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Tick Tock is a living clock. His powers include going back and time and freezing time. He also can be used to Un-Hypnotise people. He is from the planet Relógio. His species is called the Tique-taque.


Like any other clock, he runs on batteries. If his batteries fall out, he's useless. In Ken 10: Ultimate Evolution, if his batteries fall out or go dead, the wearer automatically turn back as a Helotrix saftey protocol.

Tick Tock.png


  • Freeze Time
  • Going Back and Forth in time
  • Un-Hypnotize
  • Hypnotize

Where he was unlocked

In a Deleted scence for 10 Again, Ben threw a clock, from the Timeking, into a Shreader. A hand from the clock flew up, and stabbed into the Omnitrix. It turns out the clock was from Tick Tock's Planet, Relogio, which unlocked Tick Tock.

Ultimate Team Tennyson

He still apperes in the series regualry.

Ultimate Tick Tock

Ultimate Tick Tock doesn't need Batteries. Ultimate Tick Tock is now purple, he has 1 visible eye on his body and looks like a Grandfather clock. He can also fire ice and fire at a same time.

Ultimate Tick Tock

Ken 10: Ultimate Evolution

In the episode, Time Tangled, Ken gets some DNA from Timeking, proving he some DNA similar to Tick Tock.


Ben has acess to Tick Tock, but he looks different. He has 's body, but without the white shadow, and head spikes. He has two green eyes. The clock is on his chest, and the Ultimatrix is on the middle of it. When he uses his time travel powers, the clock hands glow green and move forward or backwards. His Ultimate form looks the same as it normally does.

Powers (BTUD)

  • Time Travel
  • Freezing Time
  • Hypnotizing and Un-Hypnotizing people
  • Green Lasers

Weaknesses (BTUD)

If Tick Tock is used alot, his batteries will die. After the batteries die, Ben transforms back, and the next time he has new batteries. He can't time travel alot, or he will stress himself out.