• Details: Okay, this would be a crossover with Nate 10. I'm looking towards the end of the week is when we start the crossover (that would be if someone replied yes asap). The crossover would be an ordinary episode-type thing, and not a feature film/movie or the likes of it. There would be multiple parts.

    Plot: Haven't decided yet since no one has said yes, but the plot would be fairly long but easy to understand. Nate is battling against Ssserpent (or any other minor villian like Vulkanus) when Paradox stops by and freezes time. He warns Nate of a trouble that would destroy the link between dimensions, earths, and universes alike. Paradox takes him to (other series's world) and (the other main character) mistakens Nate for a villian. Nate fights against (the other main character) until a blast is shot at the both of them. It is revealed to be Eon who is behind this. Eon travels back to Nate's Earth and when the two arrive, Eon is now the conquerer of Earth! Eon destroys Nate's world and proceeds to do the same to (the other main character's) world. The two battle Eon but struggle against him. Nate scans Eon with the Omnitrix and also unlocks Clockwork! Clockwork travels back to his Earth and travels back in time to prior the crossover and unlocks past Nate Clockwork and Eon. Travelling back to the other main character's world, the two finally defeat Eon, with this Eon being sent into the past prior to the universe's creation, causing him to never exist.

    Fairly long.

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