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Written by Aaron
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Planet(s) Aquillis
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Tides of War is the eight episode of Ben 10: Road Trip and the first episode of its second season. It was written by Aaron.

This page was made after Road Trip was cancelled, and therefore exists only to summarise the intended events.


Scene 1

It had been a week since Ben had left Earth once more, a week of hard work fighting to return the universe to its state of normality against the evil Timekiller and MALtruant. He had visited the planet Ringa Morr, where a Highbreed Warship was on the attack. The ship ended up being taken from during the Highbreed War against the Milky Way, and Ben returned them to their hybridised Atasian superiors. Ben stepped in and helped the Plumbers end a slave trading camp in orbit over Serpentis, freeing the Vulpimancer slaves. Azmuth even met up with Ben at one point, congratulating him for proving himself.

But now Ben was tired, and he needed a break. Sadie suggests he take a visit to Blue Pavilion on the planet Aquillis. He gleefully agrees. Ozai now having a much better understanding of how to work with Ben, asks that he be allowed to passively scan new alien forms when they arrive in the densely populated, and widely diverse, tourist destination. Foreseeing no reason he'd need to fight, Ben gives him the okay.

They arrive in no time and they split up. Sadie explores the shopping district while Ben visits the artificial beaches. After about an hour or so the beach begins to clear. Ben looks around confused, as several Teslamorpha riding mechanical legs approached him. He realised a second later than he needed to that he was in danger and needed to transform. Ozai is slow to respond, the scan isn't easy to halt, but he manages just before taking a hit to transform Ben into Fanfare. Ben is tazed by a long metal rod charged by the Teslamorpha's own electtrical attacks. When they pull away, Fanfare stutters and glitches.

Fanfare: “I-I-I I’m still okay-ay. I-I-”

He sparks.

Fanfare: “The square root of three million is one thousand seven hundred and thirty-two point nought five nought eight... Oh cool did I always have enhanced intelligence?”

He sparks again.

Fanfare: “Oh there it goes.”

He collapses.

Scene 2

Clumsy and half-conscious, Ben awakens to find himself thrown onto a hard and sandy floor. He picks himself up, his senses returning slowly. He finds himself in the middle of a large, open-roofed Colosseum. An audience of hundreds populates the seats all around him. Their cheers, and the announcers words, and a muffled mess of noise to him. Directly ahead of him, he finally notices the Pisciss Volann gladiator, decorated in leather-strapped clothing that left his chest and arms exposed. The Omnitrix bleeps, subtly indicating to Ben that it had finished yet another scan.

Ben backs off slightly, trying to reason with the gladiator, but the Volann roars and he loses hope. He turns to his Omnitrix as the Volann begins to charge for him. He slams the dial, unable to think fast enough about what alien he would need. He becomes Killermari and charges for the Volann, guarding his head with his arms. The gladiator sinks his teeth deep into Killermari's right arm, Ben grits his teeth as he draws blood. Thinking quickly, Ben unleashes a flurry of punches with his free arm into the Volann's neck. His bite loosens almost immediately and Killermari yanks his arm free. With both fists he slams down on the gladiator's head before grabbing him, lifting him up, and tossing him across the arena. He follows up with a laser blast from his eyes, finishing off his foe.

A huge gate opens on the gladiator's side of the arena, and Ben sprints for it. When it opens fully, it reveals Koraxx standing expectantly. Ben does not stop running.

Koraxx: "We meet again at last, Tennyson! Now I can finally--"

Killermari's fist delivers a fierce right hook, knocking her to the ground. Now having broken into the arena building itself he explores quickly for a way out, with little success. He stops running at the sound of a distinct uniform clanking of mechanical feet. He returns to his human form and quietly asks Ozai to quickly show him what aliens he had scanned. Ozai quickly flashes Ripjaws, Jetray, a Teslamorpha, a long-haired humanoid, a beaver-like humanoid, and a small crab creature. Ben quickly selects the crab from the Civilian Playlist and slams down the dial, transforming for the first time into Crabstacean.

The Teslamorpha guards turn the corner of the rounded hallway, finding the small crab alien standing in the middle of the floor. These guards were wearing the same purple sashes as the ones that had captured Ben on the beach, and using the same mechanical legs he had seen their kind use all day. They ask Ben, not knowing who he is, where Ben Tennyson had gone. Unable to speak, he turns around and gestures vaguely further down the hallway. They thank him, a loyal citizen of Aquillis, and continue their hunt. They carefully step around Crabstacean and disappear further into the building.

Sighing a sigh of relief, Crabstacean tries to revert to his human form. He fumbles his large and imprecise claws at the dial on top of his head. Unwittingly he transforms into his Teslamorpha form. His tail is noticeably longer than the guards. Judging by their appearance and their powers, he names the form Eelectricity. But just as this thought crosses his mind the guards had doubled back, no doubt having heard the noise of him changing form. They go in for the attack, but Ben swings his tail around and strikes them with a powerful electric blow. The attack doesn't hurt the guards, but it does damage their mechanical legs- causing those he strikes to be thrown into the ceiling and knocked unconscious. He finds swinging on land to be exhausting and starts projecting weaker electric blasts from his hands that cause the legs to stumble and trip. Nothing the guards can do compares to Eelectricity's strength, stamina, agility, and electrokinetic ability. He wipes the floor with them, and when the fight is over he reverts to his human form and continues exploring the arena building.

