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Threat or Menace is the fourteenth episode of the first season of Back in Action: Alien Universe.

Major Events

  • The Assault Omnitrix's Trion Lockdown Mode is referred to by its name for the first time.


Part I

[We open with the DX Mark 10, closely followed by Kevin's car, arriving and parking in front of Ben Tennyson's home in the afternoon just after the two cars' occupants left school. Parked, the occupants of both cars deboard. From the DX Mark 10 comes Julie from the driver's seat and Chelsey from the passenger seat, both holding Mr. Smoothies. They shut their car doors and Julie locks them, heading for the front door of Ben's home. Exiting Kevin's car are Kevin and Gwen, respectively from the driver's and passenger's seats and both with Mr. Smoothies in-hand. After they've gone, Kevin shuts his door and stands by it. Gwen moves towards the front door of Ben's home, leaving the passenger door open for Ben to leave the car. Ben, like his colleagues, is paired with his own Mr. Smoothy, but his is twice as large as anyone else's. He steps out of the car and shuts the passenger door, followed by Kevin heading for the front door, locking his car as he does so. When Ben reaches the front door, he unwillingly sets aside his Mr. Smoothy to be tossed his keys from Julie. He unlocks the front door and lets everyone go in before him. They all enter and seat themselves at the couches in the room, effectively removing any leg space for Ben if he chooses to sit. After locking the front door and turning back, he's shocked to find this.]

Ben: Guys, can I get a little bit of space?
Kevin: You snooze, you lose, Tennyson. Continues to slurp his Mr. Smoothy.
Ben: Alrighty then. He strolls over to the table adjacent to the love seats and puts his Mr. Smoothy down on it after an extended slurp. He pops the tower up on the Omnitrix, transforming into Echo Echo. He seats himself in a narrow space between Gwen and Kevin.
Echo Echo: C'mon, can you give a guy some leg room?
Kevin (legs spread): Nah, I'm good like this.
Gwen: Kevin, it's his house. If you ever invite us to yours, we'll have it your way.
Echo Echo: What Gwen said. If you ever do, you can even have the whole couch and I'll have a seat in the kitchen or something.
Kevin: Hmm...Alright, I'll take you up on that deal sometime. Closes his legs, now leaving enough space for a human Ben to be seated between the two. But one favor, Tennyson?
Echo Echo: Alright, alright, I know what it is...He hops over to the other side of Kevin, which is closest to the one-seat couch where Julie is sitting, ergo pushing Kevin and Gwen closer once more. A hologram is projected in front of Echo Echo out of the Omnitrix which is simply an exclamation mark.
Omnitrix: Urgent message from Jimmy Jones. Echo Echo reverts to human, and the hologram continues to be projected just over the Omnitrix in a smaller form. Urgent message from Jimmy Jones.
Ben: Accept. The exclamation mark is removed from the hologram and replaced by a head shot of Jimmy Jones. What's up, Jimmy?
Jimmy: Hey, Ben. Are you watching the Will Harangue Nation?
Ben: No, why? What's Harangue saying about me now.
Jimmy: Well, nothing about you, I just thought it was something interesting. He's actually showing news now.
Kevin: Must've gotten bored of bashing Ben for the last year.
Ben: Took 'im long enough.
Jimmy: Yeah. Watch now, talk later.
Ben: Alright, see ya, Jimmy. The hologram of Jimmy's head ducks down as he uses his computer to end the call. The projection stops. Anybody know where the remote is?
Kevin: You're the one who lives here; how are we supposed to know?
Ben: You're so helpful, Kevin. Without touching the Omnitrix, he transforms into Wildmutt and sniffs out the remote.
Chelsey: Does he always do this to search for the remote?
Gwen: No. Sometimes he loses his textbook.
Chelsey: I see...

Following a glow in the background, Ben returns to the couch with the remote in-hand. He turns on the TV, which is already set to the Will Harangue Nation.

Ben: Gwen, pass me my Mr. Smoothy.

Gwen uses her powers to levitate Ben's Mr. Smoothy careful within a mana bubble, maneuvering it perfectly into Ben's hands.

Ben: Thanks.

Everyone slurps his or her Mr. Smoothy at once as they prepare to engage in the news being covered on the Will Harangue Nation.

Whitney Brist (on TV): Whitney Brist with the Will Harangue Nation here in Tennessee where we have finally been able to get word from one of Mercedes Barnes' best friends, Jane Cort. For those who haven't tuned in with us yet this week, Mercedes Barnes is a 16-year old woman who went missing after bringing in what most are assuming was alien technology from her backyard. The same piece of alien tech that caused her to go missing had destroyed half of the Barnes residence. We've interviewed Mercedes' mother, brother, and now we have her best friend, as I must repeat, Jane Cort. Jane?
Jane Cort (adjacent to Whitney): Err, Mercedes was, like, my best friend. We would always hang out and do stuff together. I was never hoping for it to end this way...
Whitney Brist: The story may not be over, Ms. Cort. It's possible your friend is alive, but scientists haven't been able to justify this notion. While I hate to be the bearer of a thought-provoking, emotional question in a sensitive time like this, what would you do to show your friendship with Mercedes if worse comes to worst and she is declared dead?
Jane Cort: I don't know, Whitney, I just don't know...
Whitney Brist: Well, there you have it folks. In the face of her best friend's sudden demise, Jane Cort had that to say. More on this at 11. Will?

The camera returns to the studio in which the Will Harangue Nation is primarily shot in. Harangue is facing opposite the camera, shouting into his cell phone.

Will Harangue (on TV): What do you mean?...I can't get out there right now; I'm in the middle of a show!...No, that just won't work. He's not getting on the--no, honey, I...Alright, alright. He shuts his phone.
Cameraman (on TV, offscreen): Will, we're on air.
Will Harangue (quickly spinning around in his chair to face the camera): Technical difficulties, folks. For right now, I'd like to introduce you to acting Will Harangue, a man I'm excited for you to meet, Jon Harangue. Will rushes offscreen. A taller, much wider--but not fatter--man enters the shot and seats himself where Will normally does.
Ben (worried tone): What did Harangue say this guy's name was?
Kevin: Jon. Harangue.
Ben: Oh, no...
Jon Harangue (on TV): Jonathan Harangue here on the Will Harangue Nation, taking the place of my younger brother and colleague, Will Harangue. Now, let's take a step back and talk about the incident with this Mercedes Barnes. You have to admit that the aliens are among us.
Ben: Ugh. I'm going to get some air, some less bias Harangue-filled air. With his Mr. Smoothy, he approaches the door as Jonathan Harangue continues to speak.
Jonathan Harangue: That's not to say I agree with my brother in saying this is caused Ben Tennyson. Having been reaching for the doorknob, Ben stops in place to continue to listen to Jonathan. I don't agree at all with the notion that this teenager is masterminding some plot to take over our planet. From what records we know publicly, he's got a human mother and a more-or-less human father. Let's also add that Ben Tennyson has been saving lives with his alien transformations since he was 10 years old. Ben dashes for his seat on the couch to continue listening to Jonathan's praise of him. Would you say that the D-averaging 10-year old that Ben Tennyson grew up from was capable of thinking up a plan to take over a town, let alone the whole planet? No. This kid's just saving lives as any hero can.
Ben: Does anyone have the number for the Will Harangue Nation studio?
Gwen: No, why?
Ben: I've got to get them to keep this guy permanently.
Chelsey: Shh, he's got more.
Jonathan Harangue: But set aside these facts which counter the irrational *opinions* of my colleague, and analyze as you will the recent reports which, along with evidence provided by Will Harangue, point to the possibility of Ben Tennyson recently having abducting three teenagers around his age. Here we have the missing children's parents and guardians: Muriel Rogh, Marty Grand, and the famous Ron Reymann. Chelsey: Ben...? She watches Ben, who is in a daze with his mouth wide open and eyes dilated.

Upon hearing the family names, Ben recalls the events involving the kids Jonathan claims were abducted.

