?

[Daniel, still acting crazy]: Imagine, a drug that could help mutate the mutation even further to gain control of the body, the mind, and  give you the power to defeat anyone? Well... some time ago I found this drug. Secretly smuggled it into the New York City Harbor. I've been testing with it on the... Dead Appolexxian. I've found an increase in muscle strength and buildup, a higher blood pressure, and athleticly... a good body fit for any sport on Earth. Its called Tigin. Though I've heard the name Drug X as well. 

[Ryan]: It's a Anabolic Steroid, a Performance-enhancing drug. Isn't it?

[Daniel]: Why yes. It is. I plan to take the DNA of the dead Appolexxian with the gamma radition, put Tigin into the DNA, and then inject it into the bodies of soliders. 

[Ryan]: Wait. Who's the test subject? The first one?

[Daniel grins and laughs for a second as Ryan comes to the conclusion. ] 

[Ryan]: No. Daniel... you can't. You musn't. If you put it into you... you might never come out alive. 

[Daniel]: I don't care Reckno, it will be done. I already have the Appolexxian DNA inside me. All that's left is the Tigin. 

[Daniel walks away smiling as Ryan screams. ] 

[Ryan]: Daniel! DON'T DO THIS. DANIEL!

[Daniel]: This is the End of the Line, friend. End of the Line. 

[Daniel puts back on his mask, becoming Agent Leinad before leave the room. It then cuts to Shane covering the body of Garth, with an Ambluence taking him away, along with other agents. He looks around the damage before picking up a gun and taking it away. As he starts walking towards Interstate 395, Shane's cell phone rings in his pocket. Shane picks it up and answers. ] 

[Shane]: Yes?

[Chris]: Sir, I have Heather Collider and Agent Gerry Jerray. The FBI came after her, but we got away. 

[Shane]: Well that's good. 

[Chris]: However during the chase, one of their men was killed. I suspect that gives Case the proof he needs..

[Shane]: Case won't be doing anything for a while. He hit our Washington base, which is now... to my regret gone now, and his forces took some a good number of our agents... including one of our newest agents. I managed to give him a piece of my mind though. 

[Chris]: You... shot him?

[Shane]: Heavens no. I just punched him. 

[Chris]: Alright. Shall we Rendezvous in Nevada?

[Shane]: Ye-no, nevermind. You need to keep Heather away from the FBI, but don't go to Nevada. I'm going to York. New York. 

[The camera cuts to Daniel exiting the FBI base where he and Ryan are at in Washington, D.C. The camera cuts to Ryan, still chained to the two poles.]

[Ryan]: That conniving...

[He pulls hard to try and break the chains.]

[Ryan]: No good...

[He continues to pull hard.]

[Ryan]: Mother effing...

[He unleashes all of his strength.]

[Ryan]: Son of a beach...

[He breaks the chains and then looks at his hands. They are orange. He fells them against his face as the transformation starts to take affect. He keels over and is unleashed into his full form. He crashes through the wall into the streets below. He looks around and sees the car with Daniel in it driving towards him. He roars and charges at it, punching the car back and flipping it over with Daniel inside. He lets out another roar and then beats his chest before running over to the car. He suddenly gets thrown in his face by Daniel, who has transformed into a tiger form of his own. He is more reddish in color and slightly larger.]

[Daniel, slurred]: You see... I've learned control...

[He flexes.]

[Daniel, slurred]: But that doesn't mean I can't also be angry...

[Both mutants roar and then charge at each other. Ryan tries to smack Daniel to the side, but he dives and tackles Ryan to the ground. They go sliding down the street and crash into several cars. Ryan throws Daniel back, but he slides across the ground and crashes into a building. Bricks starts to fall as he regains his balance and charges again at Ryan. He jumps and kicks Ryan in the face with both of his legs. Ryan goes flying backwards and then lands hard in the ground and starts to slide. As he is sliding, Daniel jumps forward and lands with both his feet on Ryan. His legs are grabbed as he is thrown to the side into the middle of the park. Daniel gets up as Ryan runs over and then punches him into the ground when he tries to kick him again. He grabs Ryan by the arm and then swings him around, throws him behind him, and then jumps after him. Ryan begins to fall as he sees Daniel rushing towards him. Daniel grabs onto him and then manages to get on top as they go crashing into the ground. Daniel jumps up off of Ryan and then seems to give him a few seconds to collect himself.]

