• There is this alien I am working on for the new series Charles 10. I'm not sure if I should change his name, powers, or appearance.

    Name: CrusAlien

    Species: Arthurian Duolyte

    Powers: Spreading virus from red hand, exploding things from green hand, flight, phasing through walls, super strengh (to an extent)

    Weaknesses: Fire, Aggregor, lightning, his own clones

    Etymology: Crusader and Alien portmanteu

    Note that the other foot is also wearing an identical boot, but with the colors reversed.
    Other boot

    His other boot

    His species fought many wars over religon and land over many millenia. Eventually they evolved for combat.

    Also if anyone could put a real OS Omnitrix in there where I tried to draw one.

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    • Nice work. The Ultimatrix has a new alien coming in Ep. 4 of BTUH. Guess who?

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    • OK, I'm assuming now that ypu've effectively bumped this thread, I can now reply to it, so I'm going to ask if BTUH having this alien will even make sense for the crossover.

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    • I'm not really sure. BTUH is a series with Ultimatrix based aliens. You can choose some of your aliens, not all of them. I'll choose my favorite aliens, and some of my least favorite.

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    • Choose for what?

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    • The aliens you're gonna use for the crossover.

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    • OK, probably one of Charles's least practical aliens, Nevermore, who will be the first additional and will appear in "Ix This." Not only does he mostly say "Nevermore," but he is very unlikely to see the plan that's right under his nose, due to this form's idiosyncratic, mainly negative thought patterns. So I'm going to include him. Overflow, see Overflow. Stinkfly. Sableye, think the Pokemon Sableye, repurposed as an Omnitrix alien. The Polytrix version is a talking Sableye. Rocks. Maybe even Portaler.

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    • Most of my aliens I'll chose are Alien X, Techmania, Rath, Big Chill, Swampfire, Humungousaur, and XLR8.

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    • An Anonymous User
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