[We transition to the past, just in front of Ben's house where Chelsey and Ultimate Echo Echo are fighting copies of Echo Echo, Swampfire, and Goop.]

Vincent/Swampfire: An *ultimate* form?!
Buler/Echo Echo: We told the boss he didn't have those when he got the new Assault Omnitrix.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Guess even your biggest fans get their facts wrong.

Fast-forwarding, we watch, through Diamondhead's eyes, Julie falling on her head at Ben's door. An enraged Diamondhead turns around to face those who had hurt her--his alien doppelgangers. We fast-forward a bit more, with Way Big having taken Diamondhead's place.

Way Big (arms ready for use of his cosmic ray): Let's see how you like being hurt by the more experienced! Way Big becomes Ultimate Way Big.
Ultimate Way Big: Or better yet, let's see how you like being hurt by someone with ultimate experience!

Ultimate Way Big holds a steady blast of his cosmic ray directed at the copies of his aliens. After a few minutes, Ultimate Way Big reverts to human, in which form he falls back into one of two holes made by each of Ultimate Way Big's feet. Meanwhile, the duplicates he'd been fighting are in a deep trench, all reverting to their human forms. The kids are all teleported away. At this point, Ben recalls the exact names of the kids: Buler Grand, Stacy Reymann, and Vincent Rogh.

[Ben returns to reality, shaking his head which is initially covered by Kevin's hand in an attempt to wake Ben. He jumps up to his feet.]

Ben: I, uh, really need to get some air now.
Julie (rising to her feet and reaching for Ben's shoulder): Ben, you--
Ben: Stop, I just need to go outside and be alone for one second. Please, Julie.

Julie lowers her hand and re-seats herself. Ben nods to her and rushes outside, slurping his Mr. Smoothy. He looks at the very spot in his front yard where the whole containing the three kids was, now perfectly patched up with grass and a rocky pathway to the front door. As he attempts to recollect something more about the hole, a portal opens to his side. Out from it comes Darkstar.

Darkstar: Hello, Tennyson.
Ben: Oh, c'mon!


Part II

[We open with Darkstar standing before the portal he had emerged from on Ben's lawn. Ben's first instinct is to save his Mr. Smoothy so he transforms into Diamondhead, shouting the name of the alien, and creates a safe holder for it. He encases it in diamond to prevent it being spilled in anyway.]

Diamondhead: So, you're a fan of portals now, Darkstar?
Darkstar: After our last encounter, yes. I don't appreciate you sending me to the Null Void, Tennyson. Now to return to the unwanted favor. He blasts a black ray in Diamondhead's direction.
Diamondhead: Oh, no you don't. Smacking the Omnitrix with the side of his fist, he transforms into Streak whom he uses to conjure a portal directly in front of himself. Darkstar's blast is shot into the portal, which is revealed to emerge immediately behind Darkstar. Darkstar's own energy absorption blast is shot at himself. He collapses onto his knees.
Streak: Look at that; defeated by Streak again.
Darkstar: Think again, Tennyson. He blasts Streak once more. Streak yet again defends himself with a portal in front of him leading to behind Darkstar. With the gestures of his hand, Darkstar conjures his own portal immediately behind Streak, the destination for the blast Streak had created. Streak is too late to notice the portal's redirection and is hurt by it. Streak, as if electrocuted, continues to scream as his powers are drained by Darkstar's disconnected ray. Darkstar gets to his feet and laughs. Tsk tsk, Tennyson. If you think I'm going to just let you defeat me, you're greatly mistaken. Now, there are a number of ways you can escape captivity--Alien X, through which you sacrifice Celestialsapien omnipotence to me; or some transformation with some less appealing abilities. I should note, though, that it will be quite difficult to find an alien with powers that I'll find useless. And don't think I'll hold back on absorbing them either; as opposed to Osmosians like Levin, I don't go insane with my power.
Streak: Yeah, if you don't consider your current state insane.
Darkstar: I don't, thank you very much. Now, make your move. Or sit there for me and let me drain what's left of that transformation.
Streak: If you say so! Transforms into Upchuck.
Upchuck: Upchuck! Darkstar halts his energy absorption.
Darkstar: What is that?
Upchuck: Oh, this? This is a Gourmand.
Darkstar: And what does it do?
Upchuck: Oh, you want me to do a little showcase? Alrighty then! He grabs a large chunk of the sidewalk and devours it in a single bite.
Darkstar: Remarkable, err, eating abilities!
Upchuck: That's only the half of it! His stomach expands, drooping on the floor.
Darkstar: An expanding stomach? Sarcastically. What a great power, Tennyson.
Upchuck: You're funny, Morningstar. Prepare to find out just how great my powers are! He opens his mouth and launches his beams at Darkstar. On his knees, he procures yet another portal before him. Oh, no you don't! Upchuck's prior blast enters Darkstar's portal, and just as it begins to exit from the portal behind Upchuck, he turns around and blasts into the portal, destroying his last blast before it returned to him. He then fires one more into the portal. It exits from Darkstar's portal, blasting him in the face and closing all portals in the area. Hey, why'd you close all the portals?!
Darkstar: A malfunction in my powers, Tennyson. Coughs. I don't know how you got by me that time, but you're not getting away again!
Upchuck: Yes, I will! As Darkstar raises his hand, Upchuck becomes Streak and creates yet another portal in front of him. Darkstar blasts the portal with another black ray. A portal opens behind Darkstar, blasting him in the back with a portal. Darkstar practically collapses on himself as he is sucked into the portal placed on his body. As he is being teleported away, Streak wipes his hands, but Darkstar blasts Streak's Omnitrix with a yellow ray.
Streak: Oh, not this again! The Omnitrix begins to flash a multitude of colors. I really need to get Azmuth to check out this rainbow mode. Streak closes all the portals in the area, including the one that had sucked Darkstar back into the Null Void. His Omnitrix gives off a spark and he is unwillingly reverted to Upchuck.
Upchuck: I'm gonna guess this is one of the aliens you're trapping me as, Omnitrix?

Chelsey rushes from Ben's home to Upchuck.

Chelsey: Ben, what just happened out here? We heard a lot of noise.
Upchuck: Darkstar was here. He had some powers like one of my transformations--like Streak's.
Chelsey: Darkstar?
Upchuck: Guess we haven't had the chance to fill you in on him. Ask Gwen or Kevin, they'll know.
Chelsey: Why don't you tell me?
Upchuck: Because I have work to do. He turns around and faces the area he had been staring at prior to Darkstar's arrival.
Chelsey: What kind of work?
Upchuck: The none-of-your-business kind.
Chelsey: Ben, please.
Upchuck: Sorry, Chelsey, just go. I need to be alone.
Chelsey: But I can--
Upchuck: You can what?
Chelsey: This is the spot where those kids were--
Upchuck: Were killed...yeah...this is the spot where I, Ben Tennyson, took the lives of three. Can't believe I did that...I--I don't deserve to be called a hero anymore...Chelsey puts her hand on Upchuck's shoulder as he mourns for the Three Friends.
Chelsey: Ben, you know you'd never do something like that, not even by accident?
Upchuck: Yeah, but it's done already...I can't say never anymore...
Chelsey: Ben, you didn't do anything.
Upchuck: What do you me--

The spot they are standing on begins to shake. Chelsey flies a distance off the ground, while Upchuck continues to be rocked by what seems to be an earthquake. The ground below him gives away, and Upchuck begins to fall on rubble deep down into the trench thought to have been covered up properly. At the bottom of the trench, there are pathways, as if tunnels had been dug by someone. As Chelsey attempts to fly to the bottom of the hole to reach Upchuck and pull him out, the entire hole caves in, and Upchuck is trapped in one of the many pathways.'

