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    It all comes tumbling down.

    I made a page for Project Deca and released a short preview of the first episode. Go check those out if you haven't already.

    I'm still hammering out the details of the YouTube show that will replace the Gazette, but I'm fairly set on calling it "CaTscratch" and making it a variety show to mirror the different sections of the Gazette. Specific sections I'm considering are:

    • Intro
      • A short introductory segment where I mention a few things that'll be brought up in later segments.
    • Happenings
      • Similar to the Gazette's "Happenings" section. Includes whatever art I drew the past week, absorbing the "Art Corner" section.
    • Editorial
      • I give my opinion on something.
    • Rider Time
      • I talk about Kamen Rider and maybe Sentai sometimes.
    • CaT Reviews
      • A short review of pretty much anything.
    • Fanfiction Storytime With CaT
      • I read/riff a short highlight of a given fanfiction (not just Ben 10 fanfiction mind you).
    • Conclusion
      • A short segment that concludes the video with some variant of telling everyone to screw off for the day.
    Wiki "News"

    The wiki turned nine this past Wednesday which means we can finally subscribe to PewDiePie.


    It occurs to me that if Article 13 goes into effect as-is, every fanfiction wiki, including this one, is probably going to get taken down. I heavily doubt Wikia is willing to go through the trouble of segregating Europeans from everyone else, so they'll probably just adhere to the lowest common denominator globally and shut everyone down.

    Complain about America's stupidity all you want but hey at least we didn't break literally everything for everyone

    Finally some GOOD targeted advertising

    Art Corner


    Project Deca Poster
    By ChromastoneandTabby

    The official poster for Project Deca.

    Ben 10 News

    They're replacing Overflow with like fifteen strength aliens I'm so mad right now you guys

    Well, that's it for today, folks. This was the ninety-eighth issue of The CaT Gazette. Thanks for reading.
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