• Happy Birthday
    Now THIS is Kamen Rider.


    Adderall started working for like a day and then stopped I am so goddamn angry right now

    My birthday's tomorrow. I'll be turning 20. SHIT I just realized I forgot to thaw the marinara for the Pizza Rippers at work tomorrow AND I forgot to order more Pepperoni Pizza Rippers on time to get them in tomorrow. I'll have to slap together some marinara from scratch and put some pepperoni slices on the NUMEROUS Cheese Pizza Rippers we have. Wouldn't be such an issue if there wasn't a pain-in-the-ass time limit to all this. Goddammit.

    But uh yeah birthday time whee. Gazette's colors are blue and gold for this issue because those are my favorite colors irl fight me.

    I think I have enough of Project Deca's first episode done to release a decent-size scene preview for the wiki's anniversary.

    Wiki News

    Ghostfreak Fest ends tomorrow so get your last-minute Ghostfreak stuff in I guess.


    Everyone needs to stop losing their minds over the Netflix reboot She-Ra having small tiddy and go watch the actual goddamn show because A: it's good, and B: it is a goddamn rogue's gallery of top-tier waifus holy shit.

    Hi here's my card


    Art Corner


    Star Spirit Chibis
    By ChromastoneandTabby

    Chibi sketches based on the SS Imaginate designs of the first 10 StarTrix aliens.

    Also an obligatory Bomb 2 Hell.


    Ghostfreak Chibi
    By ChromastoneandTabby

    Figured I should contribute something to this fest.

    Ben 10 News

    Got some S3 news from Atamaii's most recent video:

    New S3 aliens confirmed:

    • Slapback
    • Hot Shot

    Returning aliens confirmed:

    • Humongousaur
    • Rath

    Returning Characters confirmed:

    • Kevin 11 (with an Omnitrix now??????????)


    Well, that's it for today, folks. This was the ninety-seventh issue of The CaT Gazette. Thanks for reading.

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