Upchuck (smacking his Omnitrix which changes colors every few seconds): Great! Stuck down here with Upchuck. Grabs some of the rubble off the pile that had sealed him in, eats it, and spits it back out in the form of sticky bomb. When it explodes, the area is filled with debris. When cleared out, the stack of rubble is revealed to have been entirely undamaged. Even better, trapped inside with the impenetrable rocks. At least I don't have to use my useless playlist...He turns around, finding that the rest of the tunnel is pitch black. He hears what sounds like bats flying through the area. Luckily, this thing's got a light in it. I just hope it works while it's in lockdown mode, or whatever mode this thing's in. Omnitrix, flashlight. An hourglass-shaped light is shot out of the Omnitrix. It rapidly changes colors as the hourglass changes. I guess as long as this thing's not off that I can--

In the distance, Upchuck spots a person in a red robe. As that person sees the light shining upon them, they cover their face and run away. Upchuck begins to run after him.

Upchuck: And it was my idea to choose Upchuck in a time like this! XLR8 would have been so much better about now! He slides to a stop. Or maybe I don't need XLR8...He picks up a large chunk of the ground, eats it, and fires the energized version of the ground in the direction of the person running away. They are knocked down, and something flies out of their hands landing only a few feet away from Upchuck. The two race for the object for the ground. Limping, the person manages to maintain only a speed as great as Upchuck's. The two reach the object at the same time. Hey, buddy, what is this thing? The object features a display with a screen displaying an array of numbers changing. There are three circular dials underneath the screen that feature Omnitrix symbols.
Robed Person: That's none of your business, Tennyson.
Upchuck: When you make tunnels under my house and bring whatever alien tech this is underneath it, I think it is.
Robed Person: What, you're not going to just take my life instead? Like you did my daughter!
Upchuck: What are you talking about? Who are you?
Robed Person: I am Ron Reymann, founder and chairman of Reymann Corporations. He removes his hoodie, revealing his blonde hair and a face with a long chin similar to Michael Morningstar's. Barely noticeable bags exist under his gray eyes. And I will not let you get away with taking the life of my daughter.
Upchuck: But I swear, I didn't take your daughter!
Ron Reymann/Robed Person: Lies! My colleague has a lot of proof behind you committing said crime.
Upchuck: Your "colleague"? You mean Will Harangue? He's been trying to spread lies about me ever since he found about me.
Ron Reymann: And he finally found some news worth spreading. He yanks his device away from Upchuck's hand and knocks Upchuck over the head with it, collapsing onto his back, sight fading as he begins to be dragged away by Reymann.


Part III

[We open in the perspective of Upchuck. We are dangling just over a bat of lava.]

Upchuck: This kinda trap again? Reymann, you're not the first to do this. As a matter of fact, you're like the fifth.
Ron Reymann (just out of Upchuck's peripheral vision): I don't care how original I am; I just care that I get my daughter back from you.
Upchuck: I'm sorry, Mr. Reymann...she's gone...
Ron Reymann: Lies! Upchuck is electrocuted, screaming as the sparks fly through him.
Upchuck: AAARGH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! The electrocution is halted.
Ron Reymann: I want real answers, Tennyson. My source says she's still alive!
Upchuck: What source? Is that one still Harangue?
Ron Reymann: It is not your place to know that! Now tell me where she is!
Upchuck: I don't know!
Ron Reymann: RAH! He throws some papers on some desks behind him away. On a control panel before the bat of lava, he turns a dial up to a setting labeled "14". Upchuck's screaming restarts but even louder. Reymann is quick to stop this. This transformation is experiencing too much pain, let's get another transformation for you...
Upchuck: Well, good luck; my Omnitrix is trapped in some mode that'll keep me as Upchuck.
Ron Reymann: Oh, yes...

An area of lava directly below Upchuck begins to raise as if a volcano was building up inside. The entity escaping the lava is uncovered and revealed to be a steel robotic arm. Reymann uses his control panel to randomly tap sections of Upchuck's Omnitrix symbol. Eventually, the symbol stops glowing a rainbow color.

Omnitrix: Trion Lockdown Mode Deactivated.
Upchuck: Trion Lockdown Mode? Eh, I was close enough. Now, Reymann, be careful with what you do right now. You don't want to kill me. I didn't mean to take your daughter's life; I thought she'd taken my girlfriend's!
Ron Reymann: What? What are you talking about? My innocent daughter would never do anything like that. She was your biggest fan, and you killed her.
Upchuck: Stop saying that!
Ron Reymann: No, I don't think I will. You can think all you want, but you took my daughter's life for absolutely no reason, not to mention using a completely "overkill" method--that rather patriotic transformation of yours, the tall red, white, and blue one.
Upchuck: Ultimate Way Big, yeah. But your daughter is responsible for what happened. She hurt my girlfriend!
Ron Reymann: How would my daughter hurt your silly little Julie Yamamoto?
Upchuck: How do you know so much about me?
Ron Reymann: Yet another question to add to the list of ones I won't answer. With the press of a button, the arm Reymann had been maneuvering maps a transformation for Upchuck. The Omnitrix creates a large glow before forcing Upchuck to transform.
Upchuck: What are you doi--The glow supersedes Upchuck in size. Despite this, Upchuck fires a blast out of his mouth at Reymann. He dodges this, but the blast ends up cutting one of the desk legs down behind him, resulting in several stacks of papers falling over. The blast continues past the leg, and like acid, burns through the floor.
Ron Reymann: Well that's going to be an extensive bill. I'm renting this place, you know that, Tennyson?

Upchuck's transformation ceases. He has become Humungousaur, but yet the shackles holding him to the ceiling still hold him properly.

Humungousaur: Hey, how are these things still holding me?
Ron Reymann: A little piece of tech passed onto myself by another multimillionaire. No need to tell who.
Humungousaur: You're talking about Harangue; I know it.
Ron Reymann: No, I'm not.
Humungousaur: Let's see how easily you'll say "no" to Humungousaur when I get out of this thing.
Ron Reymann (squinting at Humungousaur): Was that a threat, Tennyson? You want me to believe you're not behind the reasonless loss of my Stacy, and yet you continue with your threats?
Humungousaur: Hey, I have a reason, for both of those things. Right now, you're hurting me, for no reason.
Ron Reymann: I have a reason as well, Tennyson. You took my daughter. I'm trying to get you to realize that as soon as you tell me where she is that I'll let you free.
Humungousaur: And as soon as you let me go, I'm telling the world about you.
Ron Reymann: Oh, how I was hoping it wouldn't have to come to that. Well, then. Before I let you free, I'll wipe your memory of this little meeting of the minds. Now, tell me where Stacy is, you monster.
Humungousaur: For the last time, I don't know!

Reymann has the chains holding Humungousaur's shackles lower closer to the Humungousaur, just brazing Ben. At the same time, Reymann increases the intensity of Humungousaur's electrocution to a setting labeled "20." He initiates Humungousaur's electrocution.

Ron Reymann: Look at that, the dinosaur can't sustain these conditions, but that frog can...
Ron Reymann: Aha! He halts Humungousaur's electrocution. You did abduct her! Where is she, Tennyson?
Humungousaur: I swear, I didn't. I didn't mean that seriously, but you seem to want me to just lie to you. You'll take anything I say as true, when I sincerely have no idea where your daughter and her friends are.
Voice: I think electrocution isn't faring to well with Tennyson, Mr. Reymann. Let me deal with him myself.

Reymann and Humungousaur look towards the source of the voice to find a humanoid exosuit entering the room. It is purple and black, featuring silver wings, and two pairs of eyes, the second smaller pair sitting under the first. The eyes are red. Dead center on what appears to be the steel makeup of the exosuit are three red letters on a circular silver pad, reading "WHM", with the "H" in the center being the largest letter.

Humanoid/Voice: Hello, Tennyson.
Humungousaur: I can only guess who you are, Harangue.
Humanoid: Looks like you guessed right. I'm not taking my helmet off though. If I disadvantage myself even the slightest bit, your streak of luck will begin, and you'll destroy yet another one of my rather expensive tools for your destruction. Reymann, what's the electrocution setting on that thing?
Ron Reymann: 20.
Harangue (Exosuit): What's the highest?
Ron Reymann: 50, but 40 is the highest I'm going.
Harangue (Exosuit): Why? Tennyson's got an alien army in that watch of his. With that dinosaur of his, he's bound to be able to take it.
Ron Reymann: Well, this transformation cannot even sustain the 20. His last transformation could.
Harangue (Exosuit): Hmm...Try a different transformation.

