• As you guys may know, I'm looking for writers to help me with some unfinished and unreleased projects for the year of 2015 (and possibly beyond). While I've already gotten lots of help, there are still projects that I may need co-writers/writers for. I've currently contacted three people using message walls on Wikia concerning six different projects, but I'm not sure if they will or will not agree to help write them. In the case that they don't agree, and the fact that I might need more writers, if anyone is interested in writing movies and/or series for me or with me that I have either A) Revealed to the Wiki but have not finished or started working on them or B) Not revealed to the wiki but developed them, please say so below. Thanks to anyone who offers their help. 

    If I've already gone to you for deals for projects, you're more then welcome to comment below as well, but I would like to not over burden people. 

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    • I would like to volunteer for help. If you want an example of my written work then: Welcome to Omnitrix City (Earth-111)

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    • An Anonymous User
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