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    • Ok, The Hate in Me is up. Years Revenge Part 1 should be out tomorrow, and part 2 should hopefully come out Friday or Saturday.

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    • It's gonna be good

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    • Ok, the page for Years Revenge is up, but I can't add the episode.

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    • Ok, NOW it's up.

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    • Awesome.

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    • Ok, status update on Years Revenge Part 2. It's definitely not going to come out today. I'm having a little writers block on it. Hoping to finish it by Wednesday.

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    • Ok, Years Revenge Part 2 is coming along. Still set on a Wednesday release, but that could change. In the mean time, here's a preview.

      Sarth and Amy run down the metal corridor in a frenzy, looking for Owen.

      Sarth: We have to hurry. Who knows what they'll do with Owen?

      Suddenly, Agate is standing in front of them, with a big grin. He seems to be a foot taller.

      Agate: Hello friends. Come to watch the show?

      Sarth changes into Rifter, and travels through various rifts, trying to confuse Agate. Agate tracks his movements easily with his five eyes, and strikes him in the back. Amy makes her tool into an electric net, and throws it at Agate. It doesn't affect him in the slightest.

      Agate: Arvaterrans are immune to electricity.

      He rips off the net, as Ignium shoots a giant wave of fire at him.

      Agate: Seriously? Did you even pay attention to our last fight?

      He eats the fire effortlessly, and then fires a beam out of his eye, cutting Ignium's shoulder.

      Ignium: Gah!

      Amy makes her tool into a cryoblaster, and shoots freezing liquid at Agate.

      Amy: Why don't you chill out?

      Agate sighs in disappointment, and breathes fire, evaporating the liquid.

      Agate: Now maybe you should chill out.

      He then reaches into his body and pulls Owen out of him, and holds him in front of them. Owen is still asleep. Ignium changes back.

      Sarth: It's Owen! But how-

      Agate: Do you really want my life story? Just listen up.

      He tightens his grip on Owen's skull, causing pain.

      Amy: Stop!

      Agate: Then maybe you should stand down, or else.

      He tightens his grip more.

      Sarth: Stop! It's enough. We give up.

      Agate smiles.

      Agate: Good.

      He stretches out his hand, expecting something.

      Sarth: What?

      He looks at Sarth, then to Amy.

      Agate: Give me your Omnitrix, and your tool.

      Sarth and Amy both step back in shock.

      Sarth: What? No!

      Agate: Oh, they're more important to you than this kids life?

      He snickers, and tightens his grip.


      Agate: Well if you really want this kid, comply with my demands. Otherwise...

      He is about to crush Owen's skull, when Sarth removes the Omnitrix from his chest, and holds it out. Amy then holds her tool out. Agate smiles.

      Agate: Good choice.

      He takes them both, and studies the tool.

      Agate: There does appear to be a good amount of tech in this. But we have enough supplies here, so...

      He crushes her tool in his hand. Amy winces and covers her face. Agate then examines the Omnitrix.

      Agate: And then there's the Omnitrix. A device letting a person change into thousands of aliens. People would go across galaxies trying to secure one.

      He then turns to Sarth and smiles.

      Agate: But, I have enough alien DNA absorbed in me, so..

      He crushes the Omnitrix is his hand, and lets the pieces fall to the floor. Sarth grunts.

      Sarth: Ok, we did what you wanted. Now give us back Owen!

      Agate wags his finger.

      Agate: Ah ah ah! I never said I'd give him back.

      Sarth is shocked.


      Agate fires a large energy blast, obliterating the corridor, and Sarth and Amy. They are now nowhere in sight.

      Agate: Bye bye....

      He absorbs Owen and walks away.

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    • Ooh. Hyped.

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    • Joey is surprised

      mfw getting this hype

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    • Ok, the episode was supposed to be out today. But it wasn't. But I have a very good explanation.

      I was binge watching Star Vs. The Forces of Evil.

      Ok, so I'm hoping for a Thursday or Friday release now.

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    • The Diamond Man wrote:
      I was binge watching Star Vs. The Forces of Evil.


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    • ChromastoneandTabby wrote:

      The Diamond Man wrote:
      I was binge watching Star Vs. The Forces of Evil.


      It's really good.

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    • The Diamond Man wrote:

      ChromastoneandTabby wrote:

      The Diamond Man wrote:
      I was binge watching Star Vs. The Forces of Evil.


      It's really good.

      Star: I think Earth is a pretty great place.

      (Sees Trump)

      Star: bye earth

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    • Ok, Years Revenge Part 2 is finally out, after being delayed a week.

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    • Btw, there are a lot of synopses for Season 2 episodes on the series page.

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    • Ok, so I know you guys probably want a status update on the first episode of Season 2, Back in the Game. Well, I'm working on five different Season 2 episodes right now, and it isn't one of them. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'll try to have it finished. Just keep waiting.

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    • By the way, if you guys want to ask questions about the series, or some of the characters, you can ask away.

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    • Ok guys, Back in the Game is about halfway done. Best case scenario, it'll release today. If not, tomorrow.

      Buuut, I've got a teaser for Season 2. If you want to see it, respond.

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    • Respond

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    • Owen walks out of school, with Aspidites coiled around him. The camera is panned so we don't see his right arm. He smiles.

      Owen: IT'S SUMMER!

      We then see Buggy, Luffy and Zolo.

      Owen: Wait, you all have birthdays on the same day?

      Buggy: Crazy right?

      We then cut to a green snake coiled around a tree laughing. Aspidites then slithers up to him, and they both smile. We then get a close up of Agate's glowing red eyes.

      Agate: You're going down.

      We then see a brown eight armed monster running through the forest.

      Owen(narrating): No one ever understands! No one!

      We then see a white figure that looks like a fusion of Agvarok and Ex'Spira.

      Figure: Are you ready to submit to death?

      He charges at the screen, when we cut to a girl, the camera going from her shoes to her face. She has brown hair, green eyes, a blue shirt and mint green skirt, black leggings, and red high heels.

      Girl: Well it's very nice to meet you!

      We then see Owen protecting her from a black haired lady.

      Owen: It's ok. I'll protect you.

      She fires a black energy blast, before we cut to black. We slowly open on a boy, with glasses, a black shirt, and jeans, with a body colored like a Celestialsapien.

      Boy: Heh heh. I like that kid.

      Diamond Man's Untitled Series returns soon.

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    • Back In The Game is out! Enjoy

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    • Nice episode.

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    • By the way, if anyone wants to help out and make pages for some of the characters, aliens, or villains, please do.

