• For those of you who don't know, Not Applicable is basically the series that got me back into writing on the wiki back in January 2014, and the events in it are still canon to my current projects. Unfortunately, going back and rereading it, it hasn't exactly held up very well.

    Given the project's relatively short length and importance to canon, I figured the best way to rectify this was to create a recap movie for it a la Gurren Hen/Lagann Hen. Even so, I didn't decide to go through with the idea until Yopo said I should do it, so if this bombs, feel free to blame him for it.

    For now, post all your questions about the project in this thread, and I'll answer each and every one of them as soon as I can! I'll also be using this thread to post updates on the movie, so make sure to stay tuned for that!

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    • when will it come out

      will it be good

      how long will it take to read it

      is it annoying to read or good

      will i like it

      any original shit gonna be added

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      • Soon©.
      • Hopefully.
      • Depends on how much you suck at reading.
      • Should be good.
      • There's no accounting for taste.
      • Definitely.
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    • estimated release window


      i read fast


      there is


      also is this the canon version of the story now

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      • Estimated release window is sometime in December maybe.
      • I legit cannot pin down what your taste is tho.
      • This will be the most canon version, yes.
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    • ok

      i'll take that as a complement


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    • Alright boys hot sick new movie preview coming at ya, featuring an excerpt from some of the new material created for the movie. Check it out, yo.

      The big city. A sprawling complex of lights, liveliness, and an absolutely unreasonable amount of traffic jams, something always seemed to be happening in them.

      In this particular city, said “something” was a blond teenager currently attempting to escape from the police.

      “Crap, crap, crap!” He exclaimed, turning the corner into a small alleyway he hoped the cops wouldn’t notice. “Out of all the people to recognize me, it had to be the cops?!”

      The blond teenager wore a ragged orange shirt and a pair of blue jeans with multiple tears in them. The treads on his shoes were worn down to practically nothing, and he clearly hadn’t had a place to shower any time over the past few weeks.

      “What now, what now, what-”

      He suddenly spotted a dumpster a ways down the alley and ran for it, jumping in and piling some of the garbage on top of himself to conceal his body.

      “I really hope there isn’t any broken glass in here…”

      After a few minutes of lying silent in the dumpster, he heard a few steps of footsteps coming through the alleyway. He held his breath as a beam of light passed over the top of the dumpster, releasing it in relief as the light and footsteps began to move away from his position. As he was about to climb out of the dumpster, he heard yelling start from the end of the alleyway, followed by the sounds of several large objects hitting the ground, and then...silence.

      He stayed silent for a few more minutes before finally deciding to climb out of the dumpster, taking a cautious glance around the alleyway to make sure nobody was there. He spotted the bodies of several police officers lying on the ground at the end of the alleyway, seemingly unharmed, but for some reason, not breathing.

      He slowly began backing out of the alleyway, only to stop when he felt a pair of piercing eyes boring into the back of his skull like fiery daggers in the night.

      “And where do you think you’re going?” A strange voice dripping with smug malice came from behind him.

      He whipped around to find a skeletal figure with what appeared to be some sort of jack-o-lantern fitted over its skull. Ominous, otherworldly red flames drifted from the figure’s head, and it wore what seemed to be a pair of old leather boots and some sort of noose around its neck.

      “Took you long enough to notice me.” The strange figure flashed a wicked grin. “Would you like to make a deal?”

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    • Hooked.

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    • Ay whaddup new poster bois

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    • Purple and orange, good choice.

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    • Sweet.

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    • The first character art I've made for N/A Napoleon since like mid-2015, and his new movie redesign looks better than ever!

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    • Looks great; love the geometric effects with the purple.

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    • BatdrillRe

      Starting off the alien redesigns with Batdrill!

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    • That is the best thing I have ever seen you draw.

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    • SludgehammerRe

      Continuing the alien redesigns, we have Sludgehammer, who seems to have lost those extra pounds.

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    • CarbonRe

      Since I was still bored and this guy has a fairly simple design, here's the new Carbon!

