• Since you can't decide whether you wanna be on chat or not, then I'll decide for you. In case you don't know what that means, it means you are now banned for 3 days for your childish attitude and entering and exiting chat multiple times which is considered spam. I hope this nice time off chat will make you develop a better attitude.

    Enjoy your break

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    • screw you sub. This is the reason I left in the first place. I kept coming and going because I was looking for Estew. After the way you treated me, and continue to treat me, I want nothing to do with this place. and you tell me to change my attitude, when in reality, it's YOU that needs the attitude adjustment. I come and ask for friends when i need them the most, and I stupidly thought you were one of them. I don't need, want or care for this hostility. What the hell is your problem anyway? You keep harassing me, so stop. I don't care if you misuse your admin powers and ban me for no reason. It's something you've always done. And stop calling me childish if you are acting like a child yourself.

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    • Will, you're unbanned.

      Sub, I'd say we need to talk, but I honestly don't think you'd listen.

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    • "I was looking for Estew" Oh bullcrap! Also...I'm the one acting childish? Really? You were one who came on chat, announced to everyone that you were going to kill yourself (which you clearly haven't done), then rage quit because I didn't believe you, and I'M the one acting childish? Wow. Just wow. I'm pretty sure when you say "screw you" to an admin such as myself, that makes you the childish one, since you have now proven that you can't take a ban and be mature about it.

      If you want to leave, then go ahead. Leave. I don't care.

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    • Paper...why did you unban him? -_-

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    • SubZero309
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      07:49, November 16, 2014
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    • An Anonymous User
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