• Here at Ben 10 Fan Fiction wiki, multiple current and former users have expressed their complaints with constant generic "____ 10" series being made all the time, and as the administrators of this wiki, we take your concerns very seriously. As such, we have opted to ban the number '10' from this wiki altogether.

    If you don't change the name of your "____ 10" series to something without the number 10 in it within 15 minutes we are legally allowed to ban you. Anyone who mentions the number 10 will be sent to the Shame Gulags and sentenced to hard labor. This is your only warning.

    Also since it's Easter we changed the wiki background to be a fun rabbit. How wacky!

    Have a good day, and remember, Big Furry is always watching.

    (Also happy April Fool's you fools)

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    • uh oh...

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    • Can't I atleast keep BEN 10? It's... Well, it's BEN!

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    • Haha! You truly got me (even when readin the Gulag thing, i thought it was just semi-serious humor; it wasn't till the end I got it was a joke). Though I wouldn't mind changing my series' name if the "problem" you spoke of actually has any form of relevance in reality

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    • Older series like yours generally get a pass.

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    • An Anonymous User
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