After dialing another transformation for Humungousaur, he is enveloped in the green glow yet again before transforming into Ripjaws.

Harangue (Exosuit): Ahh, yes. We don't even need to waste your technology on torturing him. This one's a fish out of water, and if he's kept out too long, he'll die before our eyes.
Ron Reymann: But if he dies, I'll never know what happened to my daughter.
Harangue (Exosuit): We'll find a way, Reymann. He's got accomplices who're bound to know. Now, Tennyson, tell me--no, tell the world--what happened the day you decided to abduct Stacy Reymann, Buler Grand, and Vincent Rogh, your innocent #1 fans.

As Harangue keeps close to Ripjaws, dangling over the lava, Reymann lowers Ripjaws even closer to it. Ripjaws can be heard gasping for air as Harangue puts on a devilish smile in the face of Ben's near demise.


Part IV

[We open where we had left off with Reymann standing idly by his control panel, Ripjaws hanging just inches away from the bat of lava by chains, with Harangue torturing him just with his words.]

Ron Reymann: Tennyson. You know we're just trying to find out where this my daughter is. We're not trying to antagonize you.
Ripjaws (breathing quickly): That...that's a lie. Harangue will stab you in the back, Reymann...he just wants my life...
Ron Reymann: I won't let him do such a thing. Just tell me where Stacy and her friends are.
Ripjaws: I...I don't know...I...just let me free...
Harangue (Exosuit): Alright, let him go. He doesn't have the energy to escape anyway.
Ron Reymann: Will, maybe we should just let him go, as in, back home.
Harangue (Exosuit): But he took your daughter.
Ron Reymann: The kid's dying here. With your dying breath, would you keep the whereabouts of someone if you knew just letting it out would let you free?
Harangue (Exosuit): He could be waiting for a ransom, Ron.
Ron Reymann: The kid's already famous and making all the money he needs; what more could he ask for?
Harangue (Exosuit): Maybe he's not satisfied with his girlfriend. Maybe he likes your daughter more.
Ron Reymann: After what he's gone through with that Julie Yamamoto, I'd be surprised if that were true.
Harangue (Exosuit): I'm done with this discussion. Let him free, now.
Ron Reymann: Thank you for seeing it my way, Will.
Harangue (Exosuit): Just let Tennyson go.

Reymann presses a button on his control panel and most of the lava pool freezes over, leaving a small hole in the center where the robotic arm can sink back into. Ripjaws is released from his chains and dropped on the ice. He kisses the ice for a bit, hoping to suck enough water out of it, but Harangue interrupts him by smacking Ripjaws off the pool and across the room.

Ron Reymann: Will, what are you doing?!
Harangue (Exosuit): Can't you see what Tennyson is trying to do? He knew we'd let him free. Now he's going to get all his energy back, destroy us both, then leave while laughing in the face of our demise about having your daughter holed up somewhere.
Ron Reymann: He's still out of energy, Will; he couldn't do that if he tried.
Harangue (Exosuit): Good. Then the goal of this little exercise is just making sure he can't get back up.

As Harangue prepares to walk to the other side of the room to knock Ripjaws unconscious, Reymann rushes in front of him, holding his arms out in front of him, blocking Harangue's path.

Ron Reymann: I won't let you do this, Harangue. Ben Tennyson is a perfectly good kid.
Harangue (Exosuit): Your daughter was abducted by this alien yet you think he's perfectly good? What else do you wanna say? That he's a hero?
Ron Reymann: I don't know, Harangue, but what I do know is that your decision to try and eliminate him is in itself not the most heroic thing to do. Especially in front of national television.
Harangue (Exosuit, squinting at Reymann): How did you know?
Ron Reymann: If the way you'd been phrasing things hasn't made it obvious, I can see one of the cameras sticking out of your suit.
Harangue (Exosuit, pushing a camera in his shoulder into a hidden position): Whatever, Reymann. Get out of my way.
Ron Reymann: No, Harangue. Leave this place, leave Tenny--

Harangue smacks Reymann, sliding him a few feet away and knocking some tables over using Reymann's body.

Harangue (Exosuit): This recording is over. When this airs, you're going to suffer from the self-incrimination. Now as for Tennyson...He approaches Ripjaws, who is respiring at an alarming rate, lying on his side and barely able to see Harangue before him. Harangue throws his foot out in an attempt to deal the last needed blow to Ripjaws, but his foot is halted mid-kick by a glowing pink barrier holding his foot. Harangue turns to his side to find Chelsey in her human form. She has adopted a new uniform involving a red shirt, white short shorts, and Converse sneakers similar to Ben's own. Her hand is at length and held in a fist as the mana arm she is creating strings from her hand to Harangue's leg. Her eyes are glowing pink and bent into an angry expression. And who are you?
Chelsey: Chelsey Tennyson. A *pleasure* to meet you, Harangue.
Harangue (Exosuit): Another Tennyson? Your family sure does branch out. Now...He throws his foot into the air and swings up and back down, at the same time tossing Chelsey into the air and smacking her into the floor. She releases her grip on Harangue. You'll want to stay out of our business, little lady. This is an adult matter.
Chelsey: For starters, I'm 21 years old and Ben's only 17. She rises back to her feet with ease, at the same time engaging her Anodite form. Going on from that, I can handle myself. Simply using her mind, Harangue is lifted and tossed across the room, even further a distance than he had previously kicked Reymann aside. She rushes over to Ripjaws. Ben, are you alright?

Ripjaws coughs before speaking.

Ripjaws (mumbling): W...water...
Chelsey (Anodite): Can you transform into something else instead?
Ripjaws: No....w-water...
Chelsey (Anodite): Alright, Ben. Navitas Fluidi!

Chelsey takes on a sparkling green glow around her, while Ripjaws becomes visibly more healthy. The Omnitrix, which before had been darkening due to Ripjaws' loss of energy, begins to power up. The hourglass glows green, but just as Ripjaws is nearly completely fueled up by the water, he sees Harangue standing over Chelsey.

Ripjaws: Watch out!

Chelsey abruptly halts the spell and attempts to fly away from whatever Harangue was prepared to do. She was too late. Ripjaws looks ahead and finds Chelsey in her Anodite form, writhing in pain. She falls from the air onto the ground holding her foot. Ripjaws finds that her foot lands before his face, while she lie far away from it. Harangue looks down at the severed extremity.

