Thunderhoof is from an unknown planet. He is one of Orion's favorite and most used aliens in his arsenal.

Thunderhoof (Dimension x)

Voice Actor

Frank Stallone


  • Can use his antlers as a weapon.
  • Can also use them to fire electro bolts.
  • Night Vision.


He doesn't like people talking bad to him. He prefers to work alone and will only work with others if he feels the time is right. When someone angers him, he will throw a tantrum and won't stop till the matter is settled. He doesn't like others telling him what to do. He does what he wants to do. He won't attack till someone starts the fight.


His species isn't very bright like Rath, he doesn't think at all and his actions can cause a lot of trouble and damage.

Ultimate Form

Orion loved Thunderhoof so much that in episode 6, Orion created an ultimate form for him. He is now robotic. He still has the antlers. His powers are still the same, but now, due to his robotic body, he has super strength.
Ultimate Thunderhoof!

Ultimate Thunderhoof (Dimension X)


  • He is based off of the Transformers Robots In Disguise (2015) character with the same name.
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