[Daniel, slurred]: Weakling...

[Ryan grunts and then jumps up and runs through Daniel. He drags him by just his arm and throws then throws him through several building, sending him into the National Mall, about halfway between the Capitol Building and the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. Ryan slowly walks over to him.]

[Ryan, slurred]: Don't you get it Daniel? Good will always win...

[Daniel, slurred]: True, but you're not the good guy this time...

[He jumps up and then prepares to punch Ryan in the face. He moves his hands up to block, but then Daniel doubles back and grab one of Ryan's legs. He smashes flips him over and then smashes him into the ground before repeating this several times and then tossing him towards the Washington Monument in the distance. Daniel rushes towards him and then tackles Ryan as just as he was about to land on the ground again. They slide and then Daniel jumps off, doubles back, and then throws Ryan towards the Washington Monument. Around them, hundreds of tourists are running away from the fight. The Monument has been evacuated.]

[Ryan, slurred]: You're a former FBI Agent, Daniel... Even you wouldn't destroy a national treasure...

[Daniel, slurred]: Watch me...

[He grabs Ryan and then turns. One person is in front of him. It is a news photographer. He starts taking pictures, but Daniel roars and the photographer runs away. Daniel throws Ryan into the ground.]

[Daniel, slurred]: I'll try to cause minimal damage...

[He plops Ryan down in front of the monument and then continuously punches him in the face. While the sounds of the punching are heard, the camera switches to a different shot of the deserted National Mall around them. He delivers a final blow as Ryan falls unconscious. Several SWAT helicopters are above and around the national mall as several agents get climb down from ladders out of them. In each helicopter there is a soldier with a machine gun. They all begin firing at once at Daniel, but the bullets do nothing to him. He roars and then jumps at a SWAT helicopter and then mangles the blades so they spin in an awkward pattern. He jumps off as the helicopter goes crashing into the ground as everyone inside ejects. He prepares to attack the next helicopter, but Ryan, who had faked his unconsciousness, taps him on the shoulder.]

[Ryan, slurred]: Guess I am the good guy...

[He punches Daniel into the ground and then jumps in the air and pile drives him. He climbs off as the transformation begins to reverse on Daniel. He returns back to Agent Leinad as the SWAT troops surround him. Ryan runs off.]

[SWAT Commander, to a pilot of one of the helicopters]: Follow him...

[One of the helicopters starts to follow Ryan. As he is running, the transformation begins to reverse on him as he calms down. Suddenly, his phone rings.]

[Ryan]: Hello? Heather?

[Shane]: No, Shane...

[Ryan]: How'd you get this number?

[Shane]: Ryan, did you once think that we didn't have you number?

[Ryan]: Anyway, what do you want?

[Shane]: How fast can you get to New York? We're going to play right into Case's hand...

[The camera cuts to the UN building in New York City a couple of hours later. Shane is standing in the room, in front of the General Assembly, as General Case enters the room.]

[GA President]: We have a bit of an unconventional meeting today... A global threat concerning the mainly the United States of America and then Russian Federation, but also indirectly the United Kingdom, Hungary, Turkey, and the rest of the world...

[Shane]: Mr. President I thought we would only be discussing the fate of one of the FLA's problems today...

[GA President]: That is our main point of concern. As General Case has pointed out, both areas of concern are very important... But the more immediate threat is what we will start with... Case, you may have the floor...

[Case]: Thank you Mr. President... Ryan Reckno is a threat... He destroyed a town in Russia, and together with former FBI director Daniel Aprion, destroyed much of the National Mall in Washington D.C. He was conducting illegal experiments in Russia as well, which is grounds for his arrest, and ultimately his trial in front of the International Criminal Court...

[Shane]: We admit that our client was conducting illegal experiments in Russia, but we would like to ask the Russian Federation why it had not discovered that these experiments had been going on for so long...

[Russian Delegate, subtitles]: We had no reason to investigate as we had no idea that the lab was even there...

[Shane]: And you're telling me that in all that time no one ever discovered it...