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    • Hey guys, I got an exclusive preview for The Funhouse! It's gonna be a double release with The Girl. (Btw, if you ship Owen and Aspidites, you'll probably like this episode)

      Owen, Piece, Max, Hender, Joey, Aspidites, and Cathy step through the door.

      Joey: Alright whackadoo. What's this one supposed to be?

      The room lights up, and you see a giant jungle. A speaker comes out of the ceiling.

      Gamean(speaker): It's very simple. You just have to survive the jungle, and get to the end.

      Joey: Huh. That seems simple enough.

      Owen facepalms.

      Owen: Don't say that!

      Gamean(speaker): But I'll be blasting you with a ray that has a 50% chance of turning you into animals!

      A ray comes out of the ceiling.

      Piece: Wait what?

      Gamean(speaker): Say cheese!

      The speaker blast them, making a big flash of light. The light soon clears.

      Cathy: Ok, I'm good!

      Joey: Same for me! Piece?

      He turns to see Piece as a pelican, and Max as a dog. Hender is also a dog. Joey and Cathy try to hold in a laugh, before they burst out laughing.

      Piece: This...isn't....funny!!!!!

      We then hear laughing.

      ???: You're right. It's hilariousssssss..

      They turn to look at a tree, and see Owen as a green snake, coiled around a tree branch, laughing.

      Max: Well I don't see why you're laughing! You're a snake!

      Owen: Yeah, and snakes are awesssssome!

      Aspidites slithers over to him. Owen looks at her, and smiles.

      Owen: What do you think Aspidites? Do I look awesome?

      Aspidites blushes a little.

      Aspidites: Actually yes.

      Owen grins.

      Owen: Thank you. You don't look too bad yourself.

      Piece flies over to them.

      Piece: Ok you two, stop flirting with each other. We need to start moving.

      Aspidites and Owen are both embarrassed.

      Aspidites: We-We weren't flirting.... He just looks like someone I used to know....

      Owen: Yeah....

      They start walking. We skip forward an hour, and they are still walking. Owen and Aspidites are slithering next to each other. Owen starts looking at Joey. Joey gets bothered by this.

      Joey: What?

      Owen quickly looks away.

      Owen: Nothing, nothing. I'm getting hungry and you're looking reaaaaaaaally tasty right now.

      Joey and Cathy both step away from Owen.

      Joey(whispering): Everyone keep a safe distance from Owen.

      They all nod.

      (If you have comments on this, you can share them)

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    • Diamond did you read my mind.

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    • CreeperDNA wrote: Diamond did you read my mind.

      About what?

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    • Seriously, read your mind about what?

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    • The Diamond Man
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    • Ok guys, I assume you probably want a status update on my next episodes. They're a little off, but I'll be releasing two shorts soon to keep you satisfied.

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    • Hey guys, I released a short called Mako Takes a Bath. Check it out!

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    • Ok, you guys probably want a status update on the new episodes. I'm still working on them, they're coming, I'll release them as soon as they're finished. It's taking a lot longer because I'm working on multiple episodes at once. I may even finish one today, so just stay tuned.

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    • The Girl and The Funhouse are out! Check them out and give feedback please!

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    • Ok, the next episodes might be a while, because I'm trying to write a good amount so I can release them weekly, and I'm starting practice for High School Marching Band soon.

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    • You know, if you want to ask questions about the series you can.

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    • NICE

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    • Heeeey people!

      Who wants a preview for the next episode?

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    • meeee

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    • Ok, here ya go

      We open on Owen reading a book, then hearing the door knock.

      Owen: I'll get it!

      Owen runs downstairs.

      Owen: Maybe it's my new shirts, or maybe it's Buggy and them. Or maybe it's-

      Owen opens the door, to see Agate standing there.


      Agate: Hello Owen.

      Owen slams the door, locks it, and presses his body against the door. Sarth and Amy come downstairs.

      Owen: Mom! Dad! Code red! Agate’s standing outside! Get ready to kill him!

      Owen summons a Spiral Heart Moon Rod.

      Sarth: Oh come on Owen.

      He pushes Owen aside, unlocks the door, and lets Agate in.

      Sarth: Hello Agate.

      Agate: Hello Mr. Barum.

      Owen is shocked.

      Owen: Whaaaaat are you doing?!

      Amy: Hello Agate. What brings you here?

      Owen is shocked at her too.

      Owen: Not you too?

      Agate: Well you see, I've come to apologize to Owen.

      Owen: A-Apologize?

      Agate: Yes.

      He puts his hands on Owen's shoulders.

      Agate: I’m sorry for everything I did. For killing Aspidites, cutting off your arm, and almost killing your parents.

      Owen: Yeah yeah, thanks for the apology, now can you please go?

      He tries to push Agate out the door, but Agate stops him.

      Agate: I'm not finished yet. I'm hoping we can put this all beside us, and be friends.

      Owen continues trying to push him out the door.

      Owen: Yeah, sorry but I'm not interested. Good day.

      Sarth pulls Owen and Agate back inside.

      Sarth: Oh come on Owen. You should try to be friends with him. After all, you're friends with everybody else.

      Owen is flabbergasted.

      Owen: Are you kidding me? He killed my best friend-

      Amy: She was brought back to life.

      Owen glares at her.

      Owen: Almost killed you guys-

      Sarth: But we didn't die.

      Owen: AND cut off my arm!

      Sarth: But you got that cool new Celestialsapien arm.

      Owen looks at it.

      Owen: Y-Yeah, but that's besides the point!

      Amy: Owen, can't you just give him a chance?

      Owen is getting angrier and angrier.

      Owen: Are you even listening to yourselves?! Did you give Bhar a chance? No! Did you give Aspidites a chance? NO! So why, in Emerson’s name, should I be friends with him?

      Sarth: Because if you don't, we’re sending Aspidites and all your other villain friends to jail.

      Owen grabs Agate’s arm.

      Owen(rushed): Come on Agate let's go be friends!

      They both rush out of the door.

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    • What's going on with Amy and Sarth? I suspect mind control or something.

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    • Well, you'll have to wait until the episode comes out in 8 days!

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    • Hey, I have a question for you guys. What's your favorite episode of my series?

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    • First episode of the second season, Back in the Game.

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    • Ok, so I've come up with a schedule for new episodes. Here's how it's gonna go.

      Monday - New Episode

      Friday - New Episode or Preview for New Episode

      And I may release a little short episode on Wednesday.

      This schedule will start on August 21st.

