General Information
Species Jungler
Home World Furyus
Body Humanoid Tiger
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Martial Arts

Spiritual Force Manipulation

Animal Soul Manipulation

Energy Ball Projection

Sharp Claws and Teeth

Enhanced Agility

Enhanced Speed

Enhanced Jump

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Reflexes



TigerFury is the Dracotrix's DNA sample of a Jungler from the planet Furyus in Jay 10 Draconomenal.


TigerFury is a humanoid tiger with red fur, 4 fingers on his hands and feet with silver claws and black rings on his tail with the end of it black. He wears a blue gi with a yellow band, a hole on his pants for the tail and a black mark on the left chest of the gi that resembles a animal claw with 3 claws. Without the gi, he has on his back a black mark that goes from the middle of it to the back of the neck, with 3 black lines that goes from the back to each side of the torso, which is white and a black line on his shoulders that goes to the wrists. He has sharp teeth, with two coming out of the mouth, blue eyes and the symbol of the Dracotrix is on the right side of the gi.

Transformation Sequence

Jay's oufit becomes the blue gi with the yellow band alongside the mark, the tail appears and his body becomes a red fur. His fingers on his hands and feet become four, with the nails becoming silver claws, his teeth become sharper and his head becomes a tiger head.

Powers and Abilities

TigerFury is a master in martial arts since he normally fights with his fists and kicks, sometimes using his claws. He can do powerful punches, kicks, chops etc. He can also grab his opponents with either his arms or tail.

He can manipulate spiritual energy to attack with more powerful attacks. He can use this spiritual energy to shot red energy balls, alongside energy animals, better known as Animal Spirits, to help him in battle. These Animal Spirits are a red tiger, a yellow cheetah, a blue jaguar, a violet wolf and a white rhino.

He has sharp claws and teeth, but don't use them very often, only if is necessary

Because of his enhanced speed, he can run fast, jump high and has a good agility and reflexes. Also he's very strong, but not strong as Dracozzard or Generator.

Using a little of his spiritual energy, he can turn temporarily invisible.


If he uses to much of his spiritual energy, he can become weak and be easy for attacks. Also he needs to concentrate to use his spiritual energy. He also can become weak if he summons all of his Animal Spirits at the same time.

Even with his enhanced speed, he isn't as fast as XLR8 and can't jump high like Crasshopper. Also he can't dodge several attacks at the same time.

His invisibility is temporarily and he can't use it if he uses to much spiritual energy.

Since he's a feline, he has hydrophobia, a fear of water and will panic if he's hit by water or fall on a lake or river.






His name is a junction between the words Tiger and Fury.


  • He's inspired by Casey Rhodes, the Jungle Fury Red Ranger from Power Rangers Jungle Fury, with his Animal Spirits based on the other Jungle Fury Rangers and Casey.
  • Because of his spiritual ability, he's usually calm and wise.
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