Harangue (Exosuit): Oh, my...
Ripjaws: Chelsey! Getting a full body glance of Chelsey, he finds that she is in extreme pain. Her eyes no longer glow, simply remaining white. She has lost her fluorescence. Ripjaws gets to his feet and transforms into Humungousaur.
Humungousaur: Look what you did to her, Harangue. Why did you do that?
Harangue (Exosuit): It was an accident, Ben. That blast was obviously aimed for you, but you got in the way by announcing my presence.
Humungousaur: Why was it even intended for me? Why can't you just understand that I had nothing to do with the disappearance of Stacy Reymann.
Harangue (Exosuit): Because the evidence stands to prove you blasted them away--you sent them to some ship!
Humungousaur: I'll admit right now. His head drops then raises immediately to face Harangue. Stacy Reymann, Vincent Rogh, and Buler Grand are gone. My ray killed them.
Harangue (Exosuit): Aha! That's all the proof I needed, Tennyson.
Humungousaur: Why do you have to do this, Harangue?
Harangue (Exosuit): Do what?
Humungousaur: This, what you're doing. Making me out to be a villain. It wasn't on purpose.
Harangue (Exosuit): Tennyson, let me start by saying that it doesn't matter whether it was by accident or not. "Bring Tennyson up to the stand...Is it true that you took the lives of a Ms. Stacy Reymann, Buler Grand, and Vincent Rogh?" High-pitched imitation of Ben. "Yes, but it was by accident." They're not just to let you go scott-free because of that, Tennyson.
Humungousaur: But--
Harangue (Exosuit): But nothing. Unless that was some joke and you really didn't take those lives, you're not getting out of this easy.
Humungousaur (low growling): Then at least tell me before you hand in all that evidence...why are you doing this? Why do you have it out for me, and me only?
Harangue (Exosuit): Guess since you'll be behind bars the rest of your life, there's no reason not to tell you. Your little friend here'll meet the same fate, so she won't be able to say anything either. And I guess I can accuse Ron Reymann for something. Ben Tennyson...I envy you.
Humungousaur: What?!
Harangue (Exosuit): You've got wealth at a young age and a job you're happy to go in and do everyday. As for myself, I'm rich but not have nothing--no one--to spend it on.
Chelsey (Anodite, using her mana to levitate her foot back to its proper location, binding it to her shin using magical tape, stands up): And now, you're not going to even have wealth.
Harangue (Exosuit): What? You're going to kill *me* now, too?
Chelsey (Anodite): No. And "too" implies having done it before, Harangue.
Harangue (Exosuit): Precisely. So my question stands.
Chelsey (Anodite): No, it doesn't, because those kids aren't dead.
Harangue (Exosuit) and Humungousaur: What?!
Chelsey (Anodite): I tried to tell you before, Ben, but you didn't listen, and then you ended up falling in this hole.
Harangue (Exosuit): Then where are they?
Chelsey (Anodite): I don't know--
Harangue (Exosuit): Aha!
Humungousaur: Let her talk.
Chelsey (Anodite): Thank you, Ben. I don't know, but I can track them down. If Mr. Reymann, Mr. Grand, and Muriel Rogh accept my offer, I only need one object that belonged to each of the kids to trace them. They're likely to all be together. They were all teleported away at the same time.
Humungousaur: Teleported away? Is that what happened?
Chelsey (Anodite): Yes. So, Mr. Reymann, will you help me with this? I can find your daughter if you do.

Reymann limps over to Chelsey. She throws one of his arms over her shoulder so the two can combine their limping to create somewhat proper motion.

Ron Reymann: I'm in, Ms...
Chelsey (Anodite): Chelsey Tennyson. I'd suggest you don't speak on the way; you're hurt.
Ron Reymann: The same goes for you, Ms. Tennyson.
Chelsey (Anodite): It's just my foot. Ben, meet me at Mr. Reymann's house. Mr. Reymann--
Ron Reymann: Call me, Ron, and yes, I'll lead the way.

Chelsey flies off through the ceiling and out onto the surface with Reymann at her side. Still in the room, Humungousaur gestures "I've got my eyes on you" and transforms into Ultimate Echo Echo, flying off through the hole to the surface. Harangue watches Ultimate Echo Echo go. As he leaves, Harangue receives a call within his suit.

Caller (through Harangue's intercom): Is the evidence ready?
Harangue (Exosuit, into intercom): Yes.
Caller (intercom): Is he guilty?
Harangue (Exosuit): No, but with this evidence, we can easily make it look like it. Meet me at the studio.
Caller (intercom): Already on my way.

Harangue takes his own path through the tunnel exit he had entered the room in, followed by the lights in the lab where Ripjaws had been tortured in being automatically shut off.


Part V

[We open at the two-story Reymann residence. We find inside the house Violet Reymann seated at the kitchen table watching a Will Harangue Nation news report on her 80" TV.]

Jonathan Harangue (TV): We're getting something new here. It appears that my brother, Will Harangue, has uncovered even more solid evidence supporting the belief that Ben Tennyson had abducted Stacy Reymann--daughter of multimillionaire Ron Reymann and wife Violet Reymann, as well as her friends Vincent Rogh and Buler Grand. While Ron Reymann recently became unavailable due to work and Marty Grand, father of Buler Grand, also becoming absent due to his job at Reymann Corp., Vincent Rogh's grandmother and guardian Muriel Rogh is here on the scene to talk with us. Before we begin, know that if you want to hear more about Will Harangue's exclusive unveiling of new evidence, come back here at 11. Muriel?

Muriel is spotted onscreen next to Jonathan at this point.

Muriel: Hello, national world.
Jonathan Harangue: Err, yes...Now, Muriel, how has the loss of your grandson affected you?
Muriel: Well Joey, as Billy said before, Vincent--
Jonathan Harangue: Billy? You mean Will?
Muriel: Yes, him.

There is a brief silence.

Jonathan Harangue: Err, the question, ma'am?
Muriel: What question?
Jonathan Harangue: "How has the loss of your grandson affected you?" That question.
Muriel: Oh, yes. It's dearly hurt me. Vincent was always by my side and now I have no one.
Jonathan Harangue: But I understand you're being compensated now that there's no one around at your apartment.
Muriel: Yes, William is paying for me to be nice and cozy in my little home.
Jonathan Harangue: Will is paying for you? Why not have Ben Tennyson pay for everything? After all, he is who's said to be behind all this.
Muriel: Well, there's no proof that that's all true. Bill just said--
Jonathan Harangue: So, wait, you don't believe that Ben Tennyson is behind all this?
Muriel: No, not at all. Ben Tennyson is a sweet boy. He helped my sister once.
Jonathan Harangue: Intriguing...It looks we have to wrap up this interview. Muriel will see us again tomorrow.
Muriel: Oh, is it 6 o'clock already?
Jonathan Harangue: Yes, ma'am. That also marks the end of this part of today's news. You were watching the Will Harangue Nation, and now prepare to take an athletic look at things from the sports world. We'll see you back here at 11 for the exclusive coverage from Will Harangue. Thank you, and good night.

Violet shuts off the TV and pulls out a small framed picture of herself, Ron, and Stacy made quite recently judging by Stacy's adult appearance. She wipes her eyes with a tissue from a large box as she mourns for her daughter.

Violet: Oh, how I hope you come back safe, sweety.

The front door knob begins to jiggle, and Violet's attention is averted. She wipes all the tears from her eyes away with a swingle swipe of her arm. She releases a tazer from being taped under the kitchen table and aims it at the door.

Violet: Come after my daughter, and now this...

The door opens with Chelsey in her Anodite form floating behind it. Violet fires the tazer, but Chelsey redirects the charge into the sky.

Violet: Who are you, and what do you want with me?
Ron Reymann's Voice: Honey, it's okay.
Violet (lowering the tazer): What?

Reymann becomes visible in the doorway and walks in. He and Violet give each other a great bear hug, with Reymann lifting Violet off her feet. Reymann puts his wife down.

Violet: Ron, I wasn't sure where you were. I kept calling you, and you didn't pick up, and none of the news networks were able to get a hold of you...
Ron Reymann: Don't worry, Violet, I just had my own business to attend to.
Violet: Did it involve, err, whatever *that* thing is outside?
Chelsey (Anodite): I'm not a "that", Ms. Reymann. I'm an alien, an Anodite.
Ron Reymann: What she said.
Violet: "She"? Why is she here, Ronald?
Ron Reymann: Don't worry; I'm not having affairs with an alien teenager.
Chelsey (Anodite): For the last time, I'm 21!
Ron Reymann: Whatever. We're just here to get something important to Stacy.

Reymann begins to step over to the steps to upstairs but Violet comes in her way.

Violet: And, might I ask, why do you need something of Stacy's?
Ron Reymann: This girl believes she can track down Stacy if she has something important to her.
Violet: Oh, really?
Chelsey (Anodite): Yes, ma'am. Anodite powers go without humanly imaginable bounds. If I can just have something of your daughter's, I believe I can help find her.
Violet: And what's your name?
Chelsey (Anodite): Chelsey Tennyson.

Violet drops the tazer still in her hand on the floor and looks ahead at Chelsey with dilated eyes. She shakes her head after a moment of speechlessness.