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    • Hey guys, there are synopses for all Season 2 episodes on the series page, so you could check them out!

      (I'm really just writing all this stuff because I want a response from somebody)

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    • Trust In Him is finally out! Please check it out and give me feedback!

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    • Ok, I was gonna wait until tomorrow, but I just released Celestial Beings! Check it out!

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    • Hey guys, remember that teaser I posted a while ago? Forget it existed. The story was in concept then, and now it's final. A lot of stuff was changed, so most of that stuff isn't gonna happen.

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    • Alliance is out! Check it out and give me feedback!

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    • Hey guys, I got a preview for the Mr. Change episode, coming out on Monday!

      We open on Owen, Cathy and Aspidites walking on the street. Aspidites is coiled around Owen. She turns to face Cathy.

      Aspidites: You’d better prepare yourself, those animals are real…..animals.

      Cathy laughs.

      Cathy: Oh, and you're different?

      Aspidites: Hey! I am much more mature than them. Just prepare for the worst.

      She slumps her head down on Owen’s shoulder.

      Cathy: Ok, I'll prepare myself.

      Owen: Eh, don't worry about it that much. The only one you should be worried about is Buggy. Zolo’s a little iffy, and Luffy is great.

      They reach the lake house, and see all three of them swimming in the lake.

      Owen: Hey guys! I'm here!

      They all spot Owen, and run out of the lake eagerly. Aspidites jumps off Owen in nervousness, as they all jump on top of Owen.

      Buggy: Yay! You're here!

      Luffy: We missed you!

      Zolo: Yeah!

      Owen laughs, and pushes them off of him.

      Owen: Ok ok guys, it's good to see you too.

      Luffy sees Cathy.

      Luffy: Hey, who's your friend?

      Buggy: Yeah, I've been wondering that too.

      Owen steps back.

      Owen: This, is Cathy.

      He motions to Cathy.

      Owen: Cathy, this is Zolo the Tiger, Luffy the Bullfrog, and Buggy the clown-I mean Crocodile.

      Luffy walks up to her, and offers to shake her hand.

      Luffy: Nice to meet you!

      She smiles and shakes his hand.

      Cathy: Nice to meet you too!

      Luffy smiles. Zolo then moves up to shake her hand.

      Zolo: Hi!

      Buggy then pushes him out of the way, and offers to shake her hand.

      Buggy: I should go first!

      Zolo and Buggy start to argue.

      Zolo: No, I should go first! After all, I'm the best looking!

      Buggy: Hah! In your dreams. You may have good looks, but I'm obviously the funniest!

      Zolo: I would expect that since you're named after a clown!

      Buggy and Zolo start fighting each other. Cathy laughs.

      Cathy: I guess they don't like each other?

      Aspidites: Obviously.

      Owen: So, you wanna swim?

      Cathy smiles at him.

      Cathy: Absolutely! Except I didn't bring a swimsuit.

      Luffy hops in the water, and splashes Cathy.

      Luffy: Now you don't need one! Because you're already wet! Logic.

      Cathy looks like she's about to get mad. Owen and Aspidites step/slither back in fear. Cathy then breaks out in a smile, and jumps in the water. She swims after Luffy.

      Cathy(joking): You're gonna pay for that!

      Owen laughs.

      Aspidites: She certainly is a nice girl.

      Owen: Yeah.

      We then cut to later, and all of them are out of the water, laying on the grass.

      Owen: Ooh! Before I forget.

      He opens up his bag, and pulls out a book. Everyone looks at him.

      Buggy: Woah, what is that?

      Aspidites: It's called a book you idiot.

      Buggy looks at her.

      Buggy: I know what a book is! I just can't read one….

      Owen: It's not just an ordinary book.

      He opens the book, and it glows with a faint pink glow.

      Owen: Aunt Grena gave me this book. It has a variety of spells in it. She said I could use it as a failsafe for my powers. But I doubt that'll happen. It's still nice to have around though.

      Buggy: I wanna see!

      Buggy grabs the book from Owen, and looks in it.

      Buggy: Yep. Can't read this.

      Aspidites snickers.

      Aspidites: Of course.

      Suddenly, Ex’Spira bursts out of the ground. Owen is startled, and falls back.

      Owen: Ex’Spira? Seriously, why do you always pop out of the ground like that?

      Ex'Spira laughs.

      Ex'Spira: Scared of me? You should be.

      He readies an energy blast, but then Agvarok steps out of the lake.

      Agvarok: Not so fast Ex! I'm going to kill Owen!

      He rifts over next to Owen.

      Agate(off-screen): You're both wrong!

      They turn to see Agate standing on the roof.

      Agate: Nobody will be killing Owen today, because I will be absorb-

      The roof breaks and he falls down.

      Agate: Ah!

      Zolo throws his arms up in frustration.

      Zolo: Aw come on man! We just finished fixing it!

      Agate opens the door, and walks out, embarrassed.

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    • Mr. Change is out! Check it out, and please give me feedback!

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    • Ok guys, the next episode Beach Fun should hopefully be out on Monday. I don't have a preview to show, just get ready

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    • Ok, just forget what I said before. Beach Fun is turning out to be a LOT longer than I thought, and I'm focusing on my Fanon Con blog entry at the moment. I'll give you another status update in a week.

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    • Ok, Beach Fun is still in the works, and I have three other episodes that are finished after that. So, gimme another week on Beach Fun, as I said earlier, it's a lot longer than expected, so get ready for a long episode.

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    • Ok. I don’t know when the new episodes are going to come out. I’m aiming for an October 2nd release, but I’m not promising anything. Somehow, I finished the episodes that come after Beach Fun first, and Beach Fun still isn’t done. I really want to release some of the already finished episodes, but I don’t want them to be out of order. So, I’ll give you a preview for the two upcoming episodes to keep you satisfied.

      Beach Fun

      We open on Sarth and Amy laying on the couch, watching TV, before Owen comes downstairs.

      Owen: Alright, we need to talk.

      Sarth and Amy both sit up, and switch off the TV.

      Sarth: About what?

      Owen: It's summer. And summer is all about having fun! And so far, all I’VE done this summer, is get sick, switch bodies with people, fight a giant ghost monster, and turn into a snake! Though I did enjoy the last one…..

      Sarth leans on his left hand.

      Sarth: Your point?

      Owen stares at him.

      Owen: My point, is that I haven't done anything normal during summer! I don't think I've ever been to the beach in my entire life.

      Amy puts her hand on Owen’s head.

      Amy: Well, your wish is our command. I say we make plans to go to the beach.

