• Since Rob got banned and decided to have Mack 10 deleted because lol, destroying literal weeks of effort I put into helping him with everything from art to coding, I figure I can at least salvage a little bit of that and explain what the plan was for the Mack 10/Tech 10 crossover. Here's the overall outline we had:

    1. Aeron arrives in Mack's world, screws stuff up, fights Mack (who thinks he works for Plasma), and leaves the scene. Theo arrives not too long after, chasing Aeron, but ends up getting into a short skirmish with Mack before they figure everything out and decide to work together.
    2. Aeron tracks down Plasma, and, since none of them can kill the other (Aeron can stop time and Plasma is too durable for him to kill), they decide to work together towards the mutual goal of taking down Theo and Mack.
    3. Some of Plasma's forces attack Mack and Theo, who are able to fend them off by working together. Meanwhile, Aeron, not entirely trusting Plasma, begins to investigate his plans.
    4. Mack and Theo track down Aeron to Plasma's base, which they have to fight their way into, interrupting Aeron's snooping.
    5. Mack and Theo confront Plasma, who reveals PT -1 and unleashes it on Earth.
    6. The heroes go to try and stop PT -1, but are interrupted by Aeron and Plasma, who they have a difficult time fending off until Plasma reveals PT -1 was made to destroy the Earth in one go, causing the villains to turn on each other.
    7. Mack and Theo defeat Aeron and Plasma while they're fighting via a double Ultimate Kugelblitz Blitzkrieg Punch. Unfortunately, PT -1 is able to absorb enough of the sun's energy during all this and destroys Earth via mega sun-laser, which Aeron escapes using Clockwork.
    8. Theo chases after him with Final Countdown, fighting him in the timestream and eventually using Ultimate Final Countdown to reverse the timeline, letting Aeron escape, but giving him and Mack another chance to save the Earth.
    9. With the StarTrix overheating and the Matrix out of power, Theo and Mack balance them out by fusing together into Crystal Vapour, whose energy and cloud powers are able to destroy PT -1.
    10. The two say their goodbyes and Theo exits the timeline to continue chasing Aeron, ending the movie.

    PT -1
    Crystal Vapour
    PT -1 is on the left, and Crystal Vapour is on the right. If Rob doesn't like me releasing this art, too bad, I made both it and the art for his stuff that was involved, so it's mine to release all the way down.
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    • It sounded like a good idea and I liked the plot, but rip. Also the art is amazing, love PT -1 the most and Crystal Vapour is really done nicely.

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    • Crystal Vapour has some great effects and PT -1 is BAE

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    • This would've been a nice movie, and neat art!

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    • So... What was Rob thinking when he decided to delete one of the most popular series on this wiki that he put literally months of effort into? Guess I can tick it off my readin list either way.

      The Colab looked pretty neat anyways

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    • An Anonymous User
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