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    • These things are amazing.

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    • I really love the new Sludgehammer design. He reminds me of Kamen Rider.

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    • IronWreckerRe

      New art for Iron Wrecker! Now that I look at his roster, 3/7 of Napoleon's aliens are bug-based; in fact, before Hallow Fire was introduced, half of his entire arsenal was just bug aliens! Not sure what that's about, to be honest.

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    • SharktankRe

      New art for Sharktank! Even one of Napoleon's non-bug aliens kinda has a praying mantis thing going on smh

      Seriously this bug alien prevalence wasn't intentional what the hell

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    • The art for this movie is beyond amazing, great job!

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    • HallowFireRe

      New art for Hallow Fire! I keep forgetting to nominate this guy as a Featured Alien for October, which has been a really big oversight on my part.

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    • I love the perspective.

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    • NapoleonMovie

      I wasn't really satisfied with Napoleon's original movie redesign, so I decided to redo it to match the rest of the art. I also made a version with Night Colors because I was messing around with GIMP filters and figured out how to do that.

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    • ZelusassinReS

      And with Zelusassin, the Swarm 1 alien redesigns for the movie are complete!

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    • I went ahead and redid the old alien icons.

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    • Boom new scene preview coming in hot.

      “My mission was to retrieve that thing!” The alien snapped. “How am I supposed to retrieve it now?!”

      “I dunno.” Napoleon dispersed the cannon. “I don’t think it comes out.”

      “Are you sure about that?”

      “Eh, not exactly. Like I said, just found it last night. Might just be I haven’t thought of a good way to remove it yet.”

      “Then I’m keeping an eye on you until you figure it out one way or another. I’m not breaking my one hundred percent success record by going back empty handed.”

      “So we’re gonna be pals?”


      “Well, if you’re gonna be hanging around me for a while, we might as well be friends, right?” Napoleon grinned, extending his hand towards the alien. “The name’s Napoleon Eldridge. What’s yours?”

      “Herculian.” The alien replied, slapping away Napoleon’s hand. “And I don’t make friends. Makes my job too complicated.”

      “Man, that’s no fun!” Napoleon pouted. “What is your job, anyway?”

      “I’m a mercenary. I do whatever people need me to as long as I’m paid the right price.”

      “So you’re...Herc the Merc?”

      “Call me that again and they’ll never find your body.”

      “Jeez, you really are touchy.”

      “At any rate, work on trying to get that thing out of you as fast as you can.” Herculian said. “I’d rather not spend any more time here than necessary.”

      “Not to worry, campadre!” Napoleon gave a hearty thumbs-up. “Napoleon Eldridge never turns down a challenge, and when he accepts it, he takes it to the max! I’ll have this all sorted out by next week or my name is mud!”

      - - - -

      ~ 1 Month Later

      “So, Mud, you making any progress on getting that thing out yet?”

      “Okay, I guess I kinda walked into that one.” Napoleon sighed.

      Start and end might feel awkward since this is directly snipped out of a larger scene but whatever.

      The movie is going to be organized in a traditional three-act structure, with each Act on a separate tab to keep things easier to navigate. I'll be releasing one Act at a time, and the first Act should be releasing sometime either this month or early next month. No promises though.

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    • “So you’re...Herc the Merc?”


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    • And Act 1 is out, baby! It's all decked out with custom timestamps and a soundtrack and also this
      so go read it you fricks
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    • Yes! Going to read it right now!

      EDIT: Read it and it was a-ma-zing!

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    • A little update for y'all, Act 2's plot draft has been completed and I've got some artwork for a new form debuting in said Act.

      Napoleon Burst

      This is Napoleon's Burst Form, and while I have art for his alien's Burst Forms, those are essentially just redecos and won't be released until after Act 2 comes out.

      Burst Form is basically the movie's counterpart to the original miniseries' "Energy Connection" Form, but with some different mechanics to make it more interesting.

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    • I'm hyped for this.

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    • An Anonymous User
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