• Hi there everyone. Firstly, welcome to 2018! This year will hopefully be better for those who've had it rough, or will continue to be good for those who've had it more lucky than others.

    Anyway, our wiki has already begun to change with CaT's demotion, and it's going to change even more.

    Who is Getting Promoted?

    Ulti and I have both worked hard to find members suitable to fit the administrative role, and to be honest, there's only a handful that fit the bill. However, I'm proud to say we've found our newest community team members - Brandon and Shades

    Brandon was a former chat moderator on the wiki, and he did a very good job. Overall, he is a very good fit for the role, and we are glad to have him on board! Shades has proven himself to be very avid with cleaning up the wiki and being a good admin over at Ben 10 Planet, so we're also glad to have him as well!

    Now, wait, you may be asking: isn't that 4 members as opposed to 3? 

    Who is Getting Demoted?


    Ulti and myself have talked about this on and off for a little while now, but I've finally decided that I'll be removing myself of the administrator status on this wiki.

    First of all, CaT leaving the Team did not influence me to demote myself. The wiki has changed very much, and I'm not saying this is a good or a bad thing, but I've sort of grown past it; I no longer feel the desire to want to administrate the wiki. In order for the Year of Renovation to be a success, it needs fresh faces that are eager and willing enough to make those changes happen. Unfortunately, I am not suitable for that anymore. I am becoming increasingly busy with my final semester of high school as well, so either way, this outcome would have happened soon enough.

    In my run, though, I had a generally positive experience; helping new users get acquainted, maintaining order throughout the wiki, helping with events, etc was all enjoyable for the most part. Though, there have been quite a few rough patches I (and the rest of the Team) had to deal with, admittedly. 

    Anyways, I thank all of you for making my time as admin a unique experience and for supporting me along the way, but some things just have to change.


    Brandon and Shades will be promoted to administrators today, and if they show dedication, they will be promoted to bureaucrats - not like there's much of a difference, but each admin will have an equal role. I will also be demoting myself today as well. 

    Thank you all for tuning it, and please welcome BTFF's newest administrators!

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    • Welcome Brandon and Shades to the Community Team! I'm eager to work with both of you to make the Year of Renovation a success! Grin_2.png Also, thank you Mig for your dedication to the wiki both as a user and a bureaucrat. You've done so much all these years and I'll miss having you on the Community Team.

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    • Thank you, guys, for accepting me into the team. I remember days where I would just joke around about being an admin- like around the time I joined- but in recent years, I've come to accept just being where I was and helping out where I can. Actually seeing this day happen is something else entirely so you can just imagine how it impacted me. Although hearing about two of our admins being demoted is both surprising yet understandable and I wish them the best. This wiki definitely wouldn't have been the same without them and their contributions. At first I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to do such a role any justice but, after a surprisingly rough week, I've learned that I shouldn't worry about how I could fail others but rather how I could help them. I'm sure I can word that better but it has been a pretty eventful week for me. So while it might be more tasking, I'm definitely still looking forwards to doing what I can to help improve the wiki along side the rest of the Community Team.

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