• Hello, BTFF. Many may have noticed I stopped co-writing with Brywarrior on his series. I don't know how long I'd have to be to inactive to truly become inactive but I have been absent due to personal issues and the new school year being a drag. For a long time I considered leaving the Ben 10 fandom for good. The more I thought about the closer I came to doing so. Until I saw my little brother watching Ben 10. I watched it with him and I was instantly drawn in again. I'm back (for now) and ready to write more fan fiction. I'll do my best to not make a million series I never finish and instead make series I do finish. I won't continue working with Brywarrior (unless he asks), instead I'll be working on Reuben 10 for the time being. I do hope to run into you all on chat and the fourms once again. So I'll say again for those not iterested in my hearfelt paragraph above: I. AM. BACK. 

    In black, I hit the sack. I've been too long and glad to be back.


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    • Welcome back! Grin_2.png

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    • Welcome back, Diamond!

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    • wb Diamond.

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    • An Anonymous User
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