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Thunder Legning
Thunder Legning
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Electria
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Thunder

Thunder Legning is an unknown species from the moon Electria in Minecraft 10.

Minecraft base 1

Thunder Legning as seen in the series


Thunder Legning has a round with two lightning bolts on his back. He has a rope that ties them to it, and two arms the same color as the rope. His legs are behind his head/body.


Thunder Legning can propel a purplish ball of energy into the air, but he must charge it with both hands. When he propels one, the bolts on his back get shorter. When they are gone, Thunder Legning cannot shoot any more balls and can use the rope as whip. The balls eventually reach the sky, which creates lightning Thunder Legning can control.

Thunder Legning, as told by his name, works a lot with his legs. He has high jumping, and since he has thin arms, he can stretch them out and glide down. While on the subject of his legs, he can stomp them, creating thunder: light or massive. It depends on how much Thunder Legning stomps.


Water makes him electrocute himself. When he is gliding, wind can blow him elsewhere. Due to Thunder Legning's heavy legs, he is slow.

Planet Information[]

His planet, Electria, is not actually a planet. It is really a moon. It is a moon to Terraexcava, the home of Talpaedans (Armodrillo's species). On Electria, there is no wind, and the moon has the biggest sky of any of the planets, despite the fact it's a moon. Thunder Legning's species can power theirselves up by making striking themselves with lightning. Thunder Legning lacks the ability to do this. This is because the arms of Thunder Legning's species are so skinny, it's easy to accidentally slap the Ultimatrix and revert back, wasting a lot of gained power.