Violet: I'm sorry, but we don't accept your kind here.
Ron Reymann: Honey, she's not--
Violet (lowering her voice to speak out of Chelsey's range): She is a Tennyson; she's probably just trying to get rid of us, too.
Chelsey (Anodite): I should probably let you know I can hear you.
Violet: Then I stand where I was. Please leave, Ms. Tennyson. I'll call the police, tell them you're trespassing.
Ron Reymann: Honey, I can't let you do that.
Violet: Why? Do you trust this girl you just met? Or is it true that you two have something going on behind my back?
Ron Reymann: I promise you, there is nothing going on between this girl and myself, and that if you just let me go, we'll see Stacy back in our arms soon.
Violet (attempting to make a rebut): I--But you--She drops her head. Do whatever it takes, Chelsey.
Chelsey (Anodite): I promise you, you'll see your daughter back here again, Ms. Reymann.

Ron goes up the steps with Chelsey hovering behind him. As she prepares to hover up the steps, Violet tugs at her arm. Chelsey turns around to see Violet's face close to hers.

Violet (menacing tone): But if you turn out to be double-crossing the Reymann family, I'll see to it that "Tennyson" will be an abhorred name for centuries to come. Do you hear me, Ms. Tennyson?
Chelsey (Anodite): Loud and clear, Ms. Reymann.
Violet: Good. She throws Chelsey's arm away from her, watching, with arms crossed, Chelsey and Ron heading into Stacy's room.

Through the still-open front door, Ultimate Echo Echo flies into the house. Violet screams, grabs her tazer, and shocks him at the chest. Ultimate Echo Echo collapses but no more than a few seconds later, he rises. He uses his sonic discs to destroy the tazer.

Violet: What do you want with me? I promise, I don't have whatever you're looking for.
Ultimate Echo Echo: I mean you no harm, Ms. Reymann. I'm looking for a purple alien girl and your husband. Did you see them?
Ultimate Echo Echo: Ma'am, I didn't take your daughter.
Violet: Every channel's talking about it. Do you think I'm stupid? Do you think I didn't notice my daughter go missing? You're not getting by me. You're not going to my daughter's room. As a matter of fact, you might as well be a wanted criminal. I'll call the police!
Ultimate Echo Echo: The police are not involved with any alien criminals, ma'am. Now please, just let me--

Chelsey and Ron come dashing out of Stacy's room.

Ron Reymann: Honey, I'll be back later.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Good, they're out. See ya', lady!

Ron, Chelsey, and Ultimate Echo Echo fly off outside. They do not go far, though, stopping on the roof of the Reymann residence.

Ron Reymann: Why did we stop up here?
Chelsey: We can cover more ground faster if we teleport.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Do you want me to help with the spell?
Chelsey: I'm fine, Ben. As opposed to Gwen, I can do this relatively pain free.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Alright, just don't complain to me if you get knocked out after this.

Chelsey raises her hands over her head and has them meet by the palm side of the hands. She creates enough space in her hands for a mana bubble, which appears there instantly. The bubble grows in size, encompassing the trio. The group are teleported away.

[We hastily run through Chelsey, Ultimate Echo Echo, and Ron arriving at the Grand residence. Buler Grand's mother, Yvette, is far from hesitant to hand something of his over to the group, just having them agree that they'll never tell Buler it'd been taken. They rush off with Buler's most prized possession, a toy that he believes is an action figure but is quite obviously a doll of a male character. The trio teleport yet again, this time to the apartment building of Vincent and Muriel Rogh.]

Ultimate Echo Echo: How should we get in?
Chelsey (Anodite): I doubt she'll just let us in, let alone whoever's tending the front door.
Ron Reymann: What if we ignore the Rogh boy and just go for the 2 out of 3 we have?
Ultimate Echo Echo: Sir, that's not how we work. If we're saving one, we're going to save the other, and all others involved.
Ron Reymann: But we can ignore Rogh, right?
Ultimate Echo Echo: No.
Chelsey (Anodite): Why does it matter so much that he's not saved, sir? If you believe he and your daughter have a thing for each other, you can't simply keep them apart. That's how kids run away.
Ron Reymann: But my little girl's not ready for relationships yet.
Chelsey (Anodite): How old is she?
Ron Reymann: Err, 17.
Chelsey (Anodite): That's Ben's age, and he's been dating someone for two years, and you know who that girl is. You have to realize that true love can be found at this age, sir, and that if you don't let her go, you're not going to be involved in her life in any positive way.
Ron Reymann (sighs heavily): Maybe you're right...
Chelsey (Anodite): If I may, sir, I am. You're not the first father, or father figure, I've had to help out. I have experience with teenage girls, sir, not only because I was one.
Ron Reymann: truly do have what it takes to be a great mother, Ms. Tennyson. How about you and Vincent get hitched? All expenses paid for by--
Ultimate Echo Echo: Mr. Reymann, stop. She's not getting into an arranged marriage, and you're not going to prevent your daughter from being with Vincent Rogh. Now, let's get back to how we're getting inside, please.
Ron Reymann: Apologies, Ben Tennyson.
Chelsey (Anodite): Hmm...I think I've got it.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Shoot.

After Ultimate Echo Echo blinks, he finds himself in a hallway in the apartment with Ron and Chelsey at his side.

Ultimate Echo Echo: Wh--How'd we get here?
Chelsey (Anodite): I've got a lot of juice. Teleporting us up here was fairly
Ultimate Echo Echo: Ok, so where are we?
Chelsey (Anodite): We're on the floor of the Rogh's apartment.

At the end of the hall, there is room 100. While all other rooms are marked with a number followed by an "A" or "B", this one is the sole door on its wall, a premium room fit for a small family. Chelsey knocks at the door.

Ultimate Echo Echo: Couldn't you have just teleported us in?
Chelsey (Anodite): Muriel Rogh is a fairly fragile old woman. Two aliens and a celebrity suddenly appearing in her room isn't something that happens everyday for her.
Ultimate Echo Echo: knocking politely at her door isn't? If you were as old and frail as her, and you saw the person who you think killed or took your grandson, would you just shrug it off.
Chelsey (Anodite): Hmm...maybe you have a point...Alright, she's coming. Let's just revert to human. She should be a little less shocked to see three of her kind at the door.

Ultimate Echo Echo reverts to Echo Echo then to human, followed by Chelsey following suit by transforming to human. Several sets of locks can be heard being unfastened. The door opens, and a brown-haired teenage girl opens the door.

Girl: May I help you?
Chelsey: We're here for Muriel.
Girl: Umm...who are you and why are you here for this "Muriel"?
Chelsey: We believe we can get her grandson back, but only if we have something valuable of Vincent's.
Girl: Oh...The girl's eyes fly left and right. After seemingly checking if the coast is clear, she leans forward and whispers to the trio. You wouldn't happen to have magical powers, would you?
Chelsey: Uhh...why?
Girl (whispering): I have them, too, but I just found about them recently. I've been trying to tap into one of Vincent's belongings for a few days now, but it just hasn't been working.
Chelsey: You're new with your powers. You'll figure it out soon enough. Can you let us in?
Girl: Yeah, sure. Just hope you have more luck than I did.
Chelsey: Thanks.

The girl moves to the side, letting Ben, Chelsey, and Ron in. She shuts the door after them, locking each of the 8 locks protecting the inhabitants of the fairly large apartment room from those lurking outside. The trio analyzes the large room.

Chelsey: Where is Muriel?
Girl: She's just coming back from an interview on the Will Harangue Nation.
Ben: How was it?
Girl: Err, are you Ben Tennyson?
Ben: Yeah, but I swear, I didn't do it.
Girl: I believe you. If there's one thing I do have down, it's being able to tell when people are lying or not. Not to mention, I've seen the evidence Will Harangue has shown in the past. The kids were teleported away, not hurt by that tall transformation of yours.
Ron Reymann: I believe we're on a schedule. Let's please get whatever we need to get from the Rogh boy and leave.
Ben: We're on a schedule?
Ron Reymann: Shh! Let's just go.
Girl: I just told you I can tell when people are lying, sir. Now, follow me.

[Our view is adjusted to within Vincent's dark room. The door is opened by the girl, who is in the thick of a conversation with Chelsey. Ben and Ron walk into the room and turn on the light while the two continue their conversation.]

