• There's a small and very thin line between quality-comedy, like: 

    (Ben): Is that... an Ultimatrix?

    (MF): No, (chuckles) It's the MorganFreemanTrix.

    (Ben): It's golden... and shiny.

    (MF): Listen, kid, I like your thinking, but the MorganFreemantrix was invented by my friend Tarantino. We even patented it. I see you have one too.

    And... I can't even describe it. 

    (Azmuth: Thank Ben!!!!

    (Ben): Ur welcome Azmuth!

    (Kevin): hold on! look at this goop!!!

    Ben: dont toucha tht

    Kevin: oH No I touched it!Kevin touched the gouop and he got really big and purple and he looked like goop.

    (Ben): OH NO KEVIN!!! 


    Comedy is fine, but let's not overdo it with the randomness and intentional bad grammar, because I want to write on a wiki that strives to be as professional as fan fiction can be, not another TEE. Make the next The Number Game (Ben 10: Heroes of Evolution) instead of well... instead of this.

    First example from The Freeman, the second from Ben Ten Returns. I'm cool if you disagree, but don't you want to be on a website that's NOT like the rest of the internet? Just saying.

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    • Finally someone made this. I agree with the last statement the most.

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    • >Linking to something with profanity

      Also B10+0 is supposed to make fun of bad fan fiction anyway, so it's a perfect example for this thread. :P

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    • An Anonymous User
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