      Owen smiles.

      Owen: I was hoping you'd say that.

      He then takes out a laptop, with a vacation website.

      Owen: And that's why I've made reservations for a private beach house in South Carolina for a week.

      Sarth and Amy examine the page.

      Amy: Owen, how did you pay for this?

      Owen: The real question is, why did Dad give me his credit card?

      Amy looks at Sarth, who starts twiddling his fingers.

      Sarth: I’ve lost a couple of bets with him.

      Amy sighs.

      Amy: Well, I guess it's settled then. We’re going on a family vacation.

      Owen: Oh, it's not just going to be family. I invited some friends.

      They both are surprised.

      Sarth: …...Which friends?

      1 WEEK LATER

      We see Buggy, Luffy, Zolo, Aspidites, and Owen standing outside. Sarth and Amy walk out, with suitcases.

      Sarth: Why couldn't you invite a human friend?

      Owen: Cathy had her own vacation to go on, Bhar hates the beach, and Gamean wasn't interested.

      Sarth: And why couldn't we invite OUR friends?

      Owen: Oh come on, you don't have friends.

      Sarth is about to argue, but stops.

      Sarth rolls his eyes, and sets the suitcases down.

      Sarth: Alrighty then, I’ll change into Lighthead, and-

      Owen shakes his hands, cutting him off.

      Owen: Oh no no no, I didn't tell you. This is gonna be a real vacation. And that means….No Omnitrix, no tool, and no anime powers!

      Sarth drops his arms down.

      Sarth: Don't we get a say in this?

      Owen: I don't want anything to ruin our vacation, so none of that stuff!

      Sarth: Ugggggghhhhhh.

      Amy pats him on the back.

      Amy: Oh come on, you can go one week without changing into aliens.

      Sarth then walks over to the car, and starts it up. Buggy, Luffy, Zolo and Owen(with Aspidites coiled around him), cram into the back seat. Amy loads the suitcases into the trunk, and closes it. She then hops into the seat across from Sarth.

      Sarth: And off we go!

      They start driving, and we cut forward 20 minutes. Buggy, Luffy, Zolo, Aspidites and Owen are talking to each other, being really loud. Sarth’s eye is twitching; he is going crazy. They stop at a red light, and he slowly turns towards Amy.

      Sarth: Amy, I don't think I can last 8 more hours of this.

      Amy smiles with a hint of mischief.

      Amy: Don't worry, I've got this.

      She reaches into her purse, and takes out a Sailor Moon DVD.

      Amy: Hey kids, look! The new Sailor Moon DVD!

      They all gasp, and Owen grabs it.

      Owen: Ohhhhh my gosh the second half of season 3!

      He shows it to them.

      Owen: I haven't seen this yet, but I know it's awesome!

      He thrusts it back to Amy.

      Owen: Mom, put this in the DVD player.


      We open on the outside of Buggy’s house.

      Buggy(off-screen): What? Seriously?

      We then see inside, and Owen, Buggy, Luffy, Zolo and Aspidites are sitting around a table.

      Owen: Yeah! Dad wants to be ‘prepared’ and have more aliens in the Omnitrix, so he's sending me and Aspidites on a space mission tomorrow!

      Aspidites: I wasn't sure if I was up to it, but Owen insisted. And I might actually enjoy it, so there's that.

      Luffy: Why are they sending you instead of themselves?

      Owen: They say it'll give me more experience. But man, it sounds cool! Seeing a whole bunch of new aliens, planets…..Wow…..

      Buggy, Luffy and Zolo look at each other, then back to Owen.

      All Three: Can we come?

      Owen shakes his head no.

      Owen: I'm sorry guys, no can do.

      They are disappointed.

      All Three: Aw, but why?

      Owen: I don't mean any offense to you guys, but I don't exactly trust you guys in space. You might accidentally blow up the ship, or blow up a planet.

      Buggy: Aw come on man, we can handle this! We’ve matured over the last 3 months since we've known you.

      Aspidites: Oh please, just last week you tried to eat a rock.

      They all start laughing, and Buggy is embarrassed.

      Buggy: It looked tasty!

      Owen stops laughing, and gets a serious expression.

      Owen: I'm sorry guys. Maybe another time.

      Zolo scoffs.

      Zolo: Oh yeah, like you'd ever go into space again.

      Owen’s phone beeps.

      Owen: Ah, I have to get home. I need to pack stuff for the trip.

      Aspidites and Owen get ready to leave.

      Luffy: Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase can we come?

      Owen looks back at them.

      Owen: My answer is no, and that's final.

      The animals are all disappointed. Owen and Aspidites leave.

      Aspidites: Wow, look at you Mr. Parent.

      Owen laughs.

      Owen: Eh, I wouldn't think of myself as a parent. Want me to walk you home?

      Aspidites: No thanks, I'd rather go by myself.

      Owen: Ok then. Bye Aspi!

      Aspidites: Bye.

      Owen and Aspidites walk/slither off in different directions. Aspidites is soon out of Owen’s sight. But then, in the shadows, you see a pink haired girl, hiding behind a house, watching Aspidites.

      Aspidites: Huh?

      She turns around, but sees nothing. She shrugs it off, and starts slithering away. The girl then starts running after her.

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    • SURPRISE!!!!! Beach Fun is out early! After almost a month of no episodes, we finally have a new one! Expect to see Scouters on Friday!

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    • Why not make it as level 2 canon or non-canon special -_- 

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    • StrikeGaming7 wrote: Why not make it as level 2 canon or non-canon special -_- 

      I made a post on that

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    • Ok, I’ll just make the Halloween Special Non-Canon. Expect it on Halloween.

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    • Hey guys, Scouters is going to be released tomorrow! Who’s excited for it? Because it’s REALLY good.

        Loading editor
    • ME!

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    • Great! So, let me give you a scoop on what you can expect.

      It won’t just be restricted to Owen’s perspective in this episode. You see what other characters are doing, like Amy and Sarth are doing this, Agate and the other villains are doing this, and Anna is doing this.

      We see more development on Owen’s powers.

      You see some aliens that Sarth will turn into in the future.

      You get to see the home planet of a certain alien.

      And Owen goes on a rant about stereotypes at one point.

      Scouters, coming out tomorrow!

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    • WHOOOO! Scouters, my best episode(in my opinion), to date is now out! Please read it, and let me know whatcha think!

        Loading editor
    • Hey, Another One is out. It’s short compared to the other episodes, but please check it out. We introduce an important new character!!

