• Yeah this might sound rich coming from me of all people but stop spamming the E-10 thread with shitposts. Make fun of it in your own time if you're that determined, but don't clog up the forums with it.

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    • My sincerest apologies, my good sir. I did not mean to cause any ruckus in these peaceful forums on which you have done nothing short of a mighty fine job of maintaining the balance, I merely wanted to express my gratitude to the fine work that was being presented there.

      Let it be known that despite how things may seem, there was no intention of making my actions seem villainous in any way, so let it not be reflective of myself nor any of my associates, who might fear they have come out as villainous to the likes of you.

      Good day and stay gold, old friend.

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    • 42ee
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    • An Anonymous User
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