Scene 3

Finally, Ben locates an area of the arena that interests him- the holding cells. Full of people held against their will, Ben begins liberating the facility. He uses Geothermite to blast the locks off of the cell doors. The prisoners- of all races and creeds- quickly overwhelm the guards. Ben presses on.

After a few minutes he finds himself in the deepest part of the prison. A single sheet-metal door sits unguarded. He hears sizzling coming from within. Geothermite carefully places a small mineral bomb into the lock and blasts it, pushing the door open. What he sees inside horrifying. A cubic forcefield holds a T'zun Army in place on top of a heated metal sheet on the floor. Water drips in from above, and steam seeps out the top edges of the cube, but the prisoner is too weak to move at all. Even more concerning is that Ben doesn't know how to free them.

He thinks for a moment. He transforms into Powerhouse and uses his electo-sense to find the machines projecting the forcefield, before surging them with power and destroying them. When the forcefield vanishes the T'zun Army sloshes over the floor with a hiss. MindMatter then pulls them off of the heated panel in the floor. Finally Ben transforms into Hightide and Triedge, giving the poor soul some of his own watermass and lifeforce.

The T'zun Army thanks him. They explain that their name is Marinium. They are an ambassador representing the Precipi Proximity. The Teslamorpha that had kidnapped them both were called the Electroviles- a terror group seeking to profit from a war between the Precipi Proximity and the Lutra Republic with whom they were supposed to be negotiating. He'd found the Electroviles to be an incredibly racist cult- they hated both the T'zun Army and the Lytrasapien races for their natural control over the water that the Teslamorpha call home. This was supposed to be a neutral world, hence why they had come here. Marinium needed to get to them. He had arrived a few days before the negotiations were set to take place, but had no idea how long he had been hidden away for.

They both rush to the surface. Using the Omnitrix, Ben contacts Sadie- who had been trying to find him for a while now. She was back at the Stardust. Ben asks her if she can scan for ships that had recently entered the system. Though it involved some rather illegal hacking into local intelligence networks, she could. Marinium asks if any Stronghold-class Chione Shuttles had landed recently. To their dismay, one had arrived about an hour ago. This would be the rest of the Precipi ambassadors, including several significant politicians. Luckily they knew where the meeting would be taking place.

Reaching the building they find the street flanked by Electroviles- their signature purple garb giving them away against the dark blue worn by regular city guards. They step out from the shadows, blocking the way to the building. Ben transforms into Barrier Reef. The Electroviles immediately seem regretful, though the leader among them commands them to attack and leads the charge himself. They smash into a wide street-spanning shield held easily by Ben. He doesn't even struggle. Marinium hides behind his legs.

Barrier Reef: "Hey! Watch out back there! I don't want to step on you."

Marinium: "I'm made of water, Ben. After the week I've had it wouldn't hurt in the slightest."

Before Barrier Reef can push forwards, however, a Vesuviusapien bursts angrily out of the embassy building. Following them shortly are a series of Vesuviusapien and T'zun Army politicians. All keep their composure much better than the first, but are still visibly angry even from Ben's distance. Behind them are the representatives of the Lutra Republic. The two groups both enter the street flanked by Teslamorpha bodyguards. They all walk forwards into the street ignorant of the fight ahead until their guards stop them, staring in shock at the Coral Titanoform in front of them. Such a sight was incredibly rare. The sight of the Electroviles attacking him enraged them.

The guards immediately abandon the ambassadors and move to engage the Electroviles. Now sandwiching them between the guards and Ben, the fight is incredibly short. The Electroviles are quickly overpowered, and Barrier Reef invites Marinium to climb onto his back for safety. Ben carrier them across the fight and delivers them back to the Precipi Proximity.

Marinium's return is celebrated among the Precipi Proximity. Ben explains their absence thanks to the Electroviles. The Circumstances having now changed, the Precipi Proximity invite the Lutra Republic Representatives to a second round of negotiations- to which Ben interjects. They had just spent a week being tortured, Marinium deserved some rest. The Lutra are the first to agree and the two factions agree to reschedule for negotiations for a few days time.

Ben is honoured by the Precipi Proximity and the Blue Pavilion Officials alike for his heroism in the city, and while they organise a parade in his honour he slips away. He retreats back to the Stardust and, with Sadie, sets off for another world to save.

Noteworthy Events



  • Highbreed (flashback)
  • Ophidian Slave Traders (flashback)
  • Electrovile Terror Group
    • Arena Guards
  • Arena Gladiators
    • Pisciss Volann Gladiator
    • Koraxx

Aliens Used

By Ben Tennyson


  • There were no Erodinians present at the negotiations due to the danger the planet poses to them.