      Ooh, but next week is The Others! I cannot WAIT to introduce Kovu to you guys.

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    • Hey guys, here’s an exclusive preview of The Others!

      We then cut to Owen walking down the street.

      Owen: I'm pretty sure the ice cream place was somewhere around here. Knew I should've brought my phone.

      Owen then trips on something, and faceplants on the ground. He slowly pushes up off the ground.

      Owen: Ow….That hurt...What did I trip on?

      He looks at the ground, but sees nothing but flat surface.

      Owen: I know I tripped on something, but what?

      Owen then feels the ground, and hits a thin but strong string. He plucks it a few times, testing its durability. It is very strong, even though it is thin.

      Owen: Ok, so that's what it was. But where-

      Suddenly, a web pins Owen to a brick wall.

      Owen: What the heck?

      A large spider crawls out from behind a building, completely black, with a red marking on her forehead, and blue marking on her back. Owen struggles to get loose, but can't.

      Missulena: Ah ha ha! It's no use struggling! My web is unbreak-

      Owen burns the web with fire, and falls to the ground. Missulena is shocked.

      Owen: You say unbreakable, I hear, ‘susceptible to fire.’

      Owen then steps closer to her.

      Owen: So, are you one of those animals who used to work with Buggy and the others? Because if you are, then-

      Suddenly, a gorilla clocks him on the back of the head, almost knocking him out. Owen stumbles forward in confusion, and starts rubbing the spot where he was hit.

      Owen: Ow! What was that for?

      Maca: That was...supposed to knock you out.

      Owen: Well, I have been knocked out a lot, so you’re going to have to do-

      Then a large grey rhino appears behind him, and whacks him in the head with his tusk.

      Owen: Ok….Got me there…..

      Owen starts to fade out, but quickly stands up.

      Javan: Wow, this kid is really resistant. No wonder the boss wants him.

      Owen: Well, thanks for the compliment. Anyways, if you don't start explaining, I might have to start thrashing.

      Suddenly, a large vulture with big broad wings, a large beak, and pointed head flies down.

      Andy: Seriously? You chumps haven't even knocked him out yet?

      Owen: Oh. More of you.

      Owen then looks around him.

      Owen: If there are any more of you hiding, just show yourself! It's not gonna do any good hiding!

      A purple octopus climbs out from a roof and drops down in front of Owen(with a accent like a 90’s teen). Then, a green and brown duck waddles next to Andy.

      Cirrina: Here, this is like all of us.

      Mally: Yeah, you happy now punk?

      Owen: Ok, good, you're all here, and now we can talk. What are you all here for?

      Cirrina responds by shooting ink in his face, blinding him.

      Owen: Ah! Geez, you guys are really trigger happy!

      He tries to rub it off, but it makes it worse.

      Owen: Great, now I can't see!

      Mally: Yeah, that’s the point!

      She flies up to Owen and starts pecking him.

      Owen: Ow! Ow! Ow! Stop it!

      Mally then flies back over to Cirrina.

      Mally: Honey? It's your turn.

      Andy: Of course.

      He opens his beak wide, and lets out a supersonic screech. Owen covers his ears to resist the sound, while everyone else is not affected by it.

      Owen: Geez! What is your problem?

      Maca and Javan then start beating up Owen, until he is on the ground. Owen is laying there, not moving.

      Maca: Ok….is he unconscious now?

      Owen starts to stand up, but Javan whacks him with his tusk three times, and he is down.

      Javan: Yes. Yes he is.

      Andy: Finally! Now can I eat him? I am pretty hungry.

      He menacingly approaches Owen, before Cirrina stops him.

      Cirrina: No wait Andy, the boss like totally wants to see him before you can have your little fun times.

      Andy sighs.

      Andy: But I'm starving!

      Cirrina: Oh come on, don't be such a stogemiester.

      Andy groans and rolls his eyes.

      Andy: Fine.

      He picks up Owen in his beak, and he flies away with him. The other animals follow.

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    • "before you can have your little fun times"

      is this vore

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    • No, she’s just stupid.

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    • it was

      a joke

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    • I


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    • I’m surprised no ones questioning the ‘Don’t be such a stogemeister.’ Stogemeister isn’t even a real word.

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    • Hey guys, I have a poll for you.

      Do you think Staff and Caesura are aliens or Humans?

      The poll was created at 14:03 on October 11, 2017, and so far 3 people voted.

      I just wanna see what you guys think.

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    • CreeperDNA wrote: is this vore

      Heh. If you think this is vore now, just wait til we introduce Kovu.

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    • y-yamate

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    • CreeperDNA wrote: y-yamate

      Ok, I’ll stop.

      Hey, fans of my series, who do you think Kovu is? I keep mentioning him, and he will star in the upcoming episode. Who do you think he is?

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    • The Others is out! Tell me what you think and leave a comment! Oh, and I have a poll for you to fill out after you read it.

      What did you think of The Others?

      The poll was created at 02:57 on October 16, 2017, and so far 1 people voted.
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    • Hey, I have a preview for Mr. Snakeman! If you don’t understand the title, it’ll make sense later.

      We open on Owen, Sarth, and Amy running down the street. They skidder to a stop at a crossroad, and see a brown, eight-armed beast attacking some people. It breathes fire at some people, and Owen quickly dashes over there, and shoots a wave of water, extinguishing the fire.

      Owen: Wow, we haven't seen a regular monster in a long time! This should be pretty easy.

      He waves the other people away, and they sprint. The monster growls at Owen.

      Owen: Now listen up monster! You’ve gotta lot of nerve attacking people in our amazing city! You’re going to pay!

      He makes a little pose.

      Owen: So, for the future of the Earth, I’ll be at your service-nya!

      Amy and Sarth walk up to Owen.

      Amy: Was that Sailor Moon?

      Owen: Tokyo Mew Mew.

      The monster slams his fist down at Owen, and they jump out of the way.

      Owen: Hey, I’d like support!

      Sarth slams down on the Omnitrix dial.

      TRANSFORMATION SEQUENCE: Sarth spins around, and his body starts to become rugged, like rocks. His body starts forming into large circles, and those turn into big brown rocks, making up his entire body. Soon, MeteorMash forms, and he flexes.

      MeteorMash: Let’s go!

      MeteorMash fires flaming rocks at the monster. The monster crushes the rocks, but gets his paws burned. Amy turns her tool into a beam sword. She stabs the ground with it, and a giant pulse of energy waves through the ground, knocking it down a few blocks. Owen dashes over to the monster.

      Owen: Crescent Beam!

