• Nine years ago today, BTFF was created by Duncan Crook. This has made many people angry and is generally regarded as a bad move.

    Seriously speaking, nine years is impressive for any website, let alone a wiki, and let alone even further a Ben 10 fan fiction wiki. Say what you want about the general quality of the franchise or even the wiki itself, but anything that can inspire people to create fan content for nine years must have SOMETHING going for it.

    I think for this anniversary thread, I'd like for us to discuss what we actually LIKE about this franchise and this wiki that keeps us coming back. Some of us may rag on Ben 10 and BTFF a lot, but at the end of the day, we're still here anyway. What is it about this whole thing that makes it so special?

    For me, Ben 10 is really what introduced me to the "Transforming Hero" concept, which I fell in love with almost immediately. I was banned from watching Power Rangers as a kid, so I was never introduced to the idea until I ran across Ben 10 about a decade ago. I was instantly hooked, and the rest is history.

    As for this wiki, it was sort of a safe haven for me from what you could call a less-than-fantastic childhood. We give each other a lot of crap now and again, but it's mostly in good fun. The wiki was one of the few places I had where I could interact with people that shared some of my interests and seeing the effort some of the users here put into their creations is what inspired me to pursue art and writing in the first place.

    BTFF isn't perfect; far from it, in fact. We could bring up the flaws it has for days, but I think we do that enough already. Like I said before, post down below what you actually like about Ben 10 and this wiki, and maybe we can all stop being so cynical for a couple minutes.

    Flaws, fun, and all, Happy Anniversary, BTFF!

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    • I can't overstate how much of an impact this wiki and its community has had on my life. Six years ago, I would've never thought joining the wiki would change my life, at least not to this degree. Overall, it has been an amazing ride. Contributing to the wiki and interacting with everyone have both given me great joy, even in some of my darkest times. I've made so many friends and gone through a lot of memorable experiences and I'll forever be indebted to everyone here (as a whole and as individuals) for making me feel like I belong somewhere. If I had to pin down one thing I like about BTFF, it would definitely have to be how close-knit we are as a community. There's no denying that our numbers have dwindled in recent years (at least where the wiki itself is concerned, which depresses me to a degree), but the community is still going strong on the Discord server and I admire how we all look out for and support each other for the most part. Yes, we've had arguments and issues before, but I feel like we're moving past that stuff and we haven't really had anything majorly negative happen in months. In any case, things aren't as bad as they could be, which in itself is worth mentioning.

      Of course, I owe just as much to the Ben 10 franchise as I do BTFF. Despite its issues, I really love the franchise as a whole for Goop its rich lore and vastly unexplored potential, not to mention its fan fiction potential. Really, I don't need to go into detail, but one can come up with a lot of material for Ben 10 fan fiction. Just take a look at the hundreds/thousands of Omnitrix aliens and the tons of series that the wiki has. The fact that this franchise is still around after almost 13 years is awesome and I can't wait to see it grow even more.

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    • I came to this site looking for something. I was a young child, creative, and so interested to share my ideas. And even before that I saw Ben 10 PLENTY of times and actually used to love the show when I was younger. 

      I think BTFF is a great community of loving people. You feel the positivity, here, and you just want to become apart of it. I've never interacted with this much people before!(Aside from Roblox)

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    • I really loved coming here when I first started and I still do. It always had an impressive community and just seeing the wiki itself grow into what it is now was also something to be thankful for. I think I'll always find a reason to come back here whether it's to come back for the friends I've made over the years or to keep up with my series or just to check on what everyone else is up to.

      Nine years, wow! That's seriously impressive and I honestly can't wait till reach the big 10. But still, it's been great to being surrounded by people with the same interests as my own and to be putting it both our creativity and imagination into something we love doing all because of one amazing franchise. And yeah, I have some issues with Ben 10 as of late (with Omniverse and the Reboot specifically) but even that has brought in newer users. And the franchise has been pretty solid, right from Day 1. I loved the show from the Original Series, became a fan once Alien Force was announced and continued loving it through Ultimate Alien. And yeah, it wasn't the best thing to bring up IRL but that's what I had BTFF for. It was place to get away to and pour my ideas into my own version of Ben 10 with others who loved the show like I did. And that's why I'm still here, 'cause yeah life moves on and so others must as well but I owe a lot to Ben 10 and BTFF and I don't plan on giving that up anytime soon.

      So here's to nine years of BTFF, looking forwards to the next one.

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