• Hello one and all and welcome to Ask! Here you can ask anything, and I mean anything about my series or me. This includes BTGF, AA or any random question such as 'Do you like pie?' And as a matter of fact, I have never tasted pie in my life! Cry.png

    I know I said you can ask anything, but...


    To Mr. CaT, I couldn't find another suitable image. Do not sue me.

    The Rules are: No Spamming, Trashposting or such. No personal questions.

    Thank you and now excuse me while I answer the questions.

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    • Can someone ask something?

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    • >Implying Q&As here get responses


      Anyways, I guess I'll shoot one your way. What makes you think you can get away with stealing my memes is your favorite color?

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    • I can meme what I want It was blue, but it's now Orange.

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    • An Anonymous User
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