Chelsey: That's fascinating. 15 years and you had no idea?
Girl: No idea.
Chelsey: Wow. I only went 5 before I learned from my grandma about my powers. She taught me everything I know on Anodyne, the Anodite home world.
Girl: Anodyne...I like how it sounds.
Chelsey: Yeah, you'd love it.
Girl: Alright. Maybe I'll come visit some day. Go help your friends. She prepares to head out of the room.
Chelsey: Wait!
Girl: What?
Chelsey: I didn't catch your name.
Girl: Hmm...I didn't catch yours either. Mine's Destiny Abie.
Chelsey: Chelsey Tennyson.
Destiny: Cute.
Chelsey: Yours is better. I've always loved the name "Destiny".
Destiny: Haha, that's so cool. See ya again some day, Chelsey Tennyson.
Chelsey: Remember my signature. Maybe we can find each other again.
Destiny: Alright, I will. Her eyes begin to glow as she shuts the door.

Chelsey turns away from the door to find Ron and Ben having already completed their search for useful possessions. Ron holds in his hand crumpled up homework, while Ben carries a ripped wallet.

Ron Reymann: This boy sure knows how to make a mess of a room...
Chelsey: Doesn't matter. We've got what we need now.
Ben: Which one of our things are you going to take?
Chelsey: Doesn't really matter, but if you're going to be childish about it, Ben, I'll just take both.

Both the wallet and the crumpled up paper are transformed into mana then float in the form of mana towards Chelsey.

Ron Reymann: Shall we commence with finding my daughter?
Chelsey: No, not here. We need a good amount of space.
Ron Reymann: We can head back downstairs.
Chelsey: No. I'm more of a fan of roofs.

Performing a similar teleportation spell to those she had previously used, the trio are teleported in a bubble to the wide open space provided on the roof of the apartment building. Chelsey walks over to the edge and admires the view.

Chelsey: Ahh, I've always loved the view you can get from a roof. And the thing is, just about any roof is good for this. Only, like, skyscrapers get better than this, though.
Ron Reymann: That's great. Can you find my daughter now?
Chelsey: Alright, alright, Mr. Reymann.

Chelsey reluctantly removes herself from the edge of the roof. She stands in the middle of the roof and throws her arms in the air. Her eyes begin to glow. Her skin begins to transform into that of her Anodite form's, starting at the eyes and growing to the rest of her body in the direction of her hair and her feet. She commences with the spell needed to find Stacy Reymann, Buler Grand, and Vincent Rogh. Four balls of mana escape from Chelsey's body, self-unwrapping themselves to create the objects that had been held close to each of the friends--the wallet and old homework belonging to Vincent, the doll belonging to Buler, and a stuffed bear that had been held close to Stacy since she attained it at age 3. The items spread out and a mana ring begins to connect them. Chelsey ceases to glow, stepping away from the ring as it sets itself up in a vertical fashion in an elliptical shape, resembling a mirror.

Chelsey (Anodite): Ben, your turn.
Ben: You can't just do the whole thing?
Chelsey (Anodite): That requires a lot of mana, and I don't have that much to spare now.
Ben: What happened to the girl full of juice?
Chelsey (Anodite): That spell takes a lot out of a person. Now go.
Ben: Alright, alright. He transforms into Streak. As Streak, he scratches an area in the ellipsoidal mana structure where a reflective material would be placed on a mirror using his sharp claws. A portal slowly makes its way inside the ring. It grows incrementally to a size fitting for a person to step inside. Within the portal, Streak, Ron, and Chelsey are able to spot the three friends--Stacy, Buler, and Vincent--all lying tied up in a single jail cell with the key left in it, ready to turn.
Streak: Who wants to go first?
Ron Reymann: My little girl...

Through the portal, Ron is able to see his daughter shake and struggle to get out of the material she is tied up with, but her efforts are fruitless.

Ron Reymann: Don't worry, Stacy. We're going to get you and your friends out of there.
Streak: So, you're going first, sir?
Ron Reymann: Of course; my daughter is in there.
Streak: Then, after you.

Ron steps into the portal. Inside the portal, Ron watches his daughter struggle. She shakes her head violently.

Ron Reymann: Don't worry, Stacy, you're getting out of this. Ron begins to turn the key in such a way to open it. Just before properly turning it, Ron is stopped in place. Streak: Mr. Reymann?

Ron is hit. He goes flying out of the portal, far enough even to nearly fly off of the apartment building. He is saved from falling off by Chelsey's mana, which pulls Ron closer to her and Ben. She looks into the portal.

Chelsey (Anodite): This isn't good...
Streak: What could have done that?
Attacker (stepping out of the portal): I believe you mean "who".

Despite his great height and width, the large form of the dinosaur-like Negative Ultimate Humungousaur makes his way out of the portal and stands before Chelsey and Streak.

Streak: Albedo...
Negative Ultimate Humungousaur: You know, Tennyson, I've gotten about up to here with you. I'm sick and tired of you getting in the way of what we're doing. If it weren't for that grand plan of the Commander's, you'd be dying at my feet right now. And so would your little Anodite friend.
Chelsey (Anodite): I doubt that, Albedo.
Negative Ultimate Humungousaur: You're in nowhere near the position to say you'd be able to defeat me, Ms. Tennyson.
Chelsey (Anodite): If I was able to save Mr. Reymann, I'm obviously able to stop you. Negative Ultimate Humungousaur: Hardly. That's not working on the offensive against an evolved Vaxasaurian.
Chelsey (Anodite): Do you want to see me working on the offensive then?
Negative Ultimate Humungousaur: No, not at all. He fires several times Chelsey's feet, knocking her into the air but not at all injuring her. She fails to compose herself before beginning to fall back to the roof of the building, Negative Ultimate Humungousaur transforming into Negative XLR8, grabbing her, and throwing her miles upon miles away. He rushes back to Streak and reverts to Negative Ultimate Humungousaur. So, Tennyson, how shall I deal with you?

Streak transforms into Rath.

Rath: *Rath* think he's going to tear you to shreds then he's going to use your body as a new skin for his phone!
Negative Ultimate Humungousaur: That's funny, because I wanted to do the same for you, except as a pelt for my room.
Rath: OH YEAH? TURN RATH INTO A PELT? NOT HAPPENING, ULTIMATE HUMUNGOUSAUR BEING USED BY ALBEDO! He hops onto Negative Ultimate Humungousaur's head and begins to punch him back and forth. Eventually, he kicks him, pushing Negative Ultimate Humungousaur back a few feet. Rath jumps off of him. HAD ENOUGH?
Negative Ultimate Humungousaur: If that's all you're bringing to the table then the Commander's going to be greatly disappointed in the final battle...

[We observe the battle between Ben and Albedo in the form of frames from important points of the coming battle. Paradox appears before us. In the background, we can spot Rath launching himself into the air, dodging six rockets shot by Negative Ultimate Humungousaur headed for the spot he had been in.]

Professor Paradox: Ben and Albedo waged quite the war on the roof of this quaint little apartment building.

In the background, the scenery changes to Plastikitee mid-air with his stretched arms being thrown straight down at the floor, while Negative Brainstorm electrocutes Plastikitee's arms.

Professor Paradox: But Ben didn't fair entirely too well.

The background changes to that of Negative Benmummy being used to hold Streak in one place.

Professor Paradox: He was in a war he couldn't win with an adversary with far superior mental capacity.

Lodestar appears, pulling objects off the roof and balling them up into something. Negative Benmummy is sighted as being weakened on the floor.

Professor Paradox: But Ben began to realize that it was only mental capacity that Albedo had possessed. Ben had two consecutive years of training on the field. He began to use his environment as a weapon as well as tricks he'd picked up in his years' work.

Rath appears once more, pummeling a Negative Plastikitee into the roof.

Professor Paradox: Wielding Rath, he overcame Albedo as he was forced to use some transformations that he had never wielded before.

In the background, Ben can be seen nonchalantly walking away from the weakened Negative Plastikitee.

Professor Paradox: But when Ben believed the battle was over, that he had won, the tides had turned, and yet again, the battle had no longer been in his favor.