[Case]: We'd also like to remind you that the FLA is harboring more than just Ryan Reckno... They are also harboring the spy, as well as the alien knight, who to my knowledge was surprisingly approved by this very council, but it doesn't end there... They have more aliens that they have been testing themselves, conducting experiments on try and do who knows... Ryan Reckno and the others are big threats... He--

[The door bursts open. Ryan walks through the door.]

[Ryan]: Is turning himself in...

[There is silence after a few gasps. Shane does not react.]

[Case]: Well, in that case let's head to ICC right now...

[Ryan]: I'm not turning myself in to you, General Case... Let's see exactly what the General Assembly wants to do with me... No mroe arguing...

[GA President]: That is not how our procedure works...

[Shane]: On the contrary, you stated yourself that this was unconventional... Wouldn't you rather get rid of us?

[GA President]: Very well... Please vacate the room while we conduct a vote...

[Shane, Ryan, and Case exit the room. Shane and Ryan walk over and talk by the window. It can be seen that it is very dark outside as nighttime approaches.]

[Shane]: How'd you get here so fast...

[Ryan]: I took the train... And the tiger...

[Shane]: I like it... You're beginning to learn control...

[Ryan]: Maybe... Or maybe I'm just always angry...

[The door to the room they were just in opens.]

[GA President]: The vote is complete...

[Case quickly enters the room. Ryan walks ahead, but Shane waits for a moment before doing so. He turns to the side and sees Agent Leinad walking towards him. He grimaces as Leinad stops across from him and then smiles. Shane's eyes widen as the camera cuts inside. There is a loud bang out of the room. Ryan's eyes widen as he runs back outside and sees Shane and Leinad pushing against each other.]

[Ryan]: SHANE!

[He gets thrown to the side by Daniel as he begins the transformation.]


[He runs out and then crashes through the wall, plummeting to the street below. Ryan follows him and transforms midair, crashing into the ground across from Daniel. The transformation finishes on him. He looks basically the same, but he is overall larger now, the orange is now even closer to red, and he has more black marks across his body.]

[Daniel]: MEET THE NEW ME!

[Ryan, slurred]: You used it, didn't you?


[He charges at Ryan, who briefly pauses before charging and colliding with Ryan. Daniel plows through him and then punches him again and again while he falls through the air. The Tigin has given him enormous rage, even more strength, and unfathomable reflexes and agility. He continues to punch Ryan at unparalleled speeds while they fly through the air. He suddenly grabs Ryan's arms and holds them behind his back as they go flying forward and crash through a building. Daniel pushes off the ground and then drags Ryan's face against the side of the building as his momentum takes him all the way up the building. On the other side, he continues to drag Ryan's face against the side of the building before ultimately landing on him as they crash into the ground. Daniel is left standing as Ryan is on the ground, barely conscious.]

[Daniel]: Don't think you can trick me this time...

[He grabs him by the next and then throws him behind him, through several buildings before he ultimately crashes on the ground. Daniel jumps after him as the camera cuts to Shane exiting the General Assembly building. He looks and sees several buildings falling in the city. His communicator beeps.]

[Chris]: Sir, Reckno and Daniel fought in Washington--

[Shane, angry]: Where have you been for the past 3 hours that you haven't heard about that?

[Chris]: Underground...

[Shane]: You disobeyed orders and went to Nevada, didn't you?

[Chris]: No, we went to another base... What should we do?

[Shane, angry]: Just stay where you are. I've got other problems to deal with...

[He ends the call and then looks behind him. General Case is standing there.]

[Case]: Are you going to stand there or are you going to fight me?

[Shane]: You'd rather see New York City destroyed?

[Case]: If it means the end of you, gladly...

[Shane]: What do you want, Case?

[Case]: Expose you and become a national hero, then make my way up to the Presidency...

[Shane]: Not on my watch...

[Shane takes out a pistol and aims it at Case. He raises his hands in the air.]

[Case]: It only benefits my cause...

[He grins as the camera cuts to Ryan and Daniel. Ryan slowly gets up as Daniel runs up behind him and then punches him in the back. Ryan stumbles forward and then slides and falls into the East River. Daniel jumps in after him.]

[Daniel]: How about a nice bath?