      Owen shoots a beam at the monster’s head, which hurts and provokes it. The monster breathes fire on Owen, burning his clothes. Owen quickly pats it out, and looks at the holes. His face drops in disappointment.

      Owen: Aw man, I really liked this outfit. Zoom Punch!

      Owen’s arm extends, and punches the monster in its eye. The monster is blinded, which leaves it open to MeteorMash.

      MeteorMash: Incoming!

      MeteorMash jumps high into the air, and turns his body into a giant meteor. He fires himself as fast speeds, and slams into the monster’s back, creating a big crater. The monster is bruised, and it is evident that it is not getting up anytime soon. MeteorMash’s body is scattered around the crater.

      MeteorMash: Uh, a little help?

      Owen looks around, finds the rock with the Omnitrix symbol, and pushes it down, changing Sarth back. Sarth stands up, and brushes the dust off him.

      Sarth: Thanks buddy.

      They all look at the monster.

      Amy: So uh, what do we do with it?

      Sarth: I think we should question it if it’s an alien. It might be dangerous.

      Owen: I could become friends with it if you want.

      Amy turns her tool into a scanning visor.

      Amy: I'll check my tool’s database to see what alien it is.

      Amy scans it, and goes through several screens, until it comes to a conclusion.

      Amy: That's strange. I don't detect any traces of alien. Just slight traces of human.

      Sarth is surprised.

      Sarth: Human? It definitely does NOT look human.

      Owen steps up.

      Owen: Well, if I've seen anime before, I can assure you that this is a simple case of ‘human turning into a monster.’

      Sarth: Well, can you turn it back?

      Owen summons a Moon Stick.

      Owen: Most definitely. Moon Healing Escalation!

      He shoots a bright light at the monster, reverting back to a male human.

      Man: Ugh…..Wha…..What happened?

      Owen: It's ok sir, you’re safe now.

      Man: I….I don't understand.

      Amy: Just go on home, it's nothing important.

      Man: Ok?........

      He stares at them strangely, and then walks off.

      Sarth: Ok, now what happened? Who could've turned him into a monster?

      Owen: I would normally suggest Gamean, but he would've stayed around to watch. Definitely could not have been Agate, nor DohRe, nor Agvarok.

      Amy: Not Ex'Spira, he would've went after Owen first.

      Owen snaps his fingers.

      Owen: Nightmare! It has to be her. From what I've gathered, she likes tormenting people, so this seems right up her alley.

      Sarth: Are you absolutely sure?

      Owen shrugs.

      Owen: Hey, it's the best guess I have. It's either her, or we’re dealing with a new villain.

      Amy: Ok, Nightmare it is. Except I don’t know how we’re going to deal with her….

      Owen claps.

      Owen: Well, it's done now, so let’s go home.

      They walk away.

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    • Mr. Snakeman is out! Check it out and let me know what you think!

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    • Hey guys, the Halloween special is going to be delayed. I just don’t feel that inclined to write it, and it’s a little pointless. But there will be an episode in the upcoming Season 3 that is kind of like a Halloween episode.

      And we’re still good for a new episode on Monday.

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    • Hey guys, who wants to see backstory on Buggy, Luffy and Zolo?

        Loading editor
    • The Diamond Man wrote:
      Hey guys, who wants to see backstory on Buggy, Luffy and Zolo?

      Still waiting....

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    • Jungle Tales is out! Be sure to check it out!

        Loading editor
    • Hey, did you guys like Jungle Tales?

      Cause there’s going to be another episode next week, about Bhar’s backstory! (Or Bharstory hahahahahaha)

        Loading editor
    • Ok, Bharstory might need a little more time. It’s definitely not going to be out this Monday, or it might be a lot longer. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you guys updated.

        Loading editor
    • Ok, I don’t have any new updates. I’m just gonna put the series on a little hiatus for now, until the next batch of episodes are ready.

      But to keep you satisfied, here’s a preview of Twin Snakes!

      We open on Gamean, with a giant ray on his hovercraft, flying around in the city, doing an evil laugh. Owen and Aspidites run up to him.

      Owen: Stop right there!

      Gamean turns around, with a grin.

      Owen: It's an awesome summer day, I won't let you disturb this city and their inhabitants!

      Aspidites: That's unforgivable!

      Owen: For love and justice…

      Aspidites: We will defeat you!

      Owen does a pose similar to Sailor Moon’s.

      Owen: I am Owen!

      Aspidites coils around him quickly.

      Aspidites: I am Aspidites!

      Owen: And I say on behalf of the moon…

      Both: We shall punish you!

      They stop the speech, and smile at each other.

      Owen: Wow, that was great! I didn't actually think we could pull it off!

      They both high five each other, then turn to face Gamean.

      Owen: Alright Gamean, you'd tell us what you're doing right now!

      Aspidites takes note of the several rabbits, birds, foxes, and cats on the ground.

      Aspidites: I think he may be going through an animal obsession at the moment. I mean, just look at all these things!

      Gamean laughs.

      Gamean: Oh yes, you could say that! You remember this ray?

      He points to the giant ray on his hovercraft.

      Gamean: Same one I used on you and your friends! Turning people into animals! And I've gotten rid of the 50% accuracy. AHAHAHA!!

      They stand in silence, before Owen realizes something is wrong.

      Owen: Wait, isn't this usually the part where Garian chastises you on something, and then you scream, ‘SILENCE!’

      Gamean: He had a massive college test today, and couldn't work. I'm docking his pay for that….But anyways, check out the ray!

      He fires it. Owen throws Aspidites off him, and takes the full blast of the ray.

      Aspidites: Owen!

      The green glow fades off Owen, and he is now a raccoon. Gamean sees, and bursts out laughing.

      Gamean: AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!! How pathetic! The mighty Owen, reduced to a filthy raccoon! AHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!

      Owen: Sh-Shut up! I can work with this!

      He turns to Aspidites.

      Owen: Aspidites, stand back. We don't know what the ray will do, and I don't want you turning into a human by accident.

      Aspidites: Alright, I’ll stand to the side.

      Owen starts scurrying over to Gamean, who flies further away. He begins to mock him.

      Gamean: Oh, you're so close! AHAHAHA! Why don't you go dig around in a trash can or something, and leave me in peace?

      Owen: Shut up! Although that does sound kind of good….

      Gamean fires another blast as Owen approaches, turning Owen into a goat.

      Gamean: Aw, I was hoping you'd turn into a squirrel.

      Owen: Well, it's not as baaaaaaaad as I was expecting!