Negative Ultimate Humungousaur is spotted yet again with Streak's body held to his own. He is dialing in a code on the Omnitrix.

[Time resumes as normal, with Streak struggling to get out of Negative Ultimate Humungousaur's grip.]

Negative Ultimate Humungousaur: You're not going to find this place ever again. And just to be sure of it, I'm taking that transformation of yours, the one you call "Streak".
Ben: You can't! I need him!
Negative Ultimate Humungousaur: I can't stress enough how little I care.

Negative Ultimate Humungousaur finally dials in the right code, and tosses Streak as he reverts to human to the side. He transforms into Negative Benvicktor and faces Ben, who stands perfectly upright, albeit observing the Omnitrix and how Streak was no longer in the active playlists.

Negative Benvicktor: And now to be sure you don't re-enter this place...He blasts the Omnitrix with a ray. The hologram of Four Arms that Ben had been looking at in his attempt to scroll through and find Streak yet again had been removed. The hourglass enters the Trion Lockdown Mode once more, beginning to cycle through an assortment of colors in the rainbow. The Omnitrix procedes to violently electrocute Ben. That should keep you busy a while.
Ben (being electrocuted): Wh--AAARGH--what did you do?!
Negative Benvicktor: Activated Azmuth's Trion Lockdown Mode, which naturally reverts you to your last transformation if done right. That was Streak, and he is no longer in the active playlists. Hopefully this won't be fatal, Tennyson. He hops back into the portal from the Tertiary Wing prison. See you next never. Oh yeah, and I don't ever want to see your cousins trying to reach this place. If they do, you can check them off as dead, seeing as the Commander doesn't need them.

Negative Benvicktor can be seen transforming into Negative Anos. He closes the portal. Ron rushes over to Ben as he is being electrocuted.

Ron Reymann: Ben Tennyson?! Ben, I'll get help, I'll--I'll--
Voice: Do nothing. I got this.

The owner of the voice, Julie, in her Mechamorph suit, appears at the roof of the building. She wraps herself around the Omnitrix and after a few moments of hacking, disables the Trion Lockdown Mode. She removes herself from the Omnitrix.

Ben: Julie, how'd you get here?
Julie: Your Omnitrix gave off a distress signal a little while ago. We've been trying to track it down, and just a minute ago it started giving a new one off at these coordinates, so we followed.
Ben: Distress signal? But I didn't do anything to set it off.
Julie: Maybe that malfunction it was just having?
Ben: But that was a regular mode, not a malfunction.
Julie: Doubt it, Ben. Either way, you're safe now. And what happened? Where's Chelsey? I thought she was with you.
Ben: On the other side of town.
Julie: What?
Ben: Albedo was here. And he launched her to the other side of town.
Ron Reymann: He also destroyed the last remaining hope of me seeing my daughter again.
Ben: No, sir, we'll see your daughter, I swear by it, but we're going to have to wait a little longer than expected.
Ron Reymann: How much longer?
Ben: I have absolutely no idea. The Commander--an alien that that alien who was attacking me works for--has a plan involving the Earth. If my team can take him down when he does this, we can get them.
Julie: Can't Chelsey just track them down now using those things?
Ben: No...Albedo made sure to tell me that Gwen and Chelsey should not get involved, and neither should anyone else trying to open a portal to wherever he was.
Julie: So we're back to square one with Reymann's daughter?
Ben: Not exactly, right? Right, Mr. Reymann?
Ron Reymann: I guess. We know where she is; we know she's alive. I'll spread the word that she, and her friends, are somewhat safe, and alive. I'll tell them all you're not behind this, Ben Tennyson. I'm grateful for what you've done for me. If there's anything you ever want me to do with my wealth that you can't do with yours, just stop by the company building. I'll be sure to tell my secretary that you're welcome anytime.
Ben: Thanks, Mr. Reymann, it's much appreciated.
Ron Reymann: You're welcome. Now, can I ask a little question?

[We pan out to get a view of the 6-story apartment building as we listen to Ron's question as loud as if we were standing adjacent to him.]

Ron Reymann: Just how do I get off of this building?

[As we spot the distant silhouettes visible during this full moon's night belonging to Ben and Julie transforming to aid Ron off the building, we pan away to the back of the studio belonging to the channel the Will Harangue Nation is on. The exosuit of Will Harangue can be spotted descending to the ground. He arrives, looking around in the dark and barren area.]

Harangue (Exosuit): Anybody back here? I brought the evidence.
Voice: Oh, good. Was almost starting to think you weren't going to show up, that you'd skipped out so you could premiere this on your network. We all know how that would've turned out.
Harangue (Exosuit): Yes. Now, come out here.
Voice: Of course.

Stepping out of the shadows is Thep Khufan Second-in-Command Scarogus.

Harangue (Exosuit): Y-you're an alien.
Scarogus/Voice: And you're going to give up my side of the deal because of that?
Harangue (Exosuit): I wouldn't be proud to say I'm doing this, creature.
Scarogus: The name's Scarogus, and there's no need to say you've done this. Keep this a secret, it's best that way for the both of us.
Harangue (Exosuit): I don't know...have you got the money?
Scarogus: I do not.
Harangue (Exosuit): What?!
Scarogus: I've decided to bring you the payment in the form of rare gems--diamonds and the sort.
Harangue (Exosuit): You're willing to pay all that just for dirt on Ben Tennyson?
Scarogus: My supervisor is a big fan of "Super Ben".
Harangue (Exosuit): He's a fan, yet he wants dirt on Tennyson?
Scarogus: Do you want your money or not? I'm not paying extra for you to think this over.
Harangue (Exosuit): Yes, yes, I'll take the money. Show it to me first. You're an alien, you could easily take the evidence if I show it to you first.
Scarogus: Yes, I guess you are correct. He pulls from his chest blue glistening crystals. Pure diamonds, Harangue.
Harangue (Exosuit): They're perfect.
Scarogus: Now your end of the deal.
Harangue (Exosuit): Oh, yes. A section of his armor opens up, and a cassette pops out. Here you go.
Scarogus: The primitive "cassette". Have you got the evidence in a more modern format?
Harangue (Exosuit): Take it or leave it, alien.
Scarogus: Alright, alright. I believe I can convert this somehow.

Harangue and Scarogus extend their arms an equal distance, to a center point where each uses their opposite hand to grab the other's trade.

Scarogus: Haha, yes! The Commander will be pleased. It was a pleasure, Harangue. He is beamed into space.

[10 minutes later, some guards belonging to the channel's studio come around back in search of Harangue. They find his body, within the exosuit, completely frozen. He himself has been rendered paralyzed from the freezing cold that breached even his armor. As we prepare for the end, we pan to Harangue's hands, where the crystals are shown to have exploded into the ice that spread over Harangue's body. They weren't diamonds; they were Cyogen.]




  • Violet Reymann (hostile towards Chelsey)


  • Darkstar
  • Ron Reymann (formerly)
  • Will Harangue (first re-appearance)
  • Albedo
  • Scarogus (Endgame only)
  • Stacy Reymann (flashback only)
  • Buler Grand (flashback only)
  • Vincent Rogh (flashback only)

Aliens Used

(by Ben)

  • Echo Echo (x2; second time: brief)
  • Diamondhead (x2; first time: flashback, brief)
  • Streak (x6)
  • Upchuck (x2; first re-appearance by Ben)
  • Humungousaur (x2; first time: accidental transformation: selected by Ron Reymann)
  • Ripjaws (first re-appearance by Ben; accidental transformation: selected by Ron Reymann)
  • Rath
  • Plastikitee
  • Lodestar
  • Ultimate Echo Echo (x2; first time: flashback)
  • Way Big (flashback)
  • Ultimate Way Big (flashback)

(by Albedo)

(by Three Friends)

  • Goop (by Stacy; flashback)
  • Echo Echo (by Buler; flashback)
  • Swampfire (by Vincent; flashback)

Spells Used

(by Chelsey Tennyson)

  • Navitas Fluidi


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