[He tackles Ryan and then holds him underneath the water and then looks up around him. Several SWAT helicopters are aiming machine guns at him. While distracted, Ryan pulls his arm and then hits his shoulder against his face, knocking him back. He turns around and then cannonballs into Daniel, but he quickly gains control and then plows through Ryan and slides him down the river.]

[Daniel]: That looks like fun...

[He jumps up onto a helicopter and as the troops inside eject. He lands while holding it and then runs over to Ryan and smashes it against him as he stands up. This drops him underneath the water, but he quickly gets back up, only to see Daniel charge at him. He dives to the side to avoid the first punch and then double kicks Daniel in the face as he tried to double back with his other hand. He slides back into the river. The camera cuts to the SWAT Commander standing on a building overlooking the East River.]

[SWAT Commander, into a radio]: Only engage if they leave the river...

[Down below, Daniel gets up and shakes off as Ryan stands up. They charge at each other, but Daniel once again gains the upper hand and grabs Ryan by the arm, slamming him into the water before throwing him to a building on the side.]

[SWAT Commander, into a radio]: ENGAGE!

[Two helicopters move in and begins to fire their machine guns at Daniel. He roars at them and then jumps at one, ripping its propellers out and then throwing them at the other helicopter. It explodes as the other one drops to the ground. Daniel jumps off and makes a splash in the river as the camera zooms out and shows it as a news feed on television. Chris, Gerry, and Heather are watching the feed at an FLA base. They all look worried as the camera cuts back to Shane and Case.]

[Case]: Well? Make your move?

[Shane grimaces and prepares to fire the gun. Instead, he throws it to the side and then runs up to Case and punches him in the gut. Case flips around Shane and then kicks him in the back. He stumbles around and then catches two punches from Case before throwing a punch of his own, barely missing Case's face. In the background, Daniel can be seen jumping down and Ryan jumps up as they clash in midair. Case gets thrown back by Shane. He slams against the wall of the General Assembly building and then grunts. He takes out a knife.]

[Case]: Forgot my plans... Killing you will satisfy me enough...

[The camera cuts to Daniel and Ryan. Ryan is being held in the air as Daniel holds onto him by the arm. He throws Ryan through two buildings as he crashes two the ground.]

[Daniel]: You're lucky weakling... I'm giving you a break...

[He begins to walk towards Case. He can be seen walking towards Shane as he backs up. The camera cuts towards the two as they continue their exchange.]

[Shane]: Don't you want to kill me fair and square?

[Case]: I just tried... It didn't work out too well...

[He charges at Shane, who turns and runs around. They both stop in their tracks as they see Daniel walking towards them. Case stares at Daniel in fear. The two directors begin to back up, with Case putting the knife in his pocket. Shane uses this to his advantage and then roundhouses Case in the side, knocking him to the ground. Daniel arrives and roars at Shane before turning to Case. He picks him up.]

[Daniel]: I'll take joy in this...

[The camera cuts to Ryan, having transformed back into his human form, sitting the ruble of a building. He opens his eyes and then looks around. He stands up and then thinks to himself for a moment.]

[Ryan]: Control... For Heather... For Shane... For this country... AND FOR THIS PLANET

[He runs forward, transforms, and then jumps off. The camera cuts back to in front of the General Assembly building. The five remaining SWAT helicopters have made their way to above the building. Daniel is still holding Case.]

[Case]: What do you want Ryan?

[Daniel]: So you confuse me for Ryan?

[Case]: I am confused...

[Daniel]: Of course you are Mitch...

[Case]: Daniel?

[Daniel]: And now I'm going to kill you for replacing me... To set an example for the people of this world that I am the toughest, strongest person there is... And that this world is mine...

[Beneath him, Shane activates his communicator.]

[Shane]: Call Daniel and Lauren, and while you're at it, see if you can reach Tyler...

[Chris, on the other end]: Got it, sir...

[The camera cuts upwards a bit to Case and Daniel.]

[Case]: Please, don't kill me... Shane do something...

[Shane]: You know that I have a lot of problems Case... But having to save you definitely isn't one of them...

