• So, in the show, the omnitrix is decently handwavy. However, I was wondering if anyone had a theory on either its power source, mechanism for transformation, or any other feature the omnitrix has. I ask this because it seems like it would make the show seem more worldly and allow people who create fanfiction a good source of ideas to differenitate their omnitirixes in their respective shows. 

    My theory:

    1) The omnitirix's power source would need to be a matter destroyer of some sort since it is the only way to create enough power to create the amount of mass and for it to be able to recharge. 

    2) The omnitirix's transformations are hybrids of the user shown through the cannon difference between Ben's wildmutt and the species in general. 

    3) The transformation time seems not to be limited by the blood stream, so I doubt it is one substance that the watch spues into the user. I surmise it might work on nanotechnology with the ability to act as viruis and nanofactotries powered by the same respective system that powers the watch. Since the rapid cell division would likely cause cancer, I estimate that it binds to the user through modifying their DNA into an evolved form with improvements ment to protect the user. 

    4) (Based on 3) The nanobots after being produced by the omnitrix then either decide to infect cells or to help in other parts of the transformation based on an ion-trapped quantum computer which tries surveys all possible molecular combinations. 

    5) The nanobots make linear chains like our cells do that folds into macrostructures that way allowing massive linear parrallism which could help distribute the thermodynamical issue of heat and mechanical limitations. 

    6) The mass is produced through three power sources: a kugleblitz (black hole bomb) that takes matter to add rotational energy to the black hole surrounded by mirrors to increate the frequency of weak laser light to produce power, a fusion generator based on the recently proprosed 10G design, and, although unlikely and probably nonexistant, zero point energy generator based on the  Casimir effect and gas propogation (gas is pushed upon either being destoried or accelerated either way propelled by the Casimir force, so it unlockes the energy of matter as opposed to free energy to make it slightly more likely) which is resetted by an electromaget.  

    7) The mass is reset through the kugleblitz turning it back into energy which creates matter and antimatter. 

    8) The weight is stored in a neutron sphere like a neutron star, however it is in clumps which are lifted through simple hermonic oscillator which throws the chunks up at different frequencies stablized from external forces such as the user running through an electromagnetic enclosure like a gugglier throwing chainsaws in the air only to feel the weight of each one at different instances. I figured it is more realistic and simple than gravity control. 

    9) The information, the DNA digital storage of the new model of omnitrix, is storied in DNA storage ironically with compression and common protein sections. So, the omnitirix could replace DNA sections with similarly functioning ones based on its assessment. 

    10) The transformation process occurs in several steps: the nanobots change skin cells, reduce pain, and travel to infect interior cells; the nanobots create an exoskeleton which functionally acts like the alien in the intermitten; the nanobots create neural stimulation to the exoskeleton; the modified cells with cancer suppression genes grow into the skeleton fuelled by the nanobots; and the nanobots repair cells and provide structural changes such as goop's gravity satelight.  

    11) The omnitirix uses an AI system that uses a silicon and biological processor with a quantum coprocessor that processes battle plans, DNA, and the user. 

    12) The omnitirix uses a simulator as well to allow for evolved functionality and battle analysis.

    13) If possible, it uses a connection to a remote location such as a portal of some sort to expand it processing power, storage compacity, matter creation, and power restoration. Since, although 1-12 suggestions have been made in light of making it a singular unit, it still may not be enough.


    All omnitirix V2's ability and the ultimatrix

    Add anything you want! (it can do almost anything)

    Notes: Use my theory if you want but tell me about it if you can since I would like to see it.

    Thank you for your time. 

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    • Nanomech is the only normal Omnitrix hybrid.

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