• Hello, everyone. Hope you're having a good day/night. Hope this is the right board to be posting this on but here goes.

    Alright, let's say someone wants to start writing a series on here, right? What's the best way to go about it? Should you create the characters, aliens and pages like that in advance or should you add them as the series goes on?

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    • I would say a good place to start with plan your stuff out including characters and aliens- although sometimes you can come up something in-the-moment.

      If you plan on the plot and characters, then writing/typing them shouldn't be too much of an issue since you already have an idea about what's supposed to happen and how they're supposed to act.

      But sometimes an improvised story has it's merits. Really, it's whatever you feel comfortable with in the end but I believe, most of the time, a planned and prepared series is often a better one.

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    • Thanks! Will take this into consideration. Also, if I make fanon aliens for my series do they require art to go along with them or are descriptions good enough?

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    • I'd say that yes, planning stuff out is the best way to go.

      Plan what you want the story, pace and tone to be most importantly.

      Also art isn't required as long as there's a good description

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    • More questions! Or requests, rather.

      1. Anyone who can/knows anyone who can do alien art? I know it's not required but I'm curious.

      2. If anyone isn't avaiable to do alien art, anyone capable of doing the Omnitrix art?

      For those who didn't know the series can be found here , although it's in infancy stages right now and any details you see there are subjecct to change over the course of it's development.

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    • You can pay CaT.

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    • Pay someone, I think there aren't any more free art services.

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    • An Anonymous User
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