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Throwk is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of an unknown species.


Throwk is a fifteen-foot musclebound, humanoid alien. He has deep red rocky skin, well-developed muscles, a pair of three-fingered arms, and three-toed feet, giving him the resemblance of Fourarms. He wears a martial arts outfit that is white with black lines and has no sleeves. His eyes are green with a Y-shaped black nose on his face. His pants are black that only reaches his ankles and has yellow lines on the sides. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his green belt.

Powers and Abilities[]

Throwk has super strength, fast reflexes, and enhanced durability, giving him the abilities of Fourarms. He can also flex his muscles, causing them to thicken and increase his size much like Humongousaur. While fighting an op- ponent, he can create destructive earthquakes when slamming his fists on the ground or make sonic blasts by punching them hard, making him very powerful.


  • Kraggon Rises (first appearance)


  • Throwk is the first alien to look like a martial artist.
  • Throk resembles Fourarms when having the same outfit colors.