      Owen uses his horns, pushes a rock up, and rams it at Gamean’s hovercraft. It creates a small hole in the craft, but not that damaging.

      Gamean: Grrr, I've had enough of this form!

      He fires the ray again, turning Owen into a German Shepard. Gamean starts to get scared.

      Gamean: Oh dearie….

      Owen: Hah! You're in for it now!

      He starts barking, lunges onto Gamean, and starts biting him, and tearing apart his clothes. A robot arm shoves Owen off him, and Gamean stands up, looking at his torn clothes.

      Gamean: My clothes! You impudent worm! This is pure Egyptian cotton! Do you know how much this costs?

      Owen rips off the robot arm.

      Owen: More than that?

      Gamean: Well actually yes…

      Owen is about to charge again, before Gamean fires again, changing Owen into an orangutan.

      Gamean: Heh! That's more like it!

      Owen: OOOH! I feel mad now!

      Owen jumps onto a wall, then bounces back, to punch Gamean in the face. Gamean falls down.

      Gamean: Grrr! Change into something different!

      Gamean goes for the button, but Owen slaps his hand away.

      Owen: Not so fast. It’s time to teach you to not monkey around!

      Owen starts punching Gamean repeatedly, until Gamean is covered in bruises.

      Owen: Hah! Are ya done now?

      Gamean slams down on the button, and the ray strikes Owen, making him fall off the hovercraft, and turn into a pigeon.

      Owen: SQUUUAAAK! Ah, this isn’t good! But I should work with this.

      Owen takes flight, and flies in circles, confusing Gamean.

      Gamean: Stop flying like that!

      He fires a few rays, and they all miss Owen. Gamean starts to get very agitated.

      Gamean: That does it! Rapid fire mode!

      He flicks a switch on his remote, firing multiple rays. It then short circuits, and starts hitting the other animals, changing them back to human. Aspidites narrowly dodges a few rays. Owen is struggling to dodge, before one finally hits him. He falls to the ground, and changes. Gamean looks, and is disappointed at the form.

      Gamean: Oh come on, can't you get something that’s embarrassing?

      Owen starts to get up, and we see that he is a snake. He shakes his head, then turns to look at Aspidites.

      Owen: Aspi, you alri-

      Suddenly, Owen starts to blush.

      Owen: Ooooooh, hello-o Aspidites…

      He starts to move to her, but he stops.

      Owen(thought): Dang it, I have to stop Gamean right now! But she looks so hot…..

      Owen shakes it off, and charges at Gamean. Gamean tries to fly away, but Owen lunges at him. Owen starts biting him, as Gamean tries to push him off, but can't.

      Gamean: Ah! Get your grubby fangs off of me!

      Owen accidentally whacks the control panel with his tail, and the ray blows up. The hovercraft starts sparking, and plummets to the ground. Owen jumps onto a lightpole, evading the crash. The hovercraft explodes. Owen lands right next to Aspidites.

      Aspidites: Nice landing.

      Owen: Why thank you pretty lady.

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    • You know, you can ask questions about the show.

      Such as, Why is Sarth such a terrible father?

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    • Ok guys, status update. 

      There are 6 episodes I want to get finished before I start releasing them, and then we can get into the Battle of Multiverses, and Future Owen, and finally Season 3! (It's gonna be goooooooood!)

      Out of the 6, I have 2 finished, and the other 4 are a work in progress.

      I'll be sure to let you guys know when the episodes will start up. I'm trying for a late December release, but I'm not sure I'll be able to get that, but stay tuned!

        Loading editor
    • Ok, the episode Nightmare Carnival is almost finished, so I have about half the episodes done. I’m going to have a lot of free time this week, so I think I’ll be able to finish the episodes. And here’s what you should expect in the upcoming episodes if you don’t read the synopses.

      Bharstory is about Bhar, and how he got his animal powers, as well as a lot of other stuff about him.

      Visitation is about Owen going to Cathy’s house.

      Twin Snakes is about Owen changing into an animal again.

      Nightmare Carnival is about Owen, Cathy and the animals going to the school carnival. It sounds like a filler episode, but it has a lot of good stuff!

      Villain Lives is about what the villains do when they aren’t going after Owen. You’re going to learn a lot of neat stuff about the villains. (I think Ex’Spira might surprise you)

      And Animal Party is about Buggy, Luffy and Zolo’s birthday. This is a pretty funny episode.

      So about half of them are filler, and the other half are character development or plot stuff.

      I would set up a date, but I’m too afraid of missing it. I’m really pushing for this month, just stay tuned.

        Loading editor
    • Hey guys, I’m thinking of doing a rewrite of Season 1 for my series while Season 3 is going on. The reason for this is that Season 1 is a little weird in my opinion, and a majority of the stuff is full of plot holes and such. I didn’t have much writing experience at the time, so Season 1 was a little test to learn. And then I finally figured it out my writing scheme by the end.

      So, do you guys think I should do a rewrite for Season 1? It won’t delay the Season 2 or 3 Episodes, it’ll just be a little side project.

        Loading editor
    • SURPRISE!!!! As an early Christmas gift to you guys, I released Nightmare Carnival and Twin Snakes early! Please read them and tell me what you think!

        Loading editor
    • Ok, it’s been a while without a writing update. I haven’t been working that much, but the episodes are still coming along. To make it up to you, here’s a really stupid joke.

      What do you call a factory that makes great products?


        Loading editor
    • Ooh, and I just wrote this funny scene where Sarth and Aspidites try to make small talk with one another.

        Loading editor
    • A new episode is out! Be sure to check out Visitation!

        Loading editor
    • Ok, so some information on the next episodes. I’m going to ATTEMPT to finish Season 2, and have them being run weekly starting on March 5th(which is my birthday). I only have 6 more episodes to finish, so Season 2 should hopefully wrap up around April, and then we move into Season 3!

      Stay tuned for more information.

        Loading editor
    • Hey! Today is February 10th, and do any of you know what that means?

      It’s the 1-Year anniversary of Diamond Man's Untitled Series!

      Let’s see all the progress I’ve made in a year!

      2 seasons, 42 episodes. That’s almost 1 every week a year! (Although let’s be honest, a majority of Season 1 isn’t that good)

      And let’s look at what I have coming up!

      Season 2 Finale: Battle Of The Multiverse and Future Owen

      Season 3

      Season 1 Rewrites

      If you’ve been reading my series, thanks a lot! I’ll continue to write, and release episodes as much as I can.