[Daniel prepares to throws Case into the ground, but Ryan tackles Daniel as Case goes into a free fall. He lands on the ground and then his eyes widen in pain. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a bloody knife. He drops it on the ground as he feels the stab wound in his upper leg. Shane stands there and looks at him.]

[Case]: Goodbye Shane...

[Shane, angry]: You're not dying!

[Case]: Not yet I'm not... But... I've made a decision... You were right all along... Ryan saved me... This wouldn't have happened if I didn't have the knife...

[Shane, angry]: I don't like where you're going with this...

[Case, breathing heavily]: For my final request, Shane Leon... Just tell my wife, okay?

[Shane, furious]: You're not dying!

[Case passes out as Shane runs over to him and begins to tend to him. Several FBI cars arrive at the scene and see Shane with the dying Case.]


[The FBI agents charge at Shane. Dozens of FLA agents who were waiting in the alleys around the building dive out and head for the FBI agents. A massive fight begins between the two groups as the SWAT helicopters fly overhead. The FLA agents create a border in front of Shane and Case. One agent walks up to him.]

[Agent]: Sir, get out of here...

[Shane]: Thank you...

[Shane flees, carrying Case with him. Behind him, the FBI and FLA agents clash. One FBI agent kicks an FLA agents, while another FLA agent kicks a different FBI agents. This can be seen through the whole group, although a few agents on each size have staff, swords, and other various weapons. The camera cuts to Daniel and Ryan two streets over, standing across from each other. Two of the five remaining SWAT helicopters have made their way over to the street above Ryan and Daniel.]

[Daniel]: I thought I took care you...

[Ryan]: You thought wrong...

[Daniel]: Heh... This time... I'm killing you...

[He begins to walk towards Ryan.]

[Ryan]: You may be stronger... But I'm smarter...

[He turns around and begins to run away at top speed, which is on all fours.]

[Daniel]: Coward...

[Daniels gets on all fours. He is slightly faster than Ryan, so he is gaining on him. Ryan turns down a side street with a quick cut, but Daniel slides and loses about 30 feet on him. He continues to chase after him, but Ryan turns again. Daniels slides and then turns and sees that Ryan is stopped and facing him about 30 feet away. The helicopters continue their pursuit. Daniel begins to charge as Ryan turns away from him. Daniel rounds a corner and then Ryan turns again down another street. Daniel bursts forward and is now only 30 feet away from him. Daniel jumps forward to try and gain some ground, but Ryan turns down an alley and then jumps over a fence. Daniel slides to a stop and then looks at Ryan as he turns down a corner.]

[Daniel, suspicious]: Where are you going?

[He runs and then jumps the gate before looking to either side. One the left, there is nothing, but on the right, he sees Ryan for a split second before he gets dropped to the ground by him. Ryan grabs his leg and then flips him over and smashes him into a building. He runs away from Daniel as he takes a second to get up and then jumps after Ryan. He continues to jump and he eventually grabs onto Ryan and makes him slide across the ground.]

[Daniel]: What do you plan to do?

[Ryan]: Get you right where I wanted you...

[Daniel looks around and then sees all five of the SWAT helicopters around him.]

[Daniel]: I fell into your trap...

[Ryan]: Yes, because unlike you, I have friends... And they agreed to help me...

[Daniel]: Their guns can't hurt me...

[Ryan]: Not in this form, but... Soon after the original accident... I began looking for a cure... And I found one...

[Daniel]: Good for you... Take it for yourself and let the SWAT team's machine guns kill you...

[Ryan]: The cure is not in the form of a liquid that you drink... It must be injected into your bloodstream while in your human form... I need you to help me...

[Daniel]: Why should I trust you?

[Ryan]: Why should I trust you to help me? Sometimes, we have to go with our guts...

[Ryan breaks free from Daniel's grasp and then shrinks down to his human form. He throws off his shirt and then takes a syringe out of his pocket.]

[Ryan]: You can't do this in your current form though... You'll kill me...

[Daniel]: And what if I want to...

[Ryan]: Then you can, but once you've shrunken down, the SWAT team could open fire on you at any moment...

[Daniel]: I'll never do that... I die and you get cured...

[Ryan]: Or you could have me cure you and then live...

[Daniel]: Even worse...

[Ryan]: Or we can fight to the death...

[Daniel]: I like that option...

