• As most of you know, Mutant Drake is a series that is co-written however its first season had delays and only two episodes co-written due to the lack of co-writers and guest writers. In order to start Season 2 with a fresh start, we are looking for more writers to help write the series.

    This is the sign up thread for all writers that want to join the Mutant Drake team.

    In Mutant Drake, there are two different types of writers. Co-Writer and Guest Writer. A Co-Writer would work with the other writers and produce episodes or, in some cases, they would create their own episodes on their own, depending on how comfortable they are with that. While a Guest Writer who isn't involved with the production team at all can write an episode on their own for the series. It could be a single episode to a couple. If it goes over a few episodes, they'll be considered as a Co-Writer.

    Please dont sign up as a co-writer if you know or think you're not going to stay for a full season. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know below.

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    • I can be a Co-Writer.

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    • An Anonymous User
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