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Thriller Whale
Thriller Whale 2018.png
General Information


Home Planet:

Ossicorcus Oceanus


Humanoid Whale

Other Info

Hypnotic Music Generation
Underwater Respiration



First Appearance:

The New Outbreaks

Thriller Whale is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Balentis from the planet Ossicorcus Oceanus.


Thriller Whale is a short, humanoid whale-like alien. His skin is blue, with light blue under tones. His bottom jaw is also light blue. He has barnacle-like pores on his shoulders, thighs, and one on his head, similar to a blow hole. He has two small eyes on either side of his head. He wears black outfit that has a white stripe down the middle, which then goes around him like a belt, and also wears the Simplicitrix on his chest. There is a green border around the white on his outfit.


  • Thriller Whale can generate hypnotic music from the barnacle-like growths on his body. One aspect of this power is being able to put people to sleep, such as when he put Bubble Helmet as Eatle to sleep with a lullaby-like tune.
  • Thriller Whale's species comes from an ocean planet, giving him underwater respiration.




  • In The New Outbreaks, Thriller Whale was unintentionally unlocked and used when Blukic and Driba were attempting to fix the Omnitrix. He initially failed to fight Liam as Arctiguana, but successfully guided Rook in using ChamAlien's powers against him. He later appeated to put Bubble Helmet as Eatle to sleep.



  • Thriller Whale's name is a mix of "killer whale" and "Thriller," the latter referring to the Michael Jackson song Thriller.
  • Thriller Whale's species is a mix of the Latin words "balæna," meaning whale, and "canetis," meaning sound.
  • Thriller Whale's planet name comes from the word "orca," and the Latin word "oceanus," meaning ocean.


  • Thriller Whale acts as Walkatrout's replacement in the show.
  • Albeit a prerequisite episode, Thriller Whale is the first alien used by Ben in Ben 10: Time's End, as well as the first new alien.
    • Despite being the first alien used by Ben, ChamAlien is the actual first alien used in the series, as he is used by Rook prior to Ben becoming Thriller Whale.
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