[Ryan]: It's a good thing I was bluffing about the cure then...

[Daniel]: You what?

[Ryan]: I mean, it's good for you that you realized this was a trap... It wasn't a real cure, it was a sample of a steroid to enhance my strength...

[Daniel]: Very interesting... And would this work on me?

[Ryan]: It'll only work in your human form though...

[Daniel]: It's a trap...

[Ryan]: I've sprung two false traps on your before...

[Daniel tosses the syringe to the side and then grabs Ryan by the shoulders.]

[Daniel]: You're confusing me... You die, now...

[Ryan]: Go ahead... Kill me...

[Daniel grins but then stops.]

[Daniel]: What did you hope would happen? Did you want me to inject you or not...

[Ryan]: It's too late now... You're going to kill me, remember?

[Daniel drops Ryan to the ground and then shifts down to his human form.]

[Daniel]: So was this a steroid or a cure?

[He walks over to the syringe and picks it up.]

[Ryan]: Neither, it was water...

[Daniel]: Then what was the point of the exchange? To confuse me? To get me into my human form?

[Ryan]: I'll never tell...

[Daniel, furious]: Because I don't see the SWAT TEAM UP THERE FIRING AT ALL...

[Ryan backs up.]

[Daniel, beyond furious]: WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?

[He shifts back into his monster form as Ryan prepares for one last go. Daniel lets out a vicious scream and then charges at Ryan. Ryan jumps and avoids.]

[Ryan]: Missed...

[Daniel]: YOU LITTLE

[He doubles back and then punches Ryan, but he jumps up and then kicks him with both feet in the face.]

[Daniel]: WHY AM I SO WEAK?

[Ryan]: Maybe it's because you've lost focus... You're so confused and angry... Maybe you should go see a psychiatrist...

[Ryan punches him in the chest and then runs up to him and tackles him to the ground as they go sliding down the street. Daniel shifts into his human form and then slowly stands up. Ryan shifts into his human form.]

[Daniel]: What happened?

[Ryan]: Like I said... I'm smarter... And guess what... I just outsmarted you...

[Daniel]: What?

[Ryan]: I thought of a series of fake events that would confuse you and get you angry, which is an Appoplexian's one true weakness...

[Daniel, weak]: Weakness? What?

[Ryan]: Yeah... An Appoplexian only has one weakness... It's very own brain...

[Daniel]: So are you going to kill me...?

[Ryan]: I want you to help me... We can look for a cure together... For you at least...

[Daniel]: Why not you?

[Ryan]: Because I've found a new home... The FLA...

[His eyes widen.]

[Ryan]: Oh my god... SHANE

[Daniel]: Huh?

[Ryan transforms and then jumps off back towards the General Assembly building to find Shane. About halfway to the building, he sees Shane running with the dying Case.]

[Shane]: Man Ryan what the hell was that?

[Ryan]: I saved Case's... What happened?

[Shane]: He fell on the knife in his pocket... And Daniel?

[Ryan]: Defeated... for now...

[Shane reaches for his communicator.]

[Shane]: Chris, tell the others they can go home...

[Chris]: Well that's a good thing sir... None of them responded...

[Shane puts down his communicator and then drops Case onto the ground. In the distance, the fight between the FLA and FBI continues, with the FBI slowly gaining ground on the FLA.]

[Ryan]: Shane, what about them?

[Shane]: I'm working on it...

[He looks at Case.]

[Shane]: Mitch... You have to give one last order... One last request... One last huzzah!

[Case starts to stir and then looks up at Shane. He looks past him and sees the giant fight between the FLA and the FBI. He then stands up and begins to walk over. As more and more FBI agents continue to notice that Case is standing up, they stop fighting. In time, the FLA agents begin to stand up and soon, the fight has ended.]

[Case]: I think... We can all agree... That the fight is over...

[He drops to a knee.]

[Case]: We should look to the future... and...

[He starts breathing heavily and then forms his hand into a fist and places it on the ground.]

[Shane]: And?

[Case]: Forget... and forgive...

[A single tear falls from his eyes down his cheek. He closes his eyes and then falls forward as the General Assembly President arrives on the seen.]

[GA President]: Mr. Leon... Would you still like to hear our verdict?

