• Hey man! Welcome to the wiki! I've just noticed that you're using the name 'Ben Delta' for your version of the reboot Ben. I feel like it's important to note that this name is NOT canon, whether you know that or not I'm not sure. I'm actually kind of flattered you're using my name for him, so I'm not going to stop you from using it.

    What I would suggest is making your own continuity for your series. To start, simply claim an unclaimed Earth number (it's best to check thoroughly that a number is not taken first, but you can always ask me if need be) by making a page for your continuity, listing it on that page, adding it to Template:Universe, and/or simply renaming your pages to (for example) Stinkfly (Earth-####/timeline) and I can add your series to the two pages myself if need be. This helps your series maintain a unique presence on the wiki.

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