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    01:52, November 26, 2017

    Today marks the 8th anniversary of our wiki, so that's neat! We apologize for making this a little late, but with Lodestar Fest and college and whatnot, we kinda had to deal with restrictions.

    So yeah, I suppose this year is better than the last, with activity steadily rising and the Ben 10 reboot showing some progress, if you're a fan of it. 

    Anyway, like last year, take the time to reminisce about your moments on the wiki if you want to. If you don't have many, well I hope you make some new memories then! Feel free to change your avi or whatever if you want to.

    Happy 8th everyone!

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    • Aside from me finishing my first series and progressing onto its sequel, I don't think much has happened on this wiki of note in relation to me this past year. Not counting my promotion to Content Mod.

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    • Happy anniversary, BTFF! Grin_2.png

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    • Wow, eight years already? The anniversary of the wiki always catches me by surprise and today was no exception. I definitely had tons of memories not just with Ben 10 but with this wiki in general. Many friends, many happy moments and even some crazy ones I didn't even think would happen. I know this year I tried to take the whole Year of Ambition thing to heart by pushing the quality with my series, trying to improve my art and other stuff. Keyword is tried. But Mig wasn't kidding, activity has starting to rise lately and the reboot is getting better, I think, so that's good. And who knows what'll come up next year? I'm just glad to have spent so many awesome years with so many awesome people doing some pretty rad things here. It not only made me the person I am now, all-in-all, but was a great experience to share with fellow Ben 10 fans and friends. So long speech aside, Happy 8th Anniversary, BTFF!

      BTFF 8th Anniversary Poster
      EDIT: Made a last minute poster because I logged in late. It's the thought that counts, right?
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    • I wanted to do something cool for the wiki anniversary but college has kept me busy all year so rip that

      Anyways, I'm surprised as always at how long it's been since BTFF started. I literally grew up with this site, and it's safe to say I probably wouldn't be pursuing art or writing without the influence of it. I'm glad it's still around, and I hope it stays around for a while longer.

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    • WOW! You guys have been here since the original Ben 10 just ended, wow, that's long.

      Anyway, Happy 8th Anniversary

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    • all i can say legit wiki

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    • Hey, admins!

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