[Shane]: Before you read whatever verdict you've reached... I think you ought to reconvene and re-vote...

[GA President]: I assure you, that won't be necessary...

[He flashes a smile at Shane, who can't help but smile. The camera cuts to Ryan and Daniel next to each other at the hospital the next morning.]

[Ryan]: So it's that simple? You just make the switch to my side?

[Daniel]: Don't get me wrong... I still hate you...

[He looks to the ground and then looks back up at Ryan.]

[Daniel]: But I didn't ask for this life...

[He looks past Ryan and sees General Case, lying unconscious in a hospital bed. Shane is sitting in a chair next to the bed.]

[Ryan]: So you'll help me look for a cure?

[Daniel]: First and foremost, I'm leaving the FBI... Officially this time...

[He stands up off the bed as Ryan stands up, too.]

[Daniel]: Second of all, I'm taking some time off...

[He begins to walk away. He looks back at Ryan as if he should follow him. They exit the room and walk down the hallway.]

[Ryan]: Where are we headed?

[They enter an elevator and stand quietly as they wait to arrive at their destination.]

[Daniel]: On second thought I don't think I could be able to help you find a cure... I'm a director... Not a doctor...

[Ryan]: You could help me with the logistics... I can do the actual science...

[Daniel]: I don't want to fight you again Ryan... We've done enough damage...

[Ryan]: I'm glad we can agree...

[Daniel]: But I need to pay for my actions...

[The elevator door opens, showing that they have arrived on the roof. Ryan's eyes widen.]

[Ryan]: Jail time, uh, community service, parole, probation, anything but that...

[Daniel]: I'm an officer of the law... And I believe in the ultimate sacrifice, as well as the ultimate punishment...

[Ryan]: Don't do this Daniel...

[He takes a few steps forward and then stops at the edge of the building.]

[Ryan]: I won't let you...

[Daniel]: Goodbye, Ryan...

[Ryan takes a step towards him but Daniel lifts a foot in the air.]

[Ryan]: NO

[Daniel]: Your temper... I'd watch it if I were you...

[Ryan]: Like Case said... Forgive and forget... I wouldn't let them court martial you...

[Daniel]: Really?

[He puts his foot back on the ground.]

[Ryan]: I would never... We're friends now...

[Daniel, stepping away from the ledge]: I'd never thought I'd here you say that to me...

[He turns around and looks over the edge of the building.]

[Daniel]: And yet... It isn't satisfying in the slightest...

[Ryan]: Now let's head back Daniel...

[Daniel]: Yes, let's head back...

[Ryan turns around as the camera cuts to a side shot of Ryan and Daniel standing with their backs to each other.]

[Daniel]: Let's go down...

[He turns around and walks until he is right behind Ryan. He grabs his arm.]

[Daniel]: In fact, let's go down together...

[He pulls Ryan with him and then jumps off the edge of the building, but Ryan manages to grab onto the ledge. Daniel is holding on by just a hand.]

[Ryan]: Why?

[Daniel]: Because I'm confused Ryan... Because I just can't deal with it...

[Ryan]: Think about all the people that care for you... All the people that love you... Who do you love?

[Daniel]: It's too late for that Ryan... Goodbye...

[Ryan]: I won't let you let go...

[He begins to pull himself over the edge, but Daniel uses his hand to loosen Ryan's grip on his other hand. Daniel drops to the ground in slow motion as Ryan screams. Nothing is heard, and everything is silent. Ryan closes his eyes as Daniel hits the ground. Shane can be seen arriving at the top of the building through the elevator.]

[Shane]: Ryan...

[Ryan]: I've got bad news Shane...

[Shane]: Case is dead...

[Ryan looks sad.]

[Ryan]: So is Daniel...

[Shane bites his lip as the camera cuts to Ryan hugging Heather at their new home in Chicago. It is the next day.]

[Heather]: Glad to have you back Ryan...

[He seems distraught.]

[Ryan]: It was all going great... And then it blew up in my face... I shouldn't have gone back... It turned me into... this... It cost Daniel and Case their lives, plus hundreds more... It'll never be the same...

[Heather]: Change is good Ryan...