        Loading editor
    • I released a new episode of my series, Animal Party! I released it early because it’s about birthdays, and my own birthday is tomorrow. Check it out!

        Loading editor
    • Ok, it’s been a while since I’ve updated you. I’m almost done with the Season 2 episodes, and about to start Battle of The Multiverse. Sorry for the long wait, I’ve just been working on other Season 3 episodes. And I recently did a rewrite on Venomous! I think I may release it later today. Just stay tuned please.

        Loading editor
    • I released the rewrite of Venomous! Please check it out!

        Loading editor
    • HAH! You thought I’d let a month get by without me releasing another episode? Well you’re so-

      Oh shoot it’s June 1st? Dang it.

      Well whatever. Villain Lives is now released! You get to see what the villains do when they aren’t obsessing over Owen! Please check it out!

        Loading editor
    • Ok guys....I’ve been gone for a while. I don’t know if some of you guys even care, but I thought I should talk about the status of my series.

      Long story short, it just isn’t coming.

      I’m sorry, I’ve just...lost something with it. I was so excited to show and write Seasons 3 and 4, but I seemed to just lose all my inspiration for it.

      I tried to get back into writing it, but it just wasn’t happening.

      I’m sorry if you’re a fan of my series. But I’m not letting you go without a conclusion. Not gonna pull a Half-Life on you guys.

      So, this is how Owen’s story would have went.

      Bare with me, it’s a little insane.

      -Bhar was a human boy named Brody Allen, but he became mutated by an organization run by Nightmare. He killed the leader of the section named Alex, and ran away.

      -Owen would have gone back to school in the beginning of Season 3, but would also have grown a snake tail.

      -Mr. Snakeman would have made a return, and actually started dating DohRe. He also would’ve been a vegetarian. (This is why Owen grew the tail)

      -Owen and Agate had a few episodes together, and after Owen babysat Kaolinite, Agate decided to quit being a villain and devote his time to taking care of Kaolinite. There also would’ve been an episode about truth or dare and Zolo would’ve dared Owen to kiss Agate.

      -There was an episode with Owen hanging out with Agvarok for a school project, where we would’ve met one of Agvarok’s friends, Xamfear, who was actually a pretty great guy. He would’ve been the main antagonist of another show I was writing.

      -There was also an episode about an alien racist science teacher who tortured Owen on a daily basis(made him cut off his tail for a dissection project, made fun of him in class, and even got him suspended). There was going to be a great Sarth moment where he changed into Nephrite and gave a direct threat to the teacher.

      Ok, HERE is where it states to get insane.

      -Kovu would have returned, and sought forgiveness from Owen. Owen would have accepted, but Aspidites was still suspicious. Kovu was actually being sincere about all this, and tried to gain back Aspidites’ trust. She wouldn’t accept, and Kovu slunk away, only to be taken by Nightmare.

      -Cathy would reveal she’s been in love with Owen ever since she met him, and she couldn’t hold back her feelings anymore. Owen felt terribly, and told Cathy he didn’t have the same feelings towards her. He tried to let her down easy, and thought they could still be friends, but Cathy ran away in tears to her house.

      -Cathy would sob to her Mom, who would turn into Nightmare. Yes, Cathy’s Mom was Nightmare the whole time. Nightmare would take Cathy away, and Owen would discover the truth.

      -I wasn’t sure how they’d get to this point, but Nightmare would lead Owen and Aspidites into a room where they’d face off against some monsters, leading up to a large monster Kovu. Kovu would be turned to normal, only for Nightmare to kill him. His last words would be “Aspidites...I love you...” and he would fade away. Aspidites would visibly tear up.

      -Cathy was turned evil by Nightmare, and she would face off against Owen. Owen got through to her by kissing her, hoping it would work, and Cathy thought that this meant he loved her, but he would still not share the same feelings.

      -Nightmare used her powers to disable Owen’s powers, and left Aspidites and Cathy hanging by a thread above a large drop. She told Owen to choose only one. Owen gritted his teeth, and grabbed Aspidites. Cathy looked sadly into Owen’s eyes and said “I knew it...” and she would drop to the bottom.

      -Nightmare wasn’t this cruel though. She let Cathy hit, but put a spell on her. She would live, but she would never wake up again.

      -Owen would take Cathy to Sarth and Amy, who were fighting outside. While Sarth and Amy were distracted by Cathy, Nightmare appeared, and killed both of them. Owen refused to leave them, but Agate came and dragged him away.

      -There would’ve been a funeral scene, where Owen would break down in tears talking about them. Cathy would be put in a hospital.

      -Owen would’ve secluded himself in his room for a week, with only Mr. Snakeman coming out to get food and use the bathroom. Buggy, Luffy, Zolo, Aspidites, Agate, and even Ex’Spira would try to cheer Owen up, but nothing. Bhar did a pep talk towards Owen, and Owen wouldn’t immediately be better, but he’d work up to it.

      -Owen would move in with Grena and Anna, and they’d go to an anime convention to cheer Owen up. Owen would’ve given them a couples cosplay.

      -Then we would get to the battle between Nightmare and Owen. It would’ve been a large battle, and Nightmare would impale Owen and leave him for dead. Owen would have a dream with Sarth and Amy, and tell them he felt bad for not being able to save them. Owen would burst out of the rubble, and blast Nightmare with all the power he could bring up.

      -Owen assumes Nightmare is Dead, and he walks away. But Nightmare would drag herself out of the rubble, doing the trademark “I’ll get my revenge one day!” But then, Agate and Kaolinite would show up...

      -We skip forward to March 5th, Owen and Agate’s birthday. Agate shows them Morganite, his new kid. When everyone asks who he planted her in, he would leave it as a mystery. Owen would talk about what’s happpened in the past few months. Owen would be homeschooled by Anna and Grena, and Bhar would take possession of the Omnitrix.

      -Owen would go to his parents grave and lay down some flowers, and say “Thank you.” He would walk away to be with his friends.

      -And then the series’s final moments would have been Cathy in the hospital bed. Her signs would start to increase, and a doctor would notice, and then it would cut to black. I didn’t want her to wake up, I just wanted to give the hope that she could wake up.

      And....That’s it. Pretty insane right? It was a dream I had a while ago, just couldn’t get around to doing it.

      Thanks to my readers who stuck with the series from its clunky beginnings to what we have now. Weird that the last episode actually written was about villains.

      Thanks to you all.

      Sincerely, Diamond Man.

      -Owen would

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    • Oh, and I forgot.

      Agate had a crush on Owen.

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    • An Anonymous User
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