• So far I've told you two-three times what the first project is and I believe twice what the second project is, yet right after I tell you, you've gone inactive. In fact, you've been very inactive when I try to PC with you the last couple of times. I understand there's a lot of things we have to do and many reasons for inactiveness so it's cool man. I just want to know if you still need to discuss with me about them or if you're willing to sign on for both projects. 

    If you agree to sign on, just say so below. If you need to talk with me about it, don't do it below, instead we can do that in PC. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then we really need to PC again. If nothing happens as a result of this third PC, then I'll unforunately most likely have to move on to a different user. Please respond as soon as possible. With best regards, Sci. 

    #AwesomeNightwingGif<ac_metadata title="Concerning Projects"> </ac_metadata>

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    • I'm willing to sign up, but I don't think we really talked much about the second project? When can you be available to go on chat?

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    • 1) Dang it the title didn't work. Wikia's glitching out lately

      2) I unforunately won't be avaiable to be on chat until probally 12/26. The second project is the one named after DOTP and takes place 5 years after project one. It's also a miniseries of 10 episodes, and revolves around the good guys fighting the mastermind of the first miniseries trying to fight back for the world and alien kind's freedom. 

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    • An Anonymous User
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