[Ryan]: Maybe... But what now? Change is only good if it's gradual, not sudden...

[Heather]: Well, I got a job at the Chicago Sun-Times... The feds also said they would cover us for the first couple of weeks... It's a new start, Ryan...

[Ryan]: I'll find a job... Change my identity... Blake Williams sounds nice...

[Heather]: Why do you need to hide?

[Ryan]: My name been heard all over the news...

[Heather]: You saved two of the largest cities in the United States, Ryan... Plus you don't need a job... You work for the government...

[Ryan]: That's right...

[He kisses Heather on the cheek.]

[Ryan]: The FLA's all I need... You're lucky Heather... If things had been different I would've been dead by now...

[Heather]: Well your not, and for now, the world's safe...

[Ryan]: Hah, for now is right...

[He kisses her on the lips and then breaks away after a moment.]

[Ryan]: But when the world needs saving... The Heroes will rise...

[The camera cuts to black.]


Directed by: Cartoon44 and Paperluigi ttyd
Produced by: Paperluigi ttyd and Sci100
Written by: Cartoon44, Paperluigi ttyd, and Sci100
Filmed by: The Awesome Jack


Michael Fassbender as Tiger Rage/Dr. Ryan Reckno
Kirsten Dunst as Heather Codiler
Gerard Butler as Disaster/Daniel Aprion
Tom Hardy as General Mitch Case
Clark Gregg as Chris Phillips
Richard Armitage as Shane Leon
Stanley Tucci as Dr. Mikhail Brovost


[The camera shows Ryan walk into an FLA base. He walks past a figure, who to Ryan looks very intimidating, but it is actually just Drake. He approaches Shane and Chris.]

[Ryan]: Alright, I'm here... What do I need to do?

[Shane]: We never officially inducted you into our group... There's one specific person I'd like you to meet...

[Drake walks over to Ryan and holds out his hand.]

[Shane]: This is agent Drake Daniels... One of your teammates...

[Drake doesn't speak as they shake hands.]

[Shane]: Glad to see your two like each other...

[Chris taps Shane on the shoulder.]

[Chris]: Sir, the briefing I told you about...

[Shane]: Of course...

[Chris and Shane exit.]

[Drake]: You're not a hero Ryan... Why did I get stuck with you... The one hero I was looking forward to working with is the one who's the least likely the join this team... You? You're not a hero, Ryan... You're a monster...

[He walks away as Ryan is left alone. The camera cuts to Shane and Chris walking down the hallway.]

[Chris]: Sir, the scientists at M16 have successful killed the Vladat... Or re-killed it...

[Shane]: Good, have them finish the testing and then send it to the Arctic for storage...

[The camera cuts to a suspicious figure standing with his back to three men. A seemingly dead figure is on the ground between them. This is a continuation of the very last scene from The Hunter.]

[Figure]: Speaking of hiding... You said that they will be soon planning to transfer the Vladat to the Arctic, correct?

[Man #3]: Yes sir...

[He turns around and then steps into the light so he can be seen. He points to the two men on the left.]

[Figure]: Then you two head to Area 51 tomorrow...

[He points to the other figure.]

[Figure]: And you... We'll hit them where it hurts... Then we'll hit them where it really hurts... And then we will have victory... And in the end... CHAOS will rule the Earth...

[He grins.]

[Figure]: And I will have my army for the galaxy..

[The End]


Dr. Ryan Reckno was an alien/animal scientist who studied and worked with Dr. Brovost in Southern Russia on Appoplexians. He has a girlfriend, Heather Codiler. In fact, he has a good life. However, an incident brings back the alien they had been studying. The Appoplexian.  But an incident with a rogue, rampaging Appoplexian and a large quantity of gamma radiation turned Ryan Reckno into a humanoid Appolexian known as Tiger Rage. 

Daniel Aprion, the director of the F.B.I. becomes interested in this incident after he discovers Ryan is related to it. Ryan must protect Heather, and himself as he fights the F.B.I., Daniel Aprion/Disaster, and a mad General Case who is willing to do anything to prove the FLA, the organization that has dealt with other matters, is guility of treason. Tiger Rage must not only win the fight to see who has more control of their body, but he must discover the secret that Daniel kept from him for developing slightly more power.

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