• The whole Ben 10 series is as we know it,childish and made for kids,and that's all right. There were moments that stood up from the regular episodes in a more.serious way that some of us really loved. Alien Force started as REFORMED Ben 10,a cartoon that transformed into an anime that had sense and requirements for that specific species,and with its sequel "Ultimate Alien" thing changed a little bit,specifically focusing on alien statuses.

    From then,everything fell apart,and what was thought to be once,was later changed into something else,giving it the more cartoonic like type of show

    - in which good always wins somehow countering some basic laws of that cartoon,which gave it uninteresting factor to older and nerdier fans.

    The main event I want to point out is in Omniverse,the Blukic and Driba Go to Mr. Smoothy'sepisode in which Trumbipulor came to Earth to find the "ultimate weapon". In that episode,Trumbipulor,as I am sure you know what happened, found his overpowered peanuts and was undefeatable with his giant size until Ben decided to use sound againts his ears. With the power of peanuts,Trumbipulor was able to easily overpower the "great" Way Big.

    It is known that when he ate peanuts he grew from Humungousaurs(Omniverse) size which is roughly 5 meters, to a little bit less than Way Bigs size,120 meters ( I am going to be using meters instead of feets because it has more sense the whole series is a clusterfuck in itself deal with it ). This is really important because there are 2 options for his growth he gains from 1 grab of peanuts he grabbed:

    • His size increased x20 times (100/5)
    • He gained 95 meters.

    This isn't really important since in the show he can't pass the 100 meters mark,but as I stated, we are talking if the show was a little bit realistic. (And since we are aiming to show the big elephant be badass most as possible,let's say the first option is true. ^^ )

    It would mean that Trumbipulor could grow infinitely, as long as he has enough peanuts.

    Now the question is,for how much did he gain from the specific amount of peanuts?

     In his normal state ( 5 meters ) we can only guess that from the picture,his one hand can grab 3 kg of peanuts. After the slaughter, we can see his peanuts were half gone,meaning 1,5 kg remained.

    But this can't be true.If it was,for example, if he was 100 meters tall,that'd mean for only 1,5kg of peanuts he would grow x20 times and so on,and taking in consider how much he megatons of peanuts,that would be INSANE!!!!

    The 1,5 kg he ate gave him the boost proportionated to his current weight. If he say this bad boy weighs around 4 tonnes, we can calculate how much will he weight with 100 meters with simple proportions.

    5m - 4t

    100m - x which is > 400/5 = 80 tonnes

    Now,the second proportion comes in: if he gets his size increased for 20 times when he eats 1,5 kg of peanuts when he weighs 4 tonnes,which constant does he have?

    1,5kg - 4 000kg

    x - 80 000kg which is > 120 000/4 000 = 30

    So this is what we got : Cw/30 = Mp

    • Cw - current weight
    • Mp - mass of peanuts he needs to eat in order to gain x20 times of his current height.
    Now when we got this out of the way, we need to calculate how much growth fuel he had while fighting Ben 10.
    The main source of peanuts he had was the big ship that was on the port where they fought. The ship seems to be a container one,with the lenght of about 80 meters.

    Massive Trumbipulor1

    There are 2 holes in which are the peanuts placed,and both of their bottoms should be in holes that are buried in the ship. ( basically there are amounts of peanuts we can't see from this perspective) We can see that 1/4 of the amount in one hole is enough for Trumbipulors hand to grab.If we remember correctly,one half of his hand is enough to do the growth trick which means he will take 1/8 of the amount in one hole. Now,let's make a proportion of how many peanuts did he take from the ship in order to grow:

    3 kg - 5m

    x - 100 m which is > 300/5=60 kg

    This means he can grab 60 kg of peanuts when he is 100 meters tall and since he needs half of that amount to grow,there will be 30kg taken from the ship.

    If we know 30 kg is 1/8 of the total amount ONE whole can take (taking in count both holes are equal) that'd mean 30 kg are 1/16 of all peanuts on the ship,meaning there are 480 kilograms on the ship.

    So now,we know ( 480kg-3kg-30kg) there is 447 kg of peanuts left.

    Since Trumbipulor ate enough peanuts, we can calculate his new size by using informations we already calculated:

    His new height is 2000 meters( 100*20 ) meters and 1600 tons.

    2 kilometers in height is probably the biggest number in the whole Ben 10 series isn't it?

    Now we can calculate how much would he need for next growth by using his hand:

    30kg - 100 meters

    x - 20000 meters which is > 600 kg of peanuts

    Unfortunately for the 2000 meters high elephant-alien he needs 153kg peanuts more to grow fully,but that doesn't mean he can't!

    If he needs 600 kilograms in order to grow x20 times, how much will he grow if he has 447 kilograms?

    600 kg - 20

    447 kg - x which is > 20*447/600 = 14,9 ~ 15 times.

    15 * 2000 meters =

    30 000 meters = 30 kilometers! ( and 24 000 tons!)

    That is double the distance from Earth when you are traveling by plane! On that hight you can literally be visable from close-space to Earth!

    Imagine how OP would this guy be IF BEN 10 WAS ANIME. :O

    Well,that's it for me,please,make sure to share this post to all people that would be interesting in this,this took me a really long time to make,I might have messed up somewhere and If you do find the error make sure to point it out,also I would really appreciate if you could put your thoughts on this aswell. Let's make this post one of the